COVID expert: Mask ‘blanket guidance overall is just not helpful at this point’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Dr. John Brownstein about the latest with COVID-19 the delta variant and the mixed guidance on children wearing masks at school.
4:07 | 07/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID expert: Mask ‘blanket guidance overall is just not helpful at this point’
For more on this let's bring an ABC news contributor and chief innovation officer at Boston Children's Hospital doctor John Brownstein. Doctor resting always good to have you on the show I helped just us get our minds around this we we just heard in Travers he's a little while ago about the small study out tonight it only looks at. Part of the immunity offer by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and suggested it may not be as effective against the delta variant. Just it's clear that up for a should any already Johnson & Johnson choppy concern tonight. Advanced than he I really want urged caution here this is definitely not definitive proof that these vaccines are not working that need at least church which is still not recommended broadly across all the vaccines in this. Particular study was really small it was ten Jay Jay recipients without an eyelash and didn't look at all the measures of immunity he did not measure memory Peter T cells that can produce antibodies on the marriage and it didn't look at effect that it. Effectiveness against hostile nations and death and of course this was not a cure reviewed. In and there are other studies that are out there chosen JJ backs and works well against so. We have a lot of mixed evidence shared by artists he wanted to hear more data about the Trudeau's pushing for change in the future but overall you JG is working quite well especially around what matters most which is hospitalizations and deaths. So good friend of yours a loved one they say look I'm really worried about this delta Marion and I just got the Jane. This exact point no I think there's obviously a you know why idea that we're waiting for I think that this he's he's reviewing that this week I think we'll see more information come to light but at this moment especially Jewish know what we can send her answer that the release here and watch that's you don't think that could change it for this. At this moment works of course you know that may change in current weeks. And of course we're also seeing starting to see at this point were fully vaccinated people test positive those breakthrough infections at the White House and also the capital. But doctor felt she says when you hear about breakthrough cases that doesn't less only mean that the vaccine is failing helped. Help us understand that. Yeah I know this isn't really a real problem is from a surveillance perspective we want to know about recent actions of the June contract but real fear 160 million people that have been vaccinated so no vaccine is perfectly amenable ski can use he breakthrough inspections all specially CNN get a lot of testing likes sports teams are politicians we will see those rates and taxes they'll mostly be mild or you know if symptomatic and maybe not a huge concern for the individual of course we want to understand how these individuals might be spreading age and the impact it might half the population but. Meaning he should be overly afraid of breakthroughs there they're not going to be a real proper those were vaccinated. The vaccines as I mentioned are are are doing what we hope for which is preventing severe illness and death regardless of the parent that is emerging right now. At least nine states are attempting to block mask mandates and schools what's your recommendation to parents who are sending their kids back to classrooms over the next couple of weeks. There's so much mixed guidance coming RI understand especially as a parent it's a lot it's very confusing. I think like eight guidance overall this is how what you know rejected announced it's not helpful if you how. How are emerging threat in the community we want to mask her kids because they will be sort of at the receiving end. Infection that and potentially severe illness and also can contribute to transmission coach so you know it's not about broad scale mass mandates or removing the mask it's about layers of protection letter of each tune to what's happening community if we have surgeons like we're seeing it in Missouri. Yes we need those layers of protection social distancing and masking to limit transmission because what happened impact of the community church but overall appearance you can make the best decisions for their kids and the kids you don't understand the underlying risk for themselves and their families and you know they need a massive and that makes a lot of sense but again you you you're in nuance and flexible as we enter this school year because. Beginning this country is experiencing different parts of this and damage and he can't beat apartments are warned size fits all. Exactly doesn't sound like it it's a one size fits all remedy doctor Brownstein we thank you so much for time and insight. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Dr. John Brownstein about the latest with COVID-19 the delta variant and the mixed guidance on children wearing masks at school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78956243","title":"COVID expert: Mask ‘blanket guidance overall is just not helpful at this point’","url":"/US/video/covid-expert-mask-blanket-guidance-helpful-point-78956243"}