The Death of George Floyd: Day 9 recap of Derek Chauvin's trial

A recap of the key moments from the ninth day of the murder trial.
7:46 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for The Death of George Floyd: Day 9 recap of Derek Chauvin's trial
From ABC news life. The death of George flow Jerry children on trial. Good evening day nine of the trial of Derek Shelton the killing of George Floyd has. Concluded and today jurors heard expert testimony which a lot of the time in trials can be dry technical stuff. But today prosecutors called their first medical expert witness and he held that court will hope courtrooms spellbound for hours. Doctor Marten Tobin a renowned Paul knowledge to lung specialist. Told jurors why in his expert opinion George Floyd died of oxygen deprivation. From Derek show and and his fellow officers little Eric crushing the breath out of them. On that street. In chilling detail doctor Tobin dissect in the video evidence pointing out to jurors those moments where George Floyd was fighting for his life. Struggling to breathe. Part you're seeing here is slightly different number two images but they married together. If you look on the left side you see he's finger he's pushing against east street to street. You also seen it happens here are the officers around his left hand. You concede that left hand cuffed armed as we've discussed are seeing more tears you hear how it's been really rammed into the back of his back. There's just no way he's going to be able to expand. But a witness. Collecting did you see the finger on the street then over on the right image you see he's not cook make ends. That tire. And to most people of this doesn't look terribly significant but to have physiologist. This is extraordinary scene for. Because this shows you that he has used. He's resources and he's literally trying to Boudin when he's fingers and non cooks. Because. When you begin to greet you begin to green future relocation near diaphragm. The next thing you recruit have to that is used to earn a mass flight muscles which is to be muscling your neck. And then windows are wasted on game you're return. Relying on these types of muscles like your fingers to try and stabilize your whole right side. Because he's totally dependent. On getting the air into the right side. So he's using his fingers. And he's not because against the street to China crackle the right side of his chest. This is his only way to try and get scared get into the right to own. He was that kind of testimony from doctor Martin Tobin let's go to our legal panel civil rights attorney America anyway. Former homicide prosecutor Bernard and Elena V alana. And criminal defense attorney Michael Corbin X welcome to all and for not let let me go to you one of the concerns that dead may have been in some prosecutor's minds. Is that and for all of us we've seen the video of George Floyd's deaths so often it and we may become desensitized to it. This witness in particular. Brought a completely different perspectives that bio mechanical and buyout chemical perspective as to what that man was going through. It is more horrifying in a sense and it's coming into evidence that way. Look the reality is that when doctor Martin told intact and by humans are real and BP and this case he may just feel like we where George lawyer when he was asked why. About how the choice Lloyd due to knuckles and its fingers and his body to try to get. Brad I like I was an opt in an up and what's old is on my way out how he'd made its BO he tell does that. George Sheldon took a breath and life away literally from I'd be hit Akbar nine minute and 29 that. Chase is over they're defense can't get old habit. Docket hell bent it MVP of the day. And and that anyway I was there would talk about this earlier it is striking that prosecutors begin their testimony on the crucial evidence the crucial question. It what killed at George Floyd medically from a medical and a perspective not with the medical examiner who performed the autopsy. But with this expert witness and others. Because the medical examiner did not offer the opinion that the prosecution is prosecuting here that he was. Deprived of oxygen by what they're children those other officers did. How is that going for the prosecution do you think this is a possible problem for them when the medical examiner the man who did perform the autopsy. Takes the stand. Yeah absolutely right Terry thinks he issued his case it is. Oh was a substantial part Joseph factor. Is not his or the prosecution will lie it's not a clear indication. George Floyd die. As a result. Dare show ends meet on his neck. The reason why you're you have witnesses. East expert witnesses before. Medical examiner arm is suppose the prosecution's case is saying what an adequate medical examiner did not say. That George Floyd died as a result. Dared show wins next knee on his neck so these experts do agree we're not a that they wore the most powerful. Witnesses the prosecution has. So far I think the prince is really gonna have part time getting over their problems. And Michael court annex let's turn to the other side now the defense you've been a prosecutor and on the other side that this was a very strong witness. For the prosecution. And Eric Eric Nelson is sue what you try to do these looking to find some way. TI EI guess undermined. What this expert is saying and the others and make points in his own case I can't follow him that much do you think. Less might be more when a witness like this comes out. Did that's an excellent point Perry because I was thinking about this but this I can't think of anything else other than to describe him as riveting. I literally couldn't stop listening to more than I was in my office earlier tonight. I think we're gonna say if Nelson's going to put this together and Assam where he's going to. Take this all in his summation of putting together and tell the story can be jury or he just swinging wildly the get out of the corner. I thought he went a little bit true hearted this witness. And tried to to confront him every time this witness was so calm informative. And he was telling me not only story him as telling a documentary based on facts which is really appreciate. It is it is tough. No question about it but he will have his opportunity as well and more cross examine and when the defense puts on its own case Michael Korb annex. For an artery alana and and that gave away thanks all for your help today. Well you've been watching ABC news live gavel to gavel coverage of the trial of Derek show we're gonna have a complete wrap up of today's events on ABC news live prime with Lindsey Davis tonight right here at 7 PM and 9 PM eastern. And we'll see you back here tomorrow morning when court resumes until then I'm Terry Moran. Thanks for joining us have a duty.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"A recap of the key moments from the ninth day of the murder trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76959563","title":"The Death of George Floyd: Day 9 recap of Derek Chauvin's trial","url":"/US/video/death-george-floyd-day-recap-derek-chauvins-trial-76959563"}