Dems descend on Iowa State Fair

Multiple 2020 presidential candidates weighed in on health care and gun control in Iowa over the weekend.
4:55 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for Dems descend on Iowa State Fair
These mass shootings and domestic terror threats have completely. Shifted to 20/20 conversation the gun control. In gun legislation for the democratic. Presidential candidates many of which are still in Iowa for the Iowa state fair. The symbolic kick off to caucus season. And so wanna take I want you to take a listen to what some of the candidates had to say about guns all on the political soapbox. That call us back to vote. And what we elected. I will give the United States congress 100 days. To act together on this and let up. My desk for signature and if they do now aren't I am prepared to take executive action Mick. McConnell. Should pull back the United States senate today. I'll get on a plane and I'll be in DC. So that we can pass. The gun safety legislation passed in the house and doom that a. So you see them speaking there at Allen bring an Adam Kelsey who's been on the ground. Right there and the Moines so Adam he does give us an idea of what's happening today. So good morning Kimberly today here at the state fair we're getting a break from the presidential candidates none of them scheduled to speak today but that was after we heard from a 21 candidates over the course the first four days of the fair and as you just heard gun control at the top of a lot of those candidates minds not just here at the fair but across town in downtown Des Moines where there was a major gun control forum that attracted. Sixteen of those candidates over the weekend in what we heard from the Democrats in this race is broad agreement on some of the first steps that they can take in order to. Address the issue of gun violence. Things like universal background checks banning high capacity magazines banning assault weapons as well and what we heard from these senators in the race as we just heard. From Kabul Harris and Bernie Sanders is a call on the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to end the August recess. Call them back to Washington DC so they can begin to take action on some and he legislation that's already been passed by the house of representatives on universal background check so. Democrats for the most part whether they are moderates or progressives. Mostly united in this call for stricter laws as far as guns go. And there was some conversation about health care as well yes. Yet Kimberly that continues to be one of the top issues for voters when we talk to the folks here at the state fair and what we're seeing is did disagreements over Medicare for all vs reforming caused the current system be Affordable Care Act are known as obamacare I continues to be good to be between moderates and progressives in this race and there's quite the juxtaposition yesterday when we heard from Colorado senator Michael Bennet one of the moderates in this race break before independent senator Bernie Sanders the author that Medicare fraud don't they went back to back on the soapbox here yesterday take a listen to what they set. I believe the fastest way to universal health care in this country. Is to give every family in America the opportunity to make a choice for their family. Whether they want to stay on the private insurance they have or whether they'd like a public option administered much Medicare I just believe it. And I know birdies coming up here after being so at a Ed Ed Ed. But I but I just don't believe debt the American people. Are ready to take away insurance and the joys for insurers. From a 180 million Americans and charge the middle class in America 33 trillion dollars in taxes I don't pulling it. What we I've seen in. Poll left of poll after poll. It's the American people want us to move. Do away Medicare. For all so they don't pay our program. And that means no deductibles. That means no co payments means no premiums. Means no out of pocket expenses. Millions of freedom of choice to go to any doctor you want a photo any hospital you wanna go to oh. We're gonna phase that in over a ploy you don't period. So Sanders there along with Elizabeth Warren attracting some of the largest crowds we've seen this weekend. But as I mentioned this debate over health care in Medicare for all on the progressive side those tweaks to be Affordable Care Act on the moderate side and not a debate never expected to go away anytime soon Kimberly. All right Adam Kelsey right there in the Moines in just before we go. What can we expect the rest. The week. Yes we still got two more candidates stressed that we Seth Moulton next weekend any big names South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete booted did you always been the talk of this bear even though he hasn't been here yet in second place in the cast your current all. Fox straw poll type tent that we've seen tonight will be here tomorrow speaking on the surprise. All right thank you Adam so much for those updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Multiple 2020 presidential candidates weighed in on health care and gun control in Iowa over the weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64928155","title":"Dems descend on Iowa State Fair","url":"/US/video/dems-descend-iowa-state-fair-64928155"}