Day 2 of Oklahoma teachers' strike

Schools are closed in Oklahoma as teachers demonstrate at the capital for pay increase.
7:55 | 04/03/18

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Transcript for Day 2 of Oklahoma teachers' strike
By getting its claims and L here in Oklahoma City were at the State Capitol right in the heart of this massive teacher protests were in the second day of this protest. Yesterday there were tens of thousands of teachers here that the protest today is not quite as large reunion say they are still. Very much here yeah. Rays as they are looking for more funding for their schools. And I do it when tiger's second. Tell us why your back out here today. We're here because we're fighting for kids and burst clothes we're tired. Did not being paid and learn kids not getting everything they didn't care. The tell me tell me where he irritates or what's her name. For the city public schools. And people you know they've seen the teachers got a raise last week why is that not enough. It was not funded so they could then they didn't Monday so. I didn't cover all of the program we have heard kids are kids not ourselves. Are you teaching a classroom Mario and nobody can argue that doesn't and I help teachers I support teachers. And how Long Will you guys and be out here evening as it takes. Are you did you. And gone yeah. And to answer your question why we here is because this is my poster that. He we're getting fifty million for the whole state of Oklahoma when they got thirty million accessibility CBS alone in 2016. He's just not enough. I'm except. The wrong so how much would be enough what are teachers asking for a what are you wanna see the legislature and the governor bill how much more money is needed. While it should be enough money she you provide equitable education throughout the state of Oklahoma. Those schools that cannot be opened more than four days a week they have to tap funds to be able until they. And all others who look like large districts like Oklahoma City public schools and Tulsa we need to resort to primary source assume. Support Ireland underprivileged students because that's. What we mostly teenage and thanks Roberts analysts and braving the wind it's again it's a call kind of windy day here in Oklahoma City obviously there's just tons of people out here. I may have come from all over the state. Yesterday. A ground 70% of the schools were closed here in Oklahoma and not as many today but there are still. Big districts that are closed here in Oklahoma City. In Edmond and in Tulsa so those schools are closed. Why it is really windy and very dust dieters are gonna count walk this way a little bit. As we mentioned teachers here last we got some emergency funding they got a raise of around 6000 dollars. And the state legislature allocated about fifty million dollars. To pay for this. Upgrades and and money for students and one of the problems and and a lot of the worst stories that we heard here yesterday. We're about overcrowded classrooms. Decrepit classrooms. Kids who have school books by. A that are that are older than they are that are that are missing. Keep parts of history that are incomplete sometimes held together with duct tape we'll talk to these -- severe pain and hey guys I'm what brings down here. For the second finding for the kids. Tell me what you want how much money are you looking for from this legislature and unity got money last week but not enough. The money last week was wolf for the teachers and not much for the kids. In this report that their bill hasn't been signed there's a lot of money left over to be given back into the schools. Are you a teacher or parent. I'm a teacher your teacher. We've heard our stories of the last couple days about conditions in schools and just how bad it's gotten I mean how is your school textbooks what's it like. Well. Part of what I teaches geography. In the last time geography ordered her social studies ordered textbooks. Mine were minimal lies because of the budget is done using textbooks that are about twenty years old twenty years old that's older than probably most of your students yes. Well obviously older than all my students. And what kind of a crunched is that what you and as an educator in what is it doing for the kids. Will it we rely on board technology which is hardly because that also expensive. It's so we're still trying to find the computers in the that chrome looks as though were classrooms. What do you want to tell the governor and these legislatures if they were here what would you tell. Did give good schools and musical kids priority over big oil. In them the money that they've that breaks and they've given big oil. Would fund education. They went. The governor says the state budgets already tight is he sort of warned last night that were already. Statement despite there may not be any more money if they don't find where do you think they'll get it. Well they they didn't pass the tax reduction yesterday but when they increase the TV game they only increased the proper fan. Originally it was seven for Stan. The money. Big what was given 200. I think seventeen million breaks over the last several years. In school funding has been decreased 214 million. So it's. Pretty simple math even more geography teacher. What's your name sir stand king stand thank you very much resemblance appreciate it hey guys 89. Back out here braving the elements for another day they do I'm here volume what is at stake here room. The future look kids. And that each of its case in Oklahoma. Mainly you guys all teachers are you guessed utterances. I give me an idea of what conditions are like because I know it. Obviously guys would like more money. In your paycheck I get that but I guess I gathered part of the message here is money for schools money for the students. So there. No child tax cuts Aaron know it. Gains and and right now we're having their Alanna communities. That things like desks and chairs and a community is had been stepping. And because of that thing the legislature things that they don't have to do anything. And so instead every year as evidence passmore committee sales taxes and more pennies sacks and others that were having more bodies. It needs to come from the state as well. I know this has been building here in Oklahoma for awhile but. Where you were you did did you find inspiration and was happening and other places like West Virginia. Yes again. I feel like this and more we gather together the stronger we are with numbers. Actel is very important to get out and coming in today. The West Virginians friendlies in Kentucky maybe Arizona don't think as this movement is room. I thinks especially in the in the lower 125 states where there. Finding is it's very difficult to come by and that legislatures are not listening to constituents and helping the children up and their states. I think it's connected. It's starting to spread. OK great thank you guys appreciate a lot. All right guess. You got to see eight get an idea for the issues here in what's going on a lot of these teachers are carrying signs they're going into the building. Into the capitol building behind us here to talk to some of their lawmakers. Trying to convince them zoo. Bonds some of the bills they passed and get more money for schools and kids and I guess if we're talking about how this movement kind of Jane does some traction in West Virginia and has spread to Kentucky where they're fighting over. Pension plans for teachers. Also at Arizona where teachers there 120%. Pay hike. And here in Oklahoma sub. We're gonna leave it there thanks for clicking on ask that we will talk to guys next time banks.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"Schools are closed in Oklahoma as teachers demonstrate at the capital for pay increase.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54206245","title":"Day 2 of Oklahoma teachers' strike","url":"/US/video/day-oklahoma-teachers-strike-54206245"}