Connecticut School Shooting: Children Among Multiple Fatalities

Sources confirm there are more than a dozen shot and killed, including kids at Sandy Hook Elementary.
2:13 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Connecticut School Shooting: Children Among Multiple Fatalities
And once again I'm Diane Sawyer here at ABC news headquarters in New York were coming -- of the air with the breaking news new reports about the casualties. In that shooting at the sandy hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut and I want to go straight to ABC's Pierre Thomas. Because he's learned more about how many may have been injured. And may not have made it Pierre. -- I we're being told by multiple state and federal sources. But unfortunately. More than a dozen people have been shot and killed at that school and that number includes children. It doesn't include children and again we have heard. Reports of casualties of some of the adults in the front office but. -- how how strong is this news how how much can we say to people that we know that it has reached a shattering. Level. Well this situation and very fluid but we have been very careful to try to talk many different sources. But we care from multiple agencies but again from state federal. Sources that we are being told that more than a dozen. Shot and killed the school. Obviously the parents and and the school community will be notified. That official information -- but what courses but just devastated. They're calling -- tragedy of epic proportion. -- appeared Franken of course we know there. Are also people in the hospitals that right now they've been taken into emergency rooms where doctors are working. To make sure is that no more lives are lost but some of them are seriously injured the gunman. Confirmed dead as we said -- earlier. And we will keep you posted threw out the day. This crushing event at the elementary school in Connecticut and one of the parents recently told me that. As the children won't walked out of the school by their teachers some of them were told to cover their rise. As they walked and just hold on to each other we will have full reports throughout the day. We are always there of course at And I will see you again on world news tonight. This isn't a special report from.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Sources confirm there are more than a dozen shot and killed, including kids at Sandy Hook Elementary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17975201","title":"Connecticut School Shooting: Children Among Multiple Fatalities","url":"/US/video/connecticut-sandy-hook-elementary-school-shooting-children-multiple-17975201"}