Daring Dog Chases NYC Commuter Train

Shepherd-collie mix was unhurt after she ran alongside a Metro-North train for about six miles.
1:48 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daring Dog Chases NYC Commuter Train
Daring dog on a dangerous race with a train and this dog -- -- nine lives she kept pace alongside a metro north train traveling through two liberals without. Being -- tonight is being reunited with their rescuers who saved her life I -- -- -- reporter rob Nelson. Takes -- there. In no rat race of New York city's morning commute it's this feisty little dog who stole the show Tuesday morning multiple and we wanted to have that dog alive -- -- -- dog lover the three year old Collie shepherd mix. Decided to race -- Hudson line metro north train headed to Grand Central literally running on the parallel track and even in front of the moving train. For more than a mile from 149. Street in the Bronx. 225 fifth street in Harlem the -- even crossed a bridge. You have live -- there you can definitely get electrocuted the train engineers slowed to a crawl to -- -- -- And many customers soon here out of their windows to cheer on the sprinting up. Eventually these two MTA officers both dog lovers themselves were able to round -- the dog at the Harlem station. And snapped a friendly -- came right toward the cops. We whistled called an -- actually came to us -- it was actually very happy to see somebody animal care and control is now taking care of the fun loving dog. Who had no identification but has earned an affectionate new nickname. In the name is -- TI eat because where she -- found along the -- -- ties -- is clearly a fearless pooch unfazed by trains. Or like cameras to concede she's raring to -- healthy and happy and. Looking for a great health officials are hoping that all of this media attention will encourage owners to come forward if not tied becomes available for adoption. Starting Friday rob Nelson channel seven. Eyewitness News.

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{"id":23265550,"title":"Daring Dog Chases NYC Commuter Train","duration":"1:48","description":"Shepherd-collie mix was unhurt after she ran alongside a Metro-North train for about six miles.","url":"/US/video/daring-dog-chases-nyc-commuter-train-23265550","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}