Deadly plane crash near Teterboro Airport

ABC News' Charlie James reports from the plane crash scene in New Jersey where two have died.
4:59 | 05/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly plane crash near Teterboro Airport
Hey guys on than about here in new York and want to bring you the latest now on a story we've been tracking. Just over the last couple of hours. Terrible news in New Jersey a plane crash in an industrial area to people are confirmed dead and our own Charlie James is made her way out to the scene. In Carlsbad New Jersey to give us the latest Charlie what is the latest right there on the ground. How massive this isn't closest we can get to the scene right now or on hero in Washington and Carlsbad. And there is still a lot of move that with police vehicles and fire vehicles. Although we can no longer sees smoke and earlier today there was a lot of fire a lot of smoke coming from a warehouse down the street. Hear me we have some of that video we can show you and it. It appears that this Learjet 35 crashed into a warehouse miraculously no one on the groundless hit or hurt. But that building has been evacuated and that's still a very busy seen here with police and fire. A man police keeping traffic off of this road as well. Charlie you've been seeing some of those incredible videos and pictures people have been posting all over social media to its good looks like they've got it under control. But what do we know about this Learjet where was it coming from where is it going. But in. So T never airport which is about a mile from here is an airport for a private planes business planes. Not not commercial airliners. Hand it was this claim came from Philadelphia. It was certified for ten people but there are only two crewmembers on board. Ands. It it appears that whatever happened happened very quickly. The plane was set to land at you'd ever out and about a mile from. From there. It it instead. Unfortunately. Wraps right here at an air it's a lot of business is that. And warehouses so. It's amazing that no one on the ground was hurt as well but we do not let the plane was coming from Philadelphia. And only had two crew members on board no. Passengers and as we mentioned officials earlier gave a press conference they confirmed it was those two. Crew members who did unfortunately. Passed away in this accident no passengers on the plane. As you mentioned but tell me a little bit about the area and are you said that just some businesses are there any houses around do we know if there was anyone on the ground. At the time. So we did see a lot of people posting videos and photos from very very close to the scene. It the area we want to hand just a little that. It that this isn't residential area art house is right on this street. It it's more office buildings and warehouses. There's the packaging. Company right across the street here. So this is not a residential. Area but still there would have been a lot of people here it was the middle of the day about 330 so they're still have been a lot of people working. And we thought I didn't immediately after this crash we saw people starting the post. Photos and video. Very close. To the incident itself so there were people in the area. Although there is not homes and schools. Right on the streets. And Charlie just compare it to the videos that we saw from earlier it looks like they got things under control. Really really quickly and you know want to remind people that crash happened. Just a few hours ago. So that's video you're seeing there from earlier around immediately after soon after. That plane crash say Charlie I'm assuming there's going to be an investigation they're gonna try to get some answers about what exactly went wrong here. Her acts the national transit safety board has sad that they will be investigating the crash. And we do know because. The communications. Where as air traffic control that what ever happened happened very quickly there is no. Signs of distress in the pilot's voice there is no mayday call so what ever went wrong went wrong theory quickly and so that the transit safety board. Will be investigating. And but no word right now what it. Actually went. Who we know we're gonna continue to follow that story timber airport I should also mention remains closed. After this moment as Charlie mention that was the intended destination. For this planes Charlie James lives there on the scene for us in Carlsbad New Jersey thanks Charlie. Thank them. And thanks to you for watching as well wherever you can always go to for more on that story and many others thanks and god. Him.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"ABC News' Charlie James reports from the plane crash scene in New Jersey where two have died.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"47430348","title":"Deadly plane crash near Teterboro Airport","url":"/US/video/deadly-plane-crash-teterboro-airport-47430348"}