Defense witness Dr. David Fowler testifies at Derek Chauvin’s trial

Fowler testified that George Floyd's underlying health conditions may have contributed to his death.
11:58 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for Defense witness Dr. David Fowler testifies at Derek Chauvin’s trial
Testimony from doctor David salaries of friends a forensic pathologist. Testifying for the defense here and ultimately offering his opinion at George Floyd died as result. Of cardiac arrest or cardiac or written me caused by a combination of police restraint. His heart and his heart condition as a primary. Cause of death. And then secondarily influenced by things like drugs and perhaps carbon monoxide exhaust. A from the exhaust the car that he was next to and other other underlying factors. And we just heard Fowler walk us through a little bit about why he came to this conclusion placing in lot of emphasis. I'm George Floyd's. Heart the fact that the heart was enlarged and some narrowing of George points artery sellable over to Alex for Shea who's outside the courtroom. An Alex. Bit there was an interesting part where Fowler talks about. George Floyd's size and how that relates to the size it is hard for first I want to play quick clip. I dispel are offering his ultimate opinion in this case. So before we begins. Doctor. Can you some summarize briefly. What your. Opinions are in this case. It's. So in my opinion. This is really had a sudden cardiac a renewable cardiac arrhythmia. June 2 piece Astros rookie and hypertensive. Heart disease or. You can write that down multiple different ways. Cheering his restraints and some jewel what a piece of restraint but please. And then it is significant contributor treat conditions. We need since I worry with a heart disease and fox one. He would. Have. The toxicology to seasonal and mix and fish and game. It is. Exposure to a vehicle exhausts. So did you called monoxide poisoning. Boy he's benefit from increased. Call monoxide bloodstream and ends Perritt and the anonymous all the other natural disease crisis that pets. Those. Combined. To quote constituents did. They had that's doctor David Fowler he's a forensic pathologist again testifying for the defense offering his opinion. That George Floyd died at as one of the primary conditions of his cause of death. Was his heart disease not just law enforcement restraint and again I want out for Shane is live outside the courtroom. Will have more on Fowler and some think that came out of his testimony Alex. As he elaborated on this one of them was him explaining that because George Floyd was a big guy that you would expect him to have a big heart but. That even when you factor that in he was in the 95 percentile and so. For doctor Fowler standards he says that puts him in the category of an enlarged heart. And that's absolutely right Diane and actually Fowler talking about. George Floyd's size does two things right we've heard. The front the defense already trying to lay the ground work that dairy show been felt like he was potentially. Al master overpowered with toward Floyd in his use of force. Doctor Fowler again highlighting torched weights sizes being. A large individuals a wondered what it's expect to happen. A larger then an enlarged heart. But also. In saying that mean you're there are other Kate causes here for his part to be enlarged pointing to. The the use of meth amphetamines. It really starts to kind of muddy the water to be certain you heard earlier. The questioning about that the five meters of debt that would be be a homicide or suicide and accident. Or undetermined. And the defense really trying to lay the ground work. For the reason why a homicide may have been listed in that autopsy report. But also noting that here there's a part one and a part to win in terms of hall stationed there. It's really it differently the ground work for. For potentially muddying the waters for cause of death for George towards boys. And I want to bring in Terry Austin and a host of legal analyst belong crime network. A little bit more on this its area found. Part of ballots testimony also interesting because as he's talking about. George Floyd's size and how he's in the 95 percentile he describes it first. As the top end of normal before he then says bottom line. He had an enlarged heart and it reminded me of the testimony that we heard. From the prosecution's witness who was cardiologist. Saying that some might consider George Lloyd's part to be slightly and large that some might even consider it. Normal and now we have the defense's witness using. Both of those words in that description. Well that's right and you might see that what. I think we're trying to get here is a cardiologist. Might look at the heart a little different you saw ballot try to explain the difference between. How current it packed colleges might look at an enlarged heart or at the narrowing of the arteries. While a cardiologist might look at it a little bit different because they're looking at life patients. I think the important thing here that the prosecution needs to do when they ultimately do the cross. Is what are the things Fowler said was ever a million different reasons. That contribute to the death of George flaky talked about in large part that cardiovascular disease. You mentioned it to die in heat and talked about carbon monoxide which is a first time I've heard that he talked about stress anxiety and adrenaline. There were a multiple different contributing factors here. But did doctor also said that four at the heart to die this next grosses. That