COVID-19 variant concerns

Coronavirus cases worldwide reached 100 million as new variants keep spreading.
5:13 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for COVID-19 variant concerns
Now let's turn of the latest on the corona virus as we near the staggering 100 million cases worldwide with more than 25 million shear in the United States. And concerns I was variants are growing let's bring in ABC news contributor doctor Todd Keller in to break down the latest for us fine corona virus. Okay overnight I know we learned about this new Brazilian variant that has now been discovered here in the US in. Minnesota. But what. Should we know about these variants we keep hearing that they're more contagious that there were easily transmissible should we be concerned about that. I need and of course we need to be concerned about that because any time give more continue to experience we're gonna lead to more possible stations and more deaths on a population level. But remember what's important. Monitor what we don't measure so what we need to do in the United States is increase the measuring. Of these of these. Variance from genetic sequencing. So we have to sequence and we have to share with other countries just like we're seeing the UK cell pepper girl Brazil to a three member. The country in the world that has the most transmission is also going to help the most variance unfortunately that's going to be the United States. Does are known to mutate that's what viruses do right so. The question I think a lot of people haven't they hear about these new variances how effective are these current vaccines that we have on these variants and we're hearing Pfizer may -- both looking at. Working on potential booster shots in case they need that. What should people know who are have either gotten a vaccine or their signing up to get the vaccine. We're all good news so far on that front in what it looks like both of buys it buys were McDermott vaccines. Have a good immune response to the UK variant Nauman dirt adjustment to Gailey. Publication. Essentially a press release saying that. DD against the insult African variant there was about a six fold decrease in immune response of the sub optimal they still think it's enough. That's going to be able to protect us but remember I'm telling you go the lab experiment we need to know about the real life experiment couldn't use up all the RNA. At the messenger already type of platform. Is. We are able to change the viral construct. So we connect Shaq and shots to other various human journey is already looking towards new constructs that will be tested again but so far it's still only the Trudeau's regiment with potent deterrent and visor. And a and RNA technology something they can. I just quite quickly when you think about vaccines and and developing that she this new administration has said the race to vaccinated is obviously at the top of their agenda. What you hope being in that you'll hear from the federal government what do you think their focus should be at this point. Well I think the martyrs how are you heard a lot from president Biden and I think he has the right message or think he's the right messenger and the you know we're hearing about improving the staff and improving supplies including space would also have to happen of course he's improved communication and coordination court hearing is that states are only hearing about an unpredictable monitor vaccine that they're going to receive with about a week's notice and remember the state chapter have to call the clinics and hospitals. Pharmaceutical chains. To tell them how much is going to be we need more leeway so that we can coordinate is better the other thing to remember we want the companies to ensure no more vaccine but remember they're working really hard we still have to make sure the debt final product. Doesn't compromise. Quality. And safety. So I think I think we need other companies to get into the market I'm really hopeful that she did she NG results are going to be. Are going to be you know robust so they can enter the market as well. Oh down we should hear back about those results here sometime in the next two weeks that if they won it dose vaccine which is. The very promising. Come to see come on the market dart about she. Has raised some concerns about the disproportionate availability of those doses of vaccine that are out they're saying that some of the areas of the country where there is supply and the vaccine but the systems are in place to distribute it. Ain't it seems like it's all over the place how much is supply. The issue right now. Right there's so many logistical challenges I mean what are the issues is in certain places does not enough supply in other places there's still vaccines on the shelf perhaps because they don't it is still an administration gap they don't have enough administrators. Perhaps some of the patients that were there were expecting to see have been vexing hesitant. So I think there's a lot of logistical challenges we are doing better in the beginning for every three vaccines that were being distributed only one was going into the that a person's arm. Right now what's about to do once we are improving that administration gap so we do have to you know optimize and of course we need to get more vexing than the market. Yeah those precious vaccine send mean and right now doctor Todd Eller and always good to talk to you thank you. Take you're even.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Coronavirus cases worldwide reached 100 million as new variants keep spreading. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75500549","title":"COVID-19 variant concerns","url":"/US/video/covid-19-variant-concerns-75500549"}