Delta opens first biometric terminal in the US

Internationally traveling passengers in Atlanta can use facial recognition technology from curb to gate.
2:17 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for Delta opens first biometric terminal in the US
We're at Delta's international terminal in Atlanta and I'm about ready that checked in for a flight and I will not have to use my driver's license or a pass or. How does that work. I'm David truly let's get you up to speed. Biometrics your fingerprints retton or your face used to identify you three arrive at the kiosk in instead of inserting my passport or sky miles card. I hit the button says use facial recognition. Now I look into the camera right here. And the computer is looking at my face and comparing it to the picture from my passport. And I am checked into the flight and off by ago. So here we come to check a bag. And once again it's a camera right here please listen we can't. Perfect mystic if delta says this is the first terminal to use biometrics through the entire process. So here we have his official recognition you can just simply press the look auction so first time this industry recognition that the stars have we idea this same technologies going to be used to TSA right here right now you still have to use your boarding pass your phone but there will be a day where you will step. And it would take a picture and boom that quickly here to proceed into the screen. Delta says this is to improve customer experience but it will also save nine minutes per flight. Rather than having somebody in front of you fumble for a their passport and wait for them to do it wait for somebody to read it. You could just see them walk through. Facial biometrics the media the last step of course at the gate and it's very similar to the other situations here is instead of putting down. By boarding pass a camera and look at how quick that is. Checked in take a receipt. Just in case you didn't know it has or CO2. It is fast and even in its infancy has proven to be a bit of a law enforcement tool to we've also. Caught about 36. Impostors. Using this technology delta plans to next expand the service in Detroit for international flights but there's even a chance in the future. They board a domestic flight with just to look in the camera. I'm David Curley and now you're up to speed.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Internationally traveling passengers in Atlanta can use facial recognition technology from curb to gate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59639568","title":"Delta opens first biometric terminal in the US","url":"/US/video/delta-opens-biometric-terminal-us-59639568"}