The Debrief: Celebrating former President George H.W. Bush

Funeral preparations are underway for the 41st president of the United States, riots break out in Paris and rockets take off.
19:28 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for The Debrief: Celebrating former President George H.W. Bush
The body of former president George H. W. Bush who passed away at home at the age of 94 in Houston on Friday. Is about to head now to Washington DC for the final time so that the nation can bid farewell to. Our 41 president taking a live look now to motorcade now taking his body to Ellington air force base. That's where Natalie renowned joins us live Natalie. Good morning Lindsay had a casket is supposed to are right here in about fifteen minutes Ellington field is about thirty minutes. I south east of Houston and it is making its way here now clear skies are forecast for what's being dubbed as special mission 41. Air Force One arrived here yesterday afternoon and preparations have been underway for a special departure ceremony that's gonna take place. Add about 10:30 AM local time we've seen a lot of Secret Service. And police rolling in in the past couple of minutes. And also several members of the public who are coming out hoping to catch a glimpse. Of the plane as it takes off here in about 45 minutes. And we know that Houston has been a very special place for the bush family several of his family members will be here with him to take this final flight. To Washington DC he's gonna depart from Houston and land enjoyed base at Andrews and then from there he will go to the capitol rotunda where the public will be able to pay their respects Lindsay. An Alley just give us a sense of the mood there and then also he's expected to return. Is it Thursday in order to be. Laid to rest in Houston. Yet that's right we'll ask for the mid people are just really hoping to catch a glimpse of Air Force One. And actually we're hoping to be able to see it but because of all the hangers in the very tight security it's it's much for their backs away and for Italy can't see the plane a lot of people a just and driving around. Hoping to get a glimpse of it and we also know that he will be returning on Wednesday there's going to be. And another and its series a memorial event held here in Houston at his church saint Martin's episcopal there's going to be a funeral service there. And afterwards on Thursday he's going to be taken on a train that's painted to look like Air Force One. To College Station where he will be buried alongside his beloved wife Barbara. And their late daughter rob and Anne and just another thing that I recently learned we are standing next you have an aviation museum here. I Ellington field and I was told that President Bush was actually in the hall of fame here they aviation hall of fame and there's a plane inside the museum. That is a model live a replica of the same plane that he had Wayne Downing in during world war two and so that plane will be right here just. Few feet from where he takes off this morning. All right Natalie thank you so much for that report and how to go to Terry Moran. Who joins us live from Washington. What to get a sense of the scheduled today at the capitol and also today I imagine many years seeing this. As even if it's temporary unifying day note it was important for the former President Bush to have. President trump intend his funeral it sounds like he'll be in attendance and really putting that presidential protocol above his own personal animosity. And that's a great point Lindsay the 45 president will pay tribute to the 41 president in keeping. With the old American tradition and the old American way the way the ways that. That president George Herbert Walker Bush stood for so president trump will attend. Attempt to whether or not he will deliver a eulogy but it is and overcoming as you point out of some some bad blood between the trump. Presidency and campaign and the bush family in many ways what Donald Trump represents is a repudiation of what. President George Herbert Walker Bush represented but together. As Americans. That is the way that that President Bush wanted it and that's the way it will be. The casket carrying president George Herbert Walker Bush will arrive at Andrews Air Force Base this afternoon there will be solemn ceremony of welcome. And then he will be transported to the United States capitol where he will lie in state in the rotunda. And the public will be allowed to come and pay their respects beginning tonight and all day. Tomorrow and people will come to say goodbye but there are many ways to be remembered as president of the United States. Being a good man. That's a good way for anyone to be remembered as a way people are remembering. George Herbert Walker Bush may be a little bit of that a good missile will rub off on that was pretty partisan time when he was president to. Nothing compared to today but that's the way politics is he certainly had. And effect today. Available for example does one practical result of remembering pausing to remember this good man. Them that looks like the fight over the budget will be postponed for a couple of weeks there was this. A government shutdown set to start at the end of this week. It looks likely that lawmakers in the present and we'll get together to postpone that. And fight over border wall funding and other things another day while we remember George Herbert Walker Bush. So that government shutdown and temporarily averted in cherry obviously bill that the former president that day after his eighteenth birthday join the navy and we're hearing. A final farewell from. The navy today. That's right lieutenant George Herbert Walker Bush he was the youngest fighter pilot. At that time he flew fifty combat missions and in his last one of course was shot down lost two crew members and was rescued at sea. And then maybe tweeting out a very touching tribute the United States navy's official Twitter feed saying fair winds and following seas are. We have to watch with a picture of them on board he loved but she's did take world leaders. On harrowing ride you at a speed boat up on the crashing seas off the coast of Maine. And of this phase famously the French president press one that are on declining. To go on was where Ratzinger he gets to seasick but it was part of his life this C. All his life summer his entire life up on the coast of Maine and serving in the navy. He was once asked of all the many high positions that he served in government vice president headed the CIA ambassador or envoy to China. Head of the