Dallas recovers from major tornadoes

Schools in the Dallas, Texas, area are closed for the second day in a row after tornadoes touched down in the area Monday night.
2:18 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Dallas recovers from major tornadoes
The Texas now where more than twenty schools in the Dallas area are closed today for a second straight day as communities there. Recover from three devastating tornadoes over the weekend are Marcus Moore is in the region. With a closer look. Well DeVon good morning it is just an absolute mess here in so many parts of north Texas and we know from the National Weather Service that three tornadoes touched down. And one of them was a devastating EF three twister with 140. Mile per hour winds it left some areas like this in ruins and you can see the debris spread throughout the tree limbs that have been snapped. And chunks of debris like this would chunks that are are everywhere these are the items that were flying through the air and present at such a danger to people. Who were inside their homes many of them with their families running for cover we we've heard stories of people who went. Into closets and huddled together. And prayed for their lives as these a tornadoes again three of them touched down. And created so much wreckage throughout the the area here. We have seen homes that have been destroyed. Businesses have also been flattened there was a Home Depot right along one of the main thoroughfares here in Dallas. That was. Decimated by by the storm. I just truly incredible and breathtaking pictures and images. Of the destruction that we have seen and we know that at least two schools were destroyed and a number of others. Are closed because of damage and also the power outages that. Com have come in the aftermath of the storm. And we have witnessed a a feverish effort to to recover. People have already begun the process of of of clearing debris and and trying to pick up the pieces and and it's going to be of very long process them and this storm. Went through a densely populated area and despite that and despite all of the damage that we have seen here. On no one was killed there were only minor injuries reported people who were in their homes cut by glass and that is the remarkable thing. About the storm that has cost so much damage here. And residents DeVon many of them are only now beginning the process of trying to recover. And our thanks to Marcus Moore Wilbert were thinking of all those in the Dallas area.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Schools in the Dallas, Texas, area are closed for the second day in a row after tornadoes touched down in the area Monday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66444690","title":"Dallas recovers from major tornadoes","url":"/US/video/dallas-recovers-major-tornadoes-66444690"}