Crowds at Carhenge in Nebraska eager to view solar eclipse

People from all over the world are able to clearly view total solar eclipse.
3:58 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for Crowds at Carhenge in Nebraska eager to view solar eclipse
Our cross country chase takes us to lines Nebraska. You know car and you've heard this America's answer to stone heads about as close as he gets the original bank put together by a family all started with a family reunion back and a late eighties. But they're about to see this totality Macs to tell the and 24 seconds let's get right to ABC's nick watt equity CN or not seeing. David it is about to happen for over an hour the getting darker and darker and darker it is a bad to happen here a car and by the way not family reunion where they build this thing. They they've admitted today were a little bit drunk when they did anyway I'm. Streaming across the sky all morning luckily. They are not here right now and we've got so many people have traveled here from -- displaces more than 200 miles from the nearest airport. Not a hotel room to be bang and we captain an RV. With thousand or so other people and it is just happened the air. There is not a class owed over oh my goodness. Look at that. I may be speechless. Okay. Just an extraordinary Saturday were often right along with viewing and that is. That's what they call Clark Haggans as I was mentioning him and admit you mentioned that they said they might have been a little inebriated when they put that together back in 87. But I love it 38 cars rescued from nearby farms from from the dumps they paint them all gray. But right now can't see the Collie can just see the outline of element of that extraordinary moment there. And he did they build car hinge they had no idea it was going to be slap. Bang in the middle of total eclipse and by the way all of those cars David the rule American cars perfect for our great American eclipse. And I let I've never ending like they listen and I heard goblins and you couldn't I heard there was. I heard there was on a hotel room for over a 150 miles where you are neck you stand one of those cars. Listen David the nearest RV we could find it was in Oklahoma City. So we had to drive that up from there it there but it's not a hotel room to beat back and anyway not a hotel room anywhere. And you don't will cross section of people here a lot of people from the local area a lot of people setting up crystals in the middle of car and a lot of the kind of hippie types that UH Stipe who got the bikers doing the security it just it really delicious lovely act. Atmosphere people just getting into it. People having a great time seeing something that. Most of us have never seen before and most of us will never see again and a wet there. Played its part netbook flags so happy. Rapid record cry. Okay and is analyzed shouldn't and you and I don't continue which is not our lender places. Did you get away with granular you'll see it it's almost pitch black night seconds at the end of fatality there or you Clark and he's right in the middle of this Ellis. Very Eric David Nebraska. OK David we're done here. The sun is coming back it's being repaired to tasted. And as a star in the sky that we can they all beautiful. We'll. Well nick we used to help a lot of folks there car ends in Nebraska for us one of the most incredible things about this whole event. Playing out here in America the first. You know total solar eclipse in 99 years traveling from coast to coast across this country it's also allowing us to see these. Amazing places in a car ends right there in the lives to breast. Invention of a family during a family reunion and outlook even -- city had to travel with an RV from Oklahoma City to make that happen in front beside.

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{"id":49339655,"title":"Crowds at Carhenge in Nebraska eager to view solar eclipse","duration":"3:58","description":"People from all over the world are able to clearly view total solar eclipse. ","url":"/US/video/crowds-carhenge-nebraska-eager-view-solar-eclipse-49339655","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}