it has to be you know to seen a crow says. You would have to see next he called it a sudden death. And he said this is the sudden death and so to seed in the crows is you'd have to have a longer time period. And that didn't exist here and that's why we're not seen than a crow says so he's trying to say basically that all of these contributing factors led to this sudden. Cardiac arrest whereas the prosecution is basically saying yes we know he has a bad heart we know he has narrowing of the arteries. And he had this drug use but he's been living. All along with all of the east conditions it was only because of the some girl restraint and compression. That caused the death so I think that's the distinction between what hours doing and what that positions on the prosecution's case we're doing. As interesting when to hear him kind of explain why a cardiologist. Might see the narrowing in Floyd's arteries is being okay. Because cardiologist might see a lot of patients who walk around and their fine within 90% blockage let's say. Where is forensic pathologists Spacey the people who died and to them. 75%. Starts the risk factors and you look at Floyd's 90% and he's concluding that that may have caused. In the words of the defense attorney which valor agreed with sudden death. The other part that you mention there and you hit on this with the carbon monoxide part we haven't heard that in this testimony in this case. At all but if one of the factors in George Lloyd's death was carbon monoxide from being next to a car exhaust pipe. Doesn't that go back to blaming Eric showman and the police. And went again you hit it on the head no doubt about it and I'm certain that Nelson did not expect him to state that. Yes they left the car on and it was running and we heard that evidence before that the car was on prolonged time. That George split was placed on the street side all of these issues that. Might actually beat back to the fact that the police officers in Tobin in specific. Work part of that cause up to exploit stats so that fact that this car was running on battery or however it was running carbon monoxide it was going the whole time. He was in a prone position his face was close to the ground. Absolutely that would be another contributing factor and you could. A point that. To the fact that the police officers but George plate in that position so I think what we hear that cross examination the prosecution has climbed to pick up on that week picked up on it so. I think the jury may have picked up on it and that's going to have to be cleaned up by Nelson at the end of the day when he does his some nation. And Terry would you heard Alex for say they're talking about the reference to Floyd's size in the context of his conversation reaction to clip. Of when that came up I want to play that where you get your reaction. And mr. fluid was a fear retool. Robust looking individual. So I would expect him to have they belong to fox considered the toughest that he such as the mayor of the city. We are today which in. The six of the individual male height and weight and then come out was that's part of that calculation. County put it the ninety fis. Inclusion rate would talk down to 510. Grams. In this circumstance. Susan fluids which five how great it 514. Is outside the strange. I would say it is another state multiple cities is another one out of Chicago and we'll face in university. Which has even broader range. And which indicate that mr. Pruitt was missed in the 95. Cents up crystal Russ of the very tall individual. Bottom line is he hasn't launched. Ten Terry have a very long that explanation there to get to that bottom line that Fowler's including up Floyd had a large heart. But this suspect him comparing him you know if you were tipped to take a male who was five foot five and only a 12830. Pounds you know him sort of painting this visual picture a smaller man who you would expect to have smaller organs. Verses mr. Floyd who was large in size and he called robust. Is if there's strategy there to try to remind the jury remember this was a big guy since that's part of the defense is. Defense here that that Derek Shelvin had reason to use force against George ploy because of his size. Well that's a good point and I think you were called a prosecution was saying that is not eight. Correct that it might be eight you know risk factor but it's not a threat just because you see someone who. It's Lar it's just because. You see someone who obviously they don't know it's an enlarged heart but that quality is it EC as an individual. Who might be bigger than others it doesn't mean that you use force against them so I think they're trying Nelson here is attempting to say. That this is a robust individual and that perhaps. The opposition it then. More alert and more carcasses and used marked course but I think it's working against them because. The bottom line is every one does happen different sized heart. And the enlarged heart it's just part of that's backed that. George flight was a large man and he worked out and his heart was larger than our hearts might beat that doesn't necessarily mean that contributed to his decked it was all of these. Other issues that compression and that the restraint that Costas depth at least that's what the prosecution is saying south. I don't think now since focus on the enlarged heart. Is helping and I don't think Fowler's testimony in connection with the large heart health I think the jury is thinking OK he's a big man Annie had an enlarged heart. Next.

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