What's Cooking At The White House?

Chef Cris Comerford gives us a sneak peek at the menu and prep for the White House gala for African leaders.
3:46 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for What's Cooking At The White House?
We got to work from the State Department that we are hosting fifty different nations we did quite an intensive research -- The whole African nations -- -- -- Feel like in terms of flight. It's flavors because he still want to -- your customers even though. You know we're hosting and this is the United States who want to do tradition of American foods. We also want to like in corporate releases at different flavors and spices from Mexico like. Madagascar then ransacked time. Come in different things -- -- that we know that what kind of like. Give -- menus can like several -- of an African. New ones so what can we expect that you share with that -- front of what's on the -- is -- -- first course tomorrow we're going to do what eighty. Chilled tomato -- That is -- in wonderful I'm instant -- harvested from the White House kitchen garden but -- also. Flavoring that weeks was truly mean they'd like -- so much. Some. Touch of cinnamon so it casts its African new ones in there -- an eighteen time to get to like a wonderful feel over this spot show because. -- the middle of summer so without that would be perfect. And then regarding teaching it leaves us open -- it's just that she be pure flour. That we cook at a time -- cut them into little clips on so he to -- the reader that's that's going to be like -- -- -- wonderful wonderful scene. For the second course -- doing it chopped salads it's very. Reminiscent of the south and salads just sauce in the buttermilk dressing. But this time -- also incorporating. In the garden vegetable -- harvested. But we're putting different spices and flavors again to just kind of give it that. They'll twist it will feel like just an African flavor and and then for the main course we are highlighting what you beef from cattle ranch in Texas. And so we are there any investigation mullah -- a very. Kinda like. Wonderful. -- Marinade that's very. Moroccan and Algerian -- tradition -- paprika. And -- continent garlic in olive oil so we we just can't -- Adding hints but not seen over powering it to the -- you know we want to give them a feeling that this is what. American cookies all of that with a 400 -- it does not. Take it day to prepare I mean imagine at home you're preparing for joining people who probably thinking like a whole week to get. But then you know we have to make sure this week to week in a timely manner so a couple of days sound like three days before -- -- We start doing them do things that will hold better things that we get free nation elects him. Wonderful cornbread and things like that we are incorporated into the -- you. And then on the days before the event and they like the vegetables and to me through these years so we want to hold the office much -- we -- Towards this day of the event itself so it's not like you cooking something makes it would be -- before everything. Will be hooked on the day. It just answers now. It isn't and how much is coming from. The White House guard -- -- that yes we probably have accumulated of I would say about thirty pounds of green beans. From the White House garden. And we have some wonderful spring onions came in the eighteen to twenty pounds that you could incorporate that -- have to think he's performed people. How do we make you know everybody happy with the you know ages. The kitchen garden harvest let me try to do recently also incorporate some local products and there's some wonderful farm stands right in Virginia right now so this is the middle of summer -- we're getting a lot of the products to us that our source local.

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{"id":24841455,"title":"What's Cooking At The White House?","duration":"3:46","description":"Chef Cris Comerford gives us a sneak peek at the menu and prep for the White House gala for African leaders.","url":"/US/video/cooking-white-house-24841455","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}