Coronavirus crisis: speeding up vaccine rollout as virus mutates

Dr. Fauci warns new COVID-19 variants could cause a surge in cases, ABC's Dr. John Brownstein discusses whether people should start double masking, plus, more on the vaccine shortage in U.S. cities.
6:51 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Coronavirus crisis: speeding up vaccine rollout as virus mutates
Let's bring an epidemiologist and ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein for more on this. Doctor Brownstein good morning in a New York City is on track to run out of first doses of the vaccine. By the end of the week so should cities be able to use. What they have set aside for second dose is asked first doses when this happens. Thanks to Anthony break this is an unfortunate development and its as the demand is far exceeding the supply and we see delays in shipments right this is hurting the roll up her the issue is that we've extended. Access improved. That the groups that had cash access to change our policies. And how. Happens increased new moral acts so we're not ready for this or major rush. And it's important person don't want vaccines he's sitting on shelves by we want to stick to the track meet weeding are doses does not evaluated in clinical trials and why not. Axel at the effects of abuse that seems especially with these new air strikes of its pioneers of the second just doesn't have to be exact. But we want to stay as close to the recommendation. Because Egypt's concerns of some new data did Israel that is pushing this conservative the single dose being attacked and we still have to see that idea but to just looking at this climate change any indication that we can meet the demand that's what the by the administration is promising that supply will come through and we'll figure out these logistics we got to count rather than changing our recommendations under this. So case numbers in the US seem to be plateauing finally but. Doctor fashion warned yesterday that new strains could cause a new spike in cases what do we know about these new strains at this point and how worried should we be. I mean people always suspected that he teaches we're going to be harder this virus evolution because more harshly how. I they're more occasions it will gather and we do have some concerns about some parents rarely happens you keep hearing at the the south African Gary we know how. This US based variant that is showing up in California were still trying to study that. Overall it's looking like these parents are more dangerous you don't sure more people but more teaches me how. The more strange how her health system and more hospitalizations and does so we'll see I'm. Degrees and the logical reason is that potentially you're shedding your monster these news variances or just more RS is of their energy can transmit potentially you're prolonging your setting meeting that. You need you just like ten to isolation needs these longer need the virus can stay on surfaces longer working interest sell more easily we're still fully understands. Best the big concern of course is around the vaccines that overall early data shows the vaccines work but over time it is concerned that the taxi will diminish an efficacy. Over all these jacksons are credible also some agents buffer but we want to make sure that these are teams get ruled out so it's more than ever to get vaccinated and while waiting in line does basic interventions like masking and social distancing. Now with these more contagious variance on the rise should we be wearing different masks or even double mass. It's agreed question right because mask. He has been at the center of our response certainly to actually show this we get a study that we published. Can we need to keep on skating can bring transmission down in the community and its huge variation breakfasts now the gators the surgical masks and 95 mask and he knows that certain mass are for better protection and especially with this you are asking why do you think you know NASA how. How multiple layers know this idea of double knots is great because it creates is. Additional she'll especially if you're out in interacting with others. And of course desirable masking component she can create a better fit because you have people who interests but overall should be thinking about it a real and that's. And strategy divided administration is focused on the 108. A mask. Asking all it should be hundred days of battery packs and you know there's a lot of focus now figured out how to get those N 95. We're probably in the population. That's the really good idea and hopefully with this usually wrapped up production we'll see. You better mast across population. But decay and 95 masks those seem to be getting more popular lately. Yeah those are free you're not. Let's get into the 95 but there are better than surgical masks. And there she quit she you can get them a ball to our analysts orange they're they're widely accessible off I highly recommended and their actions far better than using the claw. And really protect you finish you know wherever people get access to better pass that that will create better protection. And president Biden also ruled out what he called a full scale war response wartime response. He passed a number of executive orders yesterday ad they include. Using FEMA to create vaccines centers broadening the pool of professionals who can administer the vaccine and that mast mandate for interstate flights trains and buses to name a few. What you heard yesterday what do you think we'll have the biggest impact. I mean it's really impressive I mean. I stated that could party should quit through these plants there is a whole lot in there so many up so much of what we needed all right first round of testing and vaccines to eat better pretty. Regular defects so there's a lot and there might you'd probably isn't locks now seems. In a distribution it is are the big part of this right and you need to improve our infrastructure report seeing shortage issues we need better coordination between state locals need to wrap things soaked edition of FEMA has a good idea. So we need obviously improve our supply chain and under public health departments how pre vaccination sites especially when it comes Carter reached populations. Either focus on is higher flow urban areas but also carries a rule areas. And then of course you know the turnaround actually hesitancy her touching mention that yesterday you know of course that is so far beaten each rep or education to explain how he's vaccines work and why they're so important and then finally I think just the ability for people understand their place in line there oh eligibility and how to fix this problem just should be looking for a quick hits and getting. Access I. I think we've all those things we can start going well and one million vaccines that day you know hopefully to three and yet there that just you know gets us to herd immunity that much sooner. And we also are they that an unexpected visitor from Vermont. Yesterday oh yeah. So I don't know if you've seen the image that is that is on the screen right now but just had imposed curfew images before you put Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. On your doctor about you pillow and in the frame behind you and so we are right now looking at. Bernie Sanders ever your shoulder. They just a little in my shopping this morning but we were having little of it doctor wrapping always great to have you think you. Must and.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Dr. Fauci warns new COVID-19 variants could cause a surge in cases, ABC's Dr. John Brownstein discusses whether people should start double masking, plus, more on the vaccine shortage in U.S. cities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75426555","title":"Coronavirus crisis: speeding up vaccine rollout as virus mutates","url":"/US/video/coronavirus-crisis-speeding-vaccine-rollout-virus-mutates-75426555"}