2 dead including suspect in shooting at Pensacola naval base, police say

The base remains on lockdown.
5:37 | 12/06/19

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Transcript for 2 dead including suspect in shooting at Pensacola naval base, police say
Susan ABC news special. George Stephanopoulos. Good morning we're breaking a regular program right now because there was an active shooter situation Pensacola Florida the navy out naval air base of Pensacola Florida this morning. Active shooter opened fire it appears that there have been several injuries delays some reports a ninth movement taking a hostile to shooter. Has been taken down that is the naval air station in Pensacola home of the navy blue angels. Want to bring in our chief global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz for the latest on that the second. Attack on American naval base in a week Martha. In its future is George there was the attack. She'll ever accused in the attack. On Pearl Harbor in Honolulu Hawaii. So there have the end that they have been on alert for shooting like this we have no idea whether there's any connection at all and may be purely coincidental. But already the injuries reported at naval air station Pensacola are about. 20000. People are acting air station about sixteen how to move. Families and the military and the others are contractors they're actually put this is a real community each it is where a they are training happens. It is supplement the blue angels but almost every aviator gets trained chair and aircrew. OK Martha thanks in the navy is responding right now that is put out a tweet when I grew up on the screen. Right now the active shooter is deceased one additional fatality has been confirmed. Unknown number of injured people being transferred to local. Hospital Stephen guinier a urinating aviator yourself as Martha said this is the home of the famous blue angels. It is turgeon it's where all naval and marine aviators start their careers it's also where naval flight officers and Ebola officers who put going to fly airplanes go further there are searching and its selection gets a fifty unique base and that it's almost all exclusively for training and sort of a very large civilian population so. Would not be surprised to see if there were civilian casualties involved in the shooting. Yes 161000 military personnel on the base 7400 civilians. On the bases well and see we have seen. These situations unfold not dissection as we said. This week at other military bases as well. Any way and that kind of environment who completely secure. Probably Georgia being you know there there are restrictions on bringing weapons on board an annual basis further erode the important any military bases pledge they've been loosened agreed to years and so it's very much being like out in the civilian world this people have it done and man may want to commit an act of violence it's very difficult to stop. That is live video you're seeing their from Pensacola Florida the huge reaction from local police and the ATF. Apparently unfolded around 7 AM local time this morning. The shooter in the act of shooting situation began shots heard around the neighborhood. The base went into lockdown immediately. As we said we now know that there's at least one other confirmed fatality several injured right now. At local hospitals. And Martha this is gonna hit that enable community so hard. Are so hard at him and let's remember Fort Hood. Delivered to shootings to. The American of shootings and armed Fort Hood army base stop its military personnel are well aware this could happen and they can sometimes be targeted. The information I'm getting is that this switch people cleaning building up some sort. My source did not know whether it was sport aircrew or four aviators that. It was described to me as a I get training school kite building on notching children it was not a children's school it was between building up some sort of course it's it's very early corporation. And everyone is trying to gather as much as they can't at this point. To speech going to also I think people always stink what people are armed armed military patients. They are not supposed to be except for security personnel. And it is hardly likely that it was a security personnel. Who shocked the active shooter. The response was swifter chief just correspondent Peter Thompson joining us by phone. As well hey we saw that massive police presence pier the ATF the federal ATF responding as well. Yes AGF prepared to give support. I suspect the FBI Secret Service will be involved as well towards these incidents. Men and women chewing out with weapons and killing people in public places is becoming. A national. Problem in the sense that we're seeing more and more of them are good future for your perfect Arum why just disputed the go to Pearl Harbor. And reach the law enforcement you know little bit this would now become a fundamental and it which people know that there are these public places potential it do such harm. And they are trying to do studies to figure out how to prevent these type of activity. What more can we learn. There's people are descending toward their level of violence it is pretty huge nationwide there is also the being given us some guidance there. These custom corporate monitoring the situation very closely again if military freight. That's sort a lot of concern what long quickly officials here of the genetic George. Sure guess is sick and sad sign of our times again active shooter situation in Pensacola Florida over now the shooter is dead. Fifteen casualties taken to local hospitals are being trader right now. One fatality confirmed. We're gonna go back to our regular program for many view that is Good Morning America the first week tracking this all day long and abcnews.com. I'm George Stephanopoulos in New York.

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