Six Dead in Texas 'Domestic Dispute' Shooting

The suspect's victims include his adopted and biological children, authorities said.
8:06 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Six Dead in Texas 'Domestic Dispute' Shooting
Again we -- out our hearts go out to the families involved in this tragedy. Horrific situation you have to go through but now. For the wrap it up tonight public -- The information we have all the survivors -- fifteen year old female. Two adult. And -- that man and a woman. Four other children -- breakthrough reported for. -- -- -- Kids have some of them -- Imagine that detectives are currently working to sort out all the details of who -- to do what is going on. Obviously a domestic situation in which south. Probably -- the board replace the separation. The wife of the suspect. Partly out of state. I guess sister or sister along and her family were keeping kids know. It would pay right now -- what preliminary information we have -- I don't know their biological and all right. I had packed jockeys are sketchy about what was going on down there because he negotiators were on the idea -- -- -- -- -- That's definitely critical information she was able about it -- name of the person album where he was going back. Quickly responding to that location would call him coming up to that residence. Where other relatives of that family of that we do putting it through well those qualities we'll do anything about it. Actually they went to the hospital. So they're they're down there what -- their loved ones and they'll interview her about effective later. We heard preventative relation to the children may have been adopted by -- it is his estranged wife. And have to assume that the other -- belong. I could not tell you that might save the negotiation about bug up their hostage negotiators are. But -- are about all this you know. I would have to say that -- very serious investigation continues. Tonight. Logging off now. -- and keeping them. We'll be taking a homicide division. And again I would like to -- everything Garcia is seen as good as -- superlative in cooperating well tonight a great example how we work together. Two I don't males and -- to adults 39 year old male and at 33 year old female. Two juvenile males. -- thirteen year old male and a four year old male. Two juvenile females. And nine years old and seven year old are -- confirmed deceased. We have won fifteen year old in very critical condition she's our -- survivor. She suffered a gunshot wound. She was the only clue that we had to the amount of information that we could gather on this aspect here this concluded the way we wanted to we took him into custody. And he faces. Right now probably. -- capital murder multi. We did van Gundy beat the victims. Were they own. They don't really with the one -- was moved to -- one family. Suspect that has been taken into custody the defendant. And his estranged wife for separated these children -- -- and their children biologically and adopted. The children are mix of biological. Exactly -- biologically stadiums to two. I don't have that -- -- you know -- know -- are all part of one family feud between the year old with the violent. Don't know fifteen year old is the only survivor intended to those -- caring for the yes I don't I can't give the relationship as far as where they are. In the family I don't know if -- -- an aunt and uncle -- parents grandparents. Don't know they -- 39 year old -- on the 33 year old female -- are deceased fiction -- The wife is devastating discuss the clintons should -- out of state of -- -- -- -- male and female -- -- husband and -- Exactly -- do we do we have. My name -- suspect not yet he was just taken into custody. Hey -- did a great job hostage negotiation team. Two hours of constant talking with them when we got here yet fluid situation of the male armed -- a pistol to his head literally. And had just killed six people. These things take a while. We're very diligent and this ended exactly the way they were trained to do. And that's taken into custody and that justice will be served. -- -- Very much very quiet didn't hate sex we negotiations were two to first -- -- -- -- the weapon down. And then to come out of the car and let him -- voluntarily. Became a voluntary -- -- We -- felony takedown came around turn around -- -- -- runs back and make sure you cuffed him and he's taken in because she worries on the -- now. -- They're getting even. Not yet. Thirty year old mid thirties we'll be taking the. It's too early to tell right now -- -- wasn't being taken to right now he'd be interviewed by detectives from center. You know we're -- again and I'll be going to Lockwood. How soon we have a need. On the on the suspect -- -- that we probably first thing in the morning. Trying get the name and the mug -- -- -- that outburst. Ricky Davis would be the relationship between the suspect's hand 22 deceased. They are some type of family member I don't know if your sister too -- brother in law. That we'll try to figure out a husband wife sort of relationship between us the suspect and you know. Estranged wife and your family this illustrates -- this devastating hits now -- -- -- right business. Yes you lest he was going to for information that we received from the hospitals was. That. The grandparents were also targets of him. Fortunately they were right out of the house before that could happen. We would've had more tragedy it's a tragic -- -- The surviving. Fifteen year old. Yes. This is critical the critical conditions whose life -- Yes. Yes fifteen year old girl gets -- all children -- the biological or adoptive. Suspect. And they were happen they happen to be -- other family members. During -- time for whatever reason we evidently they these suspects and the female that is and out of state or estranged from each other. The children were left in custody this couple and he went to that house. Began firing killing children and the two adults while they were there. Can't confirm any of that right now. But there was -- -- -- -- Can't confirm that either but I did she was transported by life flight -- -- -- Thirteen seven the males juvenile males. And -- -- seven. 39 year old male and 39 year -- -- -- a disease those are the five to bring them home four year old boy. Four -- -- yes. Right now -- until two. For so we -- give the other six we get him out of here. -- -- Females finance. I'm -- thirteen. -- -- --

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{"id":24498516,"title":"Six Dead in Texas 'Domestic Dispute' Shooting","duration":"8:06","description":"The suspect's victims include his adopted and biological children, authorities said.","url":"/US/video/dead-texas-domestic-dispute-shooting-24498516","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}