4 dead after car slams into tanker truck

The car accident happened in Toms River, New Jersey.
1:35 | 12/26/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 4 dead after car slams into tanker truck
Car slammed into a tanker truck and Toms River police admitted the seat of this crash for several hours an Eyewitness News of her tennis me now. I'm. These amazing can't miss. Gaylord obviously the daily lenders Hazen very tragic news about what happened. To their loved ones on this highly let me give you an idea where where are we are at exit 81. Did and it's just tell them here if you look down I believe is even beginning to love those light says they're. That arrow pointing traffic over to the left Elaine. Now the accidents just a few hundred yards down the highway from exit 81 the two right lanes are closed down as New Jersey State Police investigating here's what we know. I'm around to DD this morning that white infinity slamming into the back of the wheels anger. We have new image is from above from the chopper you can see it's hot lead that infinity crumbled under the back and got struck it's not clear. It did vehicles are moving when this happened but it did happen and the right lane of traffic which is why they have an additional lane also block. As they are investigating New Jersey State Police say. That those form people inside were not even transported to the hospital they died here on the highway. And again they were feared dead after earlier this morning the two ton trucks are. Out here is well this morning as investigators wrapped up what they are doing here this took that charts are ready to get this. Vehicles along the highway but if you're coming to this area right now this morning. You'll want to take it slow and given investigators a room. I'm here and songs ever this morning yes McAllen channel seven.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"The car accident happened in Toms River, New Jersey. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60016675","title":"4 dead after car slams into tanker truck","url":"/US/video/dead-car-slams-tanker-truck-60016675"}