Republican Party congress what. Prepared him the most. To be president and without hesitating he said getting shot out of this guy in September 1940. He was tested in a way. That he knew. Himself in that way and he also said having lost the two guys who are in the plane with him he's that I know I was no hero. It's a very different ideal of masculinity when we don't have too much anymore the strong silent type you might say that. Brave person could also be lethal. But who is who was quiet about it no brag or no bully. No nobody like that he was a different sort of American man. And Terry his mom apparently famously told him his mom told him not to brag and soon he was following in her footsteps and in filing and hurt her life advice here. Thank you very much Terry for burial for a live report OK one leave us with this memorable quote from the 1989. Inaugural address. Former President Bush said I do not mistrust the future. I do not fear what is ahead for our problems are lying large but our heart is larger our challenges are great. But our will is greater and finally the picture of his dog solely. Long time spokesperson posted to Twitter with the caption. We'll take a look at it there mission complete. Now imminent switch gears and go over to Paris many us that as its many of us have seen the videos of the riots that took place over the weekend 100 people injured we've seen the fires. And Ian panel joins us now live. From Paris in want to get a sense of is there any sense said and this is about to end any time soon. We'll puzzle Lindsey let's have a look at the picture behind me because can be mood different. From those harrowing images that everyone was saying being transmitted solo round the world class today. Daily on the premise some police say it rush hours off to traffic out a Christmas lights are up. A right to the thought that he opted you know which is pretty much see FB cents a all of these protesters took place only sap today. Many of the people that were peaceful but many more were violence. This protest is essentially about an increase in the cost of gas prices of fuel of living cost. The people who are angry that people feel that president Mac clone it's out of touch. Would the real living costs and the people who live out in the suburbs and that's in the countryside. That was the third Saturday in a row that they've come into the states hit it was the most violent protests the Paris has seen. It more than ten kids so we sold. Standoff class is of the police using water cannon firing tear gas at protestors for and projectiles. That was snipers up on the rooms there were bands of people moving around the city setting fire to cars over attending modes of box. We interviewed one American woman a tourist who was here who filmed from. And BM bigamy they ran down the road as the mob came towards them. And she filmed the crowd down at the balsam lenses but there Rana case destroying a lot of vehicles that so. Your first question is there any sense that this is going to end anytime soon I don't think so there's a real standoff between the two sides in the expectation. Is that it could be more protests next sacked today but today Monday. We'll look perfectly normal and I really festive. And doesn't seem that the government is reacting to these protests. So he is part of the problem. Is the protest movement itself is kind of points organic get him it's ounce of social media. So we'll let the opposition parties is a vaulting that would protest movement and really parts of it. Teva president macro and who's refusing to back down from increasing the taxes on gas prices he says this is necessary. To trying to global warming the people laps in the suburbs in the countryside as saying you don't understand we need are vehicles. This is really hitting us hard in the pockets to pivotal time of yet and we can't continue to afford to pay those increased prices. But the problem is who do you want to negotiate ways now. There is a sensitive from colleagues who work here in Paris. Because it became so violence on sat today. Perhaps there will be reluctant to come out on the streets again perhaps if those who gets of the holiday. People will be less willing to come out some protest. But the moment the mood is hard on both sides. And is certain sense in some quotes as that this could go along. I could go much further. In panel for us live in Paris thank you so much for your time in. And now we're gonna go too will car in Anchorage Alaska as things are trying to give back to normal after that magnitude seven earthquake on Friday will. Good morning Lindsey Alaska and have a working around the clock to date Anchorage backed up and running after that seven point oh earthquake struck on Friday this offer ample right after the earthquake had an island of rubble a red SUV was trapped. On that island this morning it's almost drivable again there is. One road that still has significant damage to the north that's been done something of a local attraction a lot of residents going therein. Climbing through the rubble but for the most part they've done. A great job of getting these roads back to open their hoping to have two major arteries to highways reopen. By rush hour traffic schools remain closed but at this point the governor says this could have been much worse and he is thankful. That nobody was scale. Lindsay. RA will car thank you so much for that and now we're joined by will re talking of course about cream hunt today he could be picked up by another team after many of us saw that video that emerged. On TMZ of him appearing to. Hit and kicked a woman that was outside of his residents are we gonna take a listen. Two sound that he'd sat down with ESPN yesterday. Honestly I just want to let them where oh now now how sorry I am for my actions and you know there's been a tough time min. I'm extremely embarrassed because of that video I was in our own arc and a you know took responsibility and he you know made the right decision to. No final waves its. That's not the excuse is not how long pond. That person in the video. Did not deserve that I didn't. Meantime there anybody here and use anything like that and it is really tough. He's saying that he's sorry is is that enough. Well let's it. That was his response and of course he needs to get out and in front of the story in his mind and his management mine because he's out of a job right now and he's not going to. Have a job Kareem hunt won't until. The commissioner Roger Goodell lets him off of the commissioners exempt list hunt is eligible to this to sign with a team now after that. The