Behind the Counter at Pat's King of Steaks

ABC News' Ben Gittleson gets behind the scenes look at famous Philly cheesesteaks.
10:08 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Behind the Counter at Pat's King of Steaks
Okay we're going god. Thank you think is behind the scenes. Your. Bob Patten. This is where you stand though he should get a shot of that fine over there. Don't know how to order today is the basic how to orders via the know what you want me get in line you know and it's usually with an even without this very simple. When it should stick achievement levels that you need change we. Your problem but I music in your program quit pro bwic appropriately out makes him without her commitment went out. Your questions of peppers. We are horribly long had cash ready ray gets into the Bakken one really quickly and what are the biggest mistake people make the biggest mistake. Italy for an hour night in Spain what are what are you guys out here and I figured all over to become your company. A couple of record beef sandwich coming for Philly cheese stake. But still it's not Yeltsin. I want. It's night and talk. Pregnant belly right. And how long have you been. She's up fifty years older figures come that the 42 year which do in his first start working here a tough. I would only allowed outside to clean tables I wasn't fallen off the working world you've moved up. A little bit moved up the ladder so to speak to the world. Live any day. Doctors in everybody. And W fellow all stars. Together by the hotel room. Cook looked over. His position over here. The only details were really got me. Look at what happened to her achievement outlining. A year ago. Don't exciting here. Poland as the meat cook for us. Justin admitted cutting and will play what you meant really quick. Coming with the processes but what does of any secrets. Don't think. Like what he's just like this like if she's responded no Bordeaux. And I'll never be biggest they've Renault had come how many Ukraine does. Would it ever Saturday we could probably do it between 33500. Heart valve. I had ABC IRS's I think it's a lot about how much she's been. We go to with a cheese within a year and Bono of excitement. Like she is there is that it. A more Philly way to order achievement. I'm I don't want Philadelphia favorable owner markets editor of popular sandwich. We have a lot of pent students to come down put through colonial American that we have a heart attack him for tribal region. It and then went and liberty from do when they order have they met you know. We have you know of course we have the elusive in this national border. But that Senator Kerry came down and be very quietly answers but she's not to carry your kids meaning we're harassment but his try American. Did get news reporter overheard the conversation a little bit dated right. Wait too much worried that if it is it is it is necessary. Philadelphia city. Some level yes I it actually is because this this is the hub when people come Judy get advice on. From the from the from the regular you and everybody comfortable Arlen Grenoble a politician or just a normal person whose home went a little over. As America we have senator revolver down here after night. It'd be getting. Like pulled out of the album marks a better feel that they are not big picture Revere from Madonna's tour he showed up yesterday. An Italian outside and he was like just right here I'm actually. I'm also begins yet. Selected each homered and hooliganism and just did I commit to an Italian were difficulty getting. Pattern here we're trying to fight off and the degree place that whatever note Mitchell that you or anything there. Now we staged phone numbers throughout the throughout the beginning Saturday. And again in town this week and Hillary and immediately stop firing. Nothing of it go build as dot news dot I need to be hit well South Africa oil to Hillary because I felt like cult currently at the old everybody else. Be in the the news that only a winning candidate from court. So on Bill Clinton twice we don't know Al Edwards and Lieberman won an election. Reader that. And there was they won that election marked on it there. Presented here and Andrea Barack Obama but they Barack Obama came here fifteen Hillary Clinton was simply thought here if you stay connected to. You 30 no no no she was far far away an accident to mr. Obama's or mr. Obama rightly. That it happened about Republicans. Yet we have Republicans come by we have. Today. Yeah or a local Republican. For you Democrat. What album is silent on politically neutral and I'm neither that is is there anything that injured orders. My people it's gotten way. People have. More networks last night board. More yet what we actually order we're running it rule anything right now where we're having to Bernie Sanders sandwich the Hillary Clinton thing. We'll go to damages the verdict is in Wichita the government don't have much peppers onions that she's. And Hillary Clinton sandwich for no other reason but for the heart that apple refused. And as is their right now. The Bernie Sanders and annually. I don't know why maybe it was about a diversion of supporters can't get into the Margaret better. Annual walking around front on for the development and rightly. Tonight. Few if you have it all comes down. We do not have a Donald Trump him for reasons I don't I mean my grandfather was friendly with the Donald but. As far as that hasn't been here and win like me and ask you what politics are they got being a family for awhile. While Padilla and place but isn't he here the only club play you have Tony that's. I want my children what they get their education they get their degrees they'll figure out what they wanna do armed. I'm the only family member on the premises on the only owner pat remember owners have. We'll see what happened that night it's Monica and that it is reportable. Politically we take a couple of hundred sure do it. Daughter right here. Okay. Great now. Americans would Allen. Kindly figure for forty years frank and what else well you look good other night. Right had been losing steamers you met forty Tuesday. Probably playing. Probably they'll play. About a lot of the big event like baseball players football players you know honey. Make your running I didn't read and hear I fit your opinion and that's of their orders. Of course they got everybody messes up there but we help them but to let up we're. My argument honey. Human dignity a lot of doesn't make sure I think what Montgomery back guy. You're just joining us and Baghdad also at the ABC news were streaming live. For passing a stakes winner to finish his petitions on the corner here but. That's regular tell you they've been around much longer than he knows what's going home liking dirty verses. To. I think it's that haven't got through his take a walk along the block real make no mention you how close they are. How popular it is even. You can pass the lunch rush right now. Here's here's something that Hillary did. It was over. Okay. Along it's as lasting I just as early in the week. And how hard headed burning very about. A little bit ahead maybe 10%. Guys let's take a look guns you don't make quite a said you have any have you had any presidents. Come here except on the block when had been in office yet bill could kill him when he middle and absolutely can he came down. A few times vice president working on a B time to do things that are just happy I'm the honor of thinking. 62. Al Gore's plane no more did you want to reward was amazing. And I'm who knew him and let's look at what what's playing. When they come here in the yard boat they don't want out of it and not existing ones today. They just went where and when that day like that we'll give people read into that while they can pick wanted to go brushed that you won't see any presidential victory what about. I've thank you thank you so much for talking with a thank you very much ABC lied. Tips for ABC news digital and think it'll send them right outside Pat's steaks and so Billy thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"10:08","description":"ABC News' Ben Gittleson gets behind the scenes look at famous Philly cheesesteaks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40967213","title":"Behind the Counter at Pat's King of Steaks","url":"/US/video/counter-pats-king-steaks-40967213"}