CVS Health looking to hire 50,000 new employees across the country

Tom Moriarty, chief policy and external affairs officer of CVS Health, explains the expansion and how you can apply for a position.
4:15 | 03/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CVS Health looking to hire 50,000 new employees across the country
As thousands of American workers face layoffs due to coronavirus, CVS health has announced it is looking to hire 50,000 new employees across the country. Here to tell us about the expansion is Thomas Moriarty, chief policy and external affairs officer. Welcome ux Tom. Thank you for being with us. This is pretty good news for a lot of people, you're beginning to embark on the most ambitious hiring drive in your company's history, 50,000 new hires. So tell us what some of the positions you're looking to fill and how people can apply for them. First off, Amy, thank you for having me. We're seeing a growing need for additional employees across our enterprise. The job announcements we made yesterday, 50,000 positions, that will come across our entire enterprises, pharmacies and stores, our call centers and warehouses, inventory as well as other front line individuals to help us address this on both a permanent and temporary basis. That inventory is a big topic, because we keep seeing panic about essential supplies and personal protective equipment, they're unavailable in a lot of places. So how is CVS getting those much needed supplies from stores to employees and customers? So across the board, you'll seeing real spikes in demand across a lot of categories -- the hand sanitizers, the hand wipes, disinfectants and the personal protective equipment. So we have been been working since the start to address this situation. We're working with our suppliers across the country. To try address the needs that we have as well as the needs of our customer. This is pretty impressive, you opened up a testing site at your location in Massachusetts, where employees are now doing the actual testing. Tell us about that site. We've dedicated that site to first responders and healthcare workers to give them the knowledge, the comfort that they need to know whether or not they have tested positive and their ability to continue helping in this situation. The site has been up and running since last Thursday. It's proven very successful and we are working on additional options to bring it more scale than we do even at one location. So we're working very closely, again, with FEMA and the public health service as well as the governors across the states. So we can play the role that we need because we're in the communities in every area of the country. We can make a difference. We're willing to provide those resources to do that. You are. Commendable and incredible what you have done. I do have a question, lot of people rely on the monthly prescriptions to be fill. Has there been a run on prescriptions? Will customers be able to continue to get those prescriptions? When this first broke we did a number of things to make sure we had access to medications. First off, we waived any delivery charges for home delivery. We've provided refills on 90-day prescriptions and waived any restrictions associated with that. We also advanced and waived co-pays at Aetna for tele medicine. We have seen a 200% in telemedicine visit. 400% increase in home deliveries. From a supply situation, the viewers shouldnow that roughly 90% of all dispensing in this country is generic medications. We're the largest because of the deal we did with cardinal. Largest sourcing company of generics. With that size and scale we've been able to plan ahead. We're seeing spikes in some of the medicines that have been talked about having a potential efficacy against covid-19. What you're seeing now is, number of states putting in quantity fill limits or requiring a positive diagnosis for covid before those prescriptions can be dispensed. Because those medicines have real uses for other conditions. We need to make sure they remain available to treat those conditions as well. Across the board, we've been integrated with the public health officials in addressing the supply situations. Well, thank you for what you've done and what you continue to do. Tom Moriarty, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Tom Moriarty, chief policy and external affairs officer of CVS Health, explains the expansion and how you can apply for a position.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69772044","title":"CVS Health looking to hire 50,000 new employees across the country","url":"/US/video/cvs-health-hire-50000-employees-country-69772044"}