Delta Air Lines Rolls Out the First Baggage-Tracking App

ABC News' David Kerley visits BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport to learn about the new technology that allows customers to track their luggage in real-time.
6:00 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Delta Air Lines Rolls Out the First Baggage-Tracking App
A lot David Hurley from ABC news coming to you from Baltimore Washington international airport and as you can tell we're on the tarmac here. Delta jetliner behind us. Talk about immune system that delta is going live with a tomorrow. That should make it easier. For you to find your back racket bag nowhere is every time. You live and when this is the director give me the whole thing though my feet. It was prison airport customer service and airline operates Villa the airline operators aren't that turns towards higher up backs are talking about making it easier to find bags. This is one that I'm I'm just gonna pull off. The tag here and show you the difference this looks like your regular tagged if you haven't your bag. But there's something special inside here. Radio frequency identification. Does that do. So this this stores data from the passengers. New record ought to be an arm battle Wallace is the very positive we track this back. Through our fighting technology. This ship holds on it enough data that we allow us to immediately. Identify who that belongs to Wear that name weeks ago. So so it is so it's triggered by an arm right newsreader who will then did a little radio signal and little reader base says. This is your bags this is your thing and it goes on display and it would try to loaded on the flight. Com it will be the bag the Belmont Tulsa yup that's good and if confronted with the wrong bag on the play this shipment until that bell ordered a stop. And here's what's kind of cool about this I don't know we're going to be able to actually. CNN's a little hard to see you on with the sun and whatnot but here's a baggage because it has been checked in for a flight out of Baltimore to Atlanta. Search for your bagged. Back. For a fact my bag on the map and then he'll show you. They've actually. The bag. Isn't quite here yet this is actually down in the processing center and it's gonna come of this way. And I can practices of the white. Guys love me that I can write the bag. After them. And that thing you'll be able to track and on grab. Plus this very important to deal with the look of customer service we believe it will really be scrapped problems. Self. Rant here we're here. Duff and it's really bad guys. Victory over here on Baghdad to connect opener around Miller. When Victor. Hillary and you'll see is alive we'll go on these formalized here. Green says that thanks good to go on and if that bag wasn't supposed on this quite this red light would do on the problem would stop. It would tolerate my mom. I'm gonna take victor's little thing it was a good. Five positive grade and earlier today from Baghdad. Evening news back to be on the hill good to go. Awesome thank you Victor and are you gonna make it to get this one out on time it's always. So what does this mean as far as your customers. In the number of bags and again lost. How often. Are usually not so good times on calling it we're going to be up. So so today we have an industry leading. We mishandled less than two bags for every thousand this this technology here is gonna drop that number by the time it. It already has we've been the point it's already started to lower our mishandled bag rate so that's one benefit of course the other benefit is human dignity is the ability to. Tractor. A whole life. So what's interesting here that you mentioned in the back was supposed to be on this night it would actually stop the bell thumbs up on water in its tracks. And it that signifies signals through the agent here Victor in this case that there's something going on either. The reader wasn't able to reinvent our fighting ship which is a fox war that that belongs in a different light notebook on this. So good for you. And good customer absolutely it's good for everybody involved with the customer becomes. Their bags more positively gets their destination. They have good status of the bag along the way across our numbers go down and we man turn off. Fifty million dollars and fifty million started up and running up and all of this and thus it's happening over when your bird. From the time that we. Group in January for the time we'll have the system only running knowledgeable ones and. And this apple all I need to do basically is download the app kind of track mind it's an argument on the via. You know like when. Day we're going to be done here is the second but the app also Donnelly shows them after the airport the judge to hold trap. Should you and lined up. My bags filled with me and my life if your flight from Baltimore Minneapolis civil slowly along the way that things beyond your wind tunnels so that thing. President Minneapolis when you land. Pretty exciting this technology is actually been around for a long time and go to. Retailers are used in shippers and used it the airlines in the first the airline actually implement we're on the personal lines like this and in the end here on tiger intently costs. Different and others like tomorrow by tomorrow looking forwards it to be great for customers opening apparently accidentally every game we don't have much on this. Coming up on ABC world news tonight if you have any questions or comments. Please leave the forest honoring ABC world news tonight. Earlier.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"ABC News' David Kerley visits BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport to learn about the new technology that allows customers to track their luggage in real-time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43527805","title":"Delta Air Lines Rolls Out the First Baggage-Tracking App","url":"/US/video/delta-air-lines-rolls-baggage-tracking-app-43527805"}