Connecticut Shooting Suspect Identified as Adam Lanza

The 20-year-old's mother who worked at Sandy Hook Elementary was killed in the shooting.
4:33 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Connecticut Shooting Suspect Identified as Adam Lanza
I do want to bring in Pierre Thomas we have breaking developments involving not only the name of the gunman but we know a little more about. A where he's from and some other discoveries -- let's bring us our viewers up to date. -- we're being told by multiple sources that the shooter has been identified as a man by the name of Ryan plan. 24 years old. And we're told that his mother who was a teacher at the school. Is among those deceased again Ryan lines -- -- four years old identified as the shooter. And again the relationship at the school is apparently his mother and she was among those -- the. Was the suspicion since first thing this morning -- as you know the two of us have covered so many of these an egg and you just. Hate to have to confirm it but so often this is the case that the -- of the suspect in these cases has some sort of personal connection some sort of relationship. With someone inside the school and there you heard Pierre Thomas our senior our justice correspondent reporting. That it's Ryan -- is the name he's from New Jersey. And he's 24 years old it's believed his mother was a teacher in the school -- reporting their moment ago it's believed she did not survive. Along -- at least 26 others the total is at least 27. Dead and counting many of them children. And as we in the coming hours learn about the families. Who will have. Just the -- horrific journey ahead after learning that perhaps -- of their child did not survive we know that the governor is on the scene he's been meeting with parents. And and we know that there was a significant number of children and staff members who did not make it out of that school. -- Brad Garrett has been with us all morning long years a former FBI profiler. And forgive me Brad but we always hated we have to come do you because it means typically they were trying to get into the mind of someone who is capable of something like this but. This is the kind. Of piecing together that -- -- like you do in a case like this 24 years old. And his mother was a teacher there it's what we believe at this hour. And so what you take away from that is that there is something going on and probably long term between the two of them. And he won two be on killing her because obviously. Someone that would commit this type of back could have killed his mother at any point. He wanted to inflict injury. On others be on his mother and perhaps what she stood for in reference to the school. David keep in mind people who do these things a lot of it is driven by delusions that doesn't make them legally crazy. But that delusion is. This has harmed me this woman has harmed me she teaches these children. And so I'm gonna get rid of her and the world around here could be that he could even tie in the possibly some something. In his own childhood and relationship with her but. It's my belief without knowing anything else this goes beyond just terror it goes on maybe perhaps what she represents. In addition to -- -- telling her. Fred stick with -- -- -- to back to Pierre. And -- what do we know about -- 24 year old and his home. Perhaps. Some of the other areas where he might have inflicted -- today other than this school. Well again this is a very fluid situation we know there's a search of our ongoing at a residence in New Jersey. Thought to be the residents of his parents. Again we are trying to get some additional reporting about. What is happening at the home we're not quite ready to release that information just -- -- -- -- 100% sure that we know it's accurate. But again what my sources are telling me is that this 24 year old Ryan Alonso. Appears to have gone and -- shooting spree -- multiple locations. And that we may find additional dead bodies. The chilling to to hear that development now to forty in the afternoon we've been following this and so shortly after 9:30 this morning when we got those initial calls and as you heard Pierre Thomas. Our justice correspondent report their moments ago authorities are now investigating. A 24 year old whose name is Ryan lands it's believe he's from New Jersey. And as Pierre said investigators are now at the home. Investigating whether or not he might -- inflicted. Pain on other people. -- -- reporting that it is possible that the school was not his only target. And we'll check back in with him as soon as we hear about any possible victims perhaps inside the home.

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{"id":17976636,"title":"Connecticut Shooting Suspect Identified as Adam Lanza","duration":"4:33","description":"The 20-year-old's mother who worked at Sandy Hook Elementary was killed in the shooting.","url":"/US/video/connecticut-shooting-suspect-identified-adam-lanza-sandy-hook-17976636","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}