Coronavirus and kids

Dr. John Brownstein explains the rare inflammatory syndrome affecting kids and when we can expect vaccine approval for children.
4:13 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for Coronavirus and kids
Let's brain ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein for more honest. Doctor Brownstein good morning why do you think we're seeing greater numbers of this inflammatory centrum recently and it sound like we're also seeing more severe cases. Yeah. And numbers sheer numbers and cheese or you're yeah it. Really your children and book. Recent seasons when I hear you and it schubert's there's a share. But won't. Under which he and chrome which uses. These are related to her scores. At least he's he. This center you place. And her 30% increase in. Her near her symptoms. Needs more secure eases and overall more sense. Concerned we're seeing more sure security. Use from this. The only. Reasons and bear eats. In her parents is why we're seeing you are seeing increases being and he's big buzz. Our community. Again you're cheeses and there's there's multi bar insurers. It's interesting that it comes weeks after the Kobe and sentenced his parents don't doubt her breathing a sigh of relief thinking their kids beat the virus. And then they have to deal with this dangerous in terms so we heard Stephanie say to look out for fever. And ration what else should parents be on alert for and does it help to catch this early. And I can work. This. Here is our post it or sprint. Stream for weeks arts were only 2000 is her. Abortion it's a rare condition. Known as this information you are she needs it. I concerted. You know as it is contingent point it went to obesity. You are to be sentenced you're urged were are putting it skiing. He's heard or no symptoms or. Machines here sentence if you're concerned you know each desserts are dangerous and no matter whose agents situations. Are there any disparities noticed so far in the groups of children that are more likely to suffer from the syndrome or more likely to have severe cases. Personally is another issue that has as it's ready to stairs and resistant community. Where he will likely reason I'm more cheese is. Our operations in person here is should start to. Our image you know are used. We consider these disparities are seeing are more needs to meet. Your race ethnicity underwear or Europe and us. There were no matter what shall loans or missiles. There's so no on the lynchings were great tours aren't steroids. And most are children or are good. It's at around seen any idea when kids can be authorized to get the vaccine. Pressed portrait yeah he's here is of course you by. Commercial or. The U zero all the transmission or. Any where does he. Our nation in the media get. Minerals. Are in the operation murders are. Are you wish Moody's the sixty year old. We're all going to harm the it is only out spring summer those. Sixteen year old. Police by all gray water bottles are getting back seeing and so what we're EST we looking for or are you get there. Fingers crossed indeed actor Don Brownstein nice to have me thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Dr. John Brownstein explains the rare inflammatory syndrome affecting kids and when we can expect vaccine approval for children. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75949699","title":"Coronavirus and kids","url":"/US/video/coronavirus-kids-75949699"}