chiefs released him but that really won't. Won't matter. Until they even if the team signs him. There there's a lot of process that needs to happen before he ever steps on a field again and it's it's going to be a long climb for him that was his response to. To this video coming out as far as the NFL's response. If they're they're taking some heat because in its investigation. Is the NFL was aware of the existence of this video which it. Why they didn't die they claim to not have seen it until it came out is released by TMZ. And they also never spoke to Kareem hunt nor did they speak to his victim that you saw. Being beaten in the video so they they have some things answer for as well. Do the cheats because in their statement releasing hunt. A few days ago they said that dream hunt was not truthful with them in his telling of the incident that they were aware of back in February so that begs the question. Did it chiefs think that the cover up is worse than the crime of course the NFL has been dealing with with issues of domestic violence and its own shortcomings. In its investigating of those incidences for for quite some time. But you know we're talking about the leading rusher last year as a rookie threatened so he's going to be I imagine desirable for some teams you think that that's really a possibility essentially as a free agent now I know that you said he cut has to get the blessing from. Roger Goodell we've seen that happen in the past with NFL players behaving badly and they do get picked up and play again. Right well it depends on as an organization of the 32 NFL clubs who's going to take a chance on putting a premium on winning over character and that's. A battle that's waged in the court of public opinion Kareem hunt. He's an excellent football player objectively led the league in rushing. As you mentioned he was that one of the star offensive players for the Kansas City Chiefs this year who are leading the AFC they the second best record. In the NFL they won again yesterday an Oakland. They're Super Bowl contenders. Maybe less so now without him on the team that anyone who picked him up and got him on the field football wise would be better off. But in terms of standing with fans and with the community at large. It's that's pretty big chance to take on someone who has a video of him. It hitting a woman. Right well to be continued RA thank you so much will we appreciate your reporting so now aren't go to Patrick reed army joins us live from does that stand talking about that astronauts on their way announce an International Space Station. Patrick. I yeah we just got back ashy from the launch pad in by canola back in the closed city by analysts McCain. A few a couple of dozen kilometers away from the launch pad behind me and see. The main building of Russia's space agency is Kosmas. And yet we watch that launch take off successfully. That Soyuz rocket flying to the International Space Station the three astronauts deployed. NASA's Ann McLean Russia's only condoning code. Analysts say Canada's David summit Jack. You know that's the reason we're here is that this was this is a launch with. Unusually high stakes and it's because. Don't move it there was that accident you may remember that the last time so is a man so is rocket took off from him. It's often malfunction in need and this varies management way. It's yes and Osbourne forced you to reject and came hurtling back down and they capsules and that he mas about an incident today was very important. That this launch be successful. It did take off successfully and now you know hopefully. In the next hour. In the next hour into any menace us we expect that the sands until we've the end the International Space Station. All right thank you very much Patrick they're going to be there until July so safety. Invest wishes for them thanks so much for that Patrick. And how we're gonna take another big low a look at another big moment in space will happen later today this one. Millions of miles away from earth and sick a live look now at NASA's coverage of the Osiris Rex spacecraft journey to the Astrid been knew this satellite is expected to arrive within the hour. It will spend the next two years or beating the new and collecting samples this will be NASA's first asteroid sample return mission the samples could help scientists understand how planets. Are formed and how life began. And I believe now we're gonna go over to ginger using with a check of the weather. Lindsay thank you don't know if you heard about all the tornadoes this weekend from Oklahoma in the very Ellen night and are right in the Florida stare at Georgia State line tornadoes and the image that we have here is just from one of the fifteen confirmed tornadoes and Ellen like that might end up being the second most they've ever had and it December day and that state. So that was certainly a lot of them they do get him in December but. While look at that EF two damage in Taylor violent night this is like 25 people were injured the winds topped out up to 130 miles per hour. That same system is still causing problems through early Monday. And it will possibility of some pretty strong storms with some flash flooding possible and also again. Damaging wind likely with that front will become that'll be gone by tomorrow the northern Saturn storm. Trapped a lot of snow more than a Clinton some places including Nebraska funny of accidents to talk about from there to Green Bay, Wisconsin that's now but that look at it this is due tot. Across the state. The storm had moved abroad and at significant milestone also. In the Lee of Salt Lake they've had at lake effect to talk about now I was just in Marin county California and they are really. Trees down everywhere that's from last week's storms. Look at this another one coming in this is Tuesday afternoon through. Early Wednesday it's not just rain but heavy winds to and it's not just northern California its Southern California some of the heavy rain could and that causing debris flows. Of course at any burn scars so that's what will be watching for it can only take half and should get that and then up in this era. That's good news from the thugs that you wanna get more snow on the ski areas. To a flat. Lindsay. Thank you so much for legend Jersey I am Lindsey Davis thank you so much for watching the debrief and stay tuned to special report. When George H. W. Bush is coming up and we hold much more on his life and legacy. Throughout the day on ABC news we have you covered on ABC news on Have agreed to.

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