Ex-Con Arrested in Deadly Arizona Priest Attack

Gary Moran, 54, is a suspect in the attack at a Catholic church that left one priest dead and another injured.
2:49 | 06/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Con Arrested in Deadly Arizona Priest Attack
Post thank you for being here with us this morning as all of you know. On June 11 at 9 PM we had a violent attack. The mother mercy church. Where -- father Kenneth walker was killed. And father Joseph Terrell was brutally attacked. -- this vicious. Tragic. And horrifying. Offense. The city of Phoenix woke up to this the next morning. Not only we were taken back by the tragedy. And senseless act of violence that occurred. And we were appalled. The two priests were attacked. Detailed tell you that that suspect has been brought in -- custody. Gary Michael Moran. Has been arrested he's a white male 51 years of age. Let me take a little bit about. Gary Michael Moran. He's been arrested for aggravated assault he has a history of aggravated assault. Burglary in the second degree. Prohibit process of a weapon. Burglary tools. Stolen vehicles. Drug paraphernalia. In -- 2005. Gary Michael Moran. West arrested. For a burglary. Where he attacked the homeowner with a -- this. Is -- history of our suspect. He is eight career criminal. A violent. Felony offender. The investigation. Gave us. A number of DNA evidence. At the location of the offense itself. And the location the vehicle was recovered. That DNA evidence. -- process by -- crime evidence people. Was recovered. In quickly analyzed. And with a -- out of the department of public safety. -- homicide investigations. And investigators. We came up with a name. And the name was Gary Michael Moran. We also had additional information given to us by not witnesses of the offense -- people they had information who came forth. Simon witness played -- role in this as well. All these elements working together. All pointed to one individual. -- that was Michael that was Gary Michael Moran. At 9 PM last night. Our officer -- -- to arrest and members of the major offender unit mob was able to locate him.

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{"id":24163487,"title":"Ex-Con Arrested in Deadly Arizona Priest Attack","duration":"2:49","description":"Gary Moran, 54, is a suspect in the attack at a Catholic church that left one priest dead and another injured.","url":"/US/video/con-arrested-deadly-arizona-priest-attack-24163487","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}