Dale Earnhardt Jr. and family escape fiery plane crash

The former Nascar driver suffered scrapes and cuts while his family and the pilots of the plane were left unharmed.
3:20 | 08/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and family escape fiery plane crash
You move to Tennessee with an incredible X escape from what could've been a deadly. Plane crash it's nothing short of a miracle former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt junior and his wife and his child. In that plane that you see there without serious injuries in Steve Wilson Sami is in Tennessee with the latest Steve. Kimberly as I stand here I can smell the gas from this plane we are cross the highway from where the plane eventually stopped. And you can smell the gas they say that the fire was so big because. The plane was carrying more than a thousand gallons of fuel I want you to take a look at that what's left of it. This is the play that was theories Dale Earnhardt junior and his family. They took off from North Carolina. And were flying here for the big race that's happening this weekend where he's an analyst at the race this is what's left of the plane. You concede it is just it's hard to Crispin and when you look at it amazing that anyone walked away from this. That right there you can see a closely. Is offense. That the plane had to crashed through to get to this point that fence is now wrapped around the body of this plane. You know it is amazing that anyone walked away from this than and that and the great news is that. Everyone the pilots Dale Earnhardt junior his wife his dog. And their baby. Came out of this not only alive but with very few injuries the only person who was hospitalized with Earnhardt junior. With cuts and scrapes they all got out of this alive investigators are on the scene here this morning now trying to figure out what happened. How this plane either overshot the runway. Or. Wasn't able to stop at the end of the runway. There's a lot of talk about why they flew into this particular airports there are other airports with the tower with a longer runway. That they could've flown into there are some who suspect the reason why they chose this airport is because without a tower you don't have to you know. File as many flight plans but that what you see here now here we go now. Looks to be some investigators here. Who are sort of looking at what's happening here. And you know looks like that that that the man in the Red Hat might be actually with the federal government but again they're going to try to figure out how this happened. What what what what happened in the cockpit now the plane is owned by Dale Earnhardt junior he owns the plane he's the boss of the pilots. So we're not expecting too much information. From his company on this they've already released a statement saying they're glad everyone's safe and that. There were prayers for the Stanley but just take a look I mean it is it is absolutely amazing and again. You know crashed through a fence and it actually traveled quite a bit of distance. To get to this point you know. That there is is is one piece of the wing. The fireball with so large that people who live in the area say they could see it for miles it was quite a site. The fire in the smoke stretch. High into the sky and again and investigators are here trying to determine how this happened. Kimberly. Thank you Steve incredible story just so so thankful that everyone. Is alive.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"The former Nascar driver suffered scrapes and cuts while his family and the pilots of the plane were left unharmed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65018172","title":"Dale Earnhardt Jr. and family escape fiery plane crash","url":"/US/video/dale-earnhardt-jr-family-escape-fiery-plane-crash-65018172"}