Derek Chauvin trial enters day 8

Public defender Brian Buckmire discusses why the prosecution is bringing in an outside expert from the Los Angeles Police Department and how that may be effective to help prove their case.
5:58 | 04/07/21

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Transcript for Derek Chauvin trial enters day 8
Bring in public defender an ABC's contributor Brian but Meyer for more analysis on this Brian thanks for being here you know we've seen. So many Minneapolis police officers now from trainers always up to the chief say they believe show they did not file a training on May 25 and that the force used. Was excessive so why does the process and that's why does a prosecution need this outside expert from the LAPD. Yes is and this outside expert is someone who does this for a living. They examined not only unbeaten state level California but also on the national level his resume car speaks for itself. He is the one that Erica Nelson and how would have a harder time to make the argument that he made with previous pleas witnesses that. Use of force and of evaluating. Whether or not a successor has not really your job now. This is sergeant Sargent George junior is his job as we've very difficult defense to get around his testimony. A defense attorneys have tried to steer testimony more toward Floyd's drug use and the impact of the crowd around at the scene. Cause of death hasn't really come up as yeah because of medical examiner hasn't taken a stand. We her opening statement. Data can be the crux of the defense's arguments withstand. House what the prosecutor is saying this story line is if I'm reasonable doubt between those. Rex and Eric Nelson also had a big moment yesterday we saw this at the very end it Alex this piece when he got medical support coordinator Nicole MacKenzie. To start talking about excited delirium we know now that she's coming back as a defense witness. So what does that tell you and how you how important do you think that testimony was. So totally a couple of things actually one. You also heard the judge told. Call MacKenzie to combat. Choose any of the fallen Neitzel and this coming Tuesday. Now tells me in scheduling meeting may see the prosecution's chased. And sometime this week or early next week's regular schedule until it bearish put it also assures that the defense believes that heard testimony. On direct and cross examination was so beneficial to them as you want to bring her back probably proper. After some more follow up question and CP can get her on the stand in his case to provide more information is beneficial for their trial. And bread it seemed at least the so far on and none cross examination. That the defense hit on two point hits are one hearing her say it it's extremely difficult to perform her emergency duties. If there's a crowd of people around you shouting at you and then also this whole topic of excited delirium. Yes he brought to a good importance and Brendan j.'s credit because it's not a lot of good fashion as he's very defense attorney. Was able to get that information now put on redirect. The prosecution. Was able to say well it's unclear who is really dramatically. Sound theory there's also the fact. That we don't see George what happens sort of super human strength and within these officers up I didn't cheer for the defense is when it comes to submission time. Anything he says cause he's going to be able to somewhat first the worry is a defense attorney it's a prosecution to be able to answer all of those questions. After he's done as a nation and clear up any reasonable doubt the prosecution doing pretty good job is back and forth defense innocent find something a little bit stronger to stick. And we're expecting to hear from more law enforcement experts today possibly before they get into the medical experts. On Floyd's cause of death what does that prosecution need left. From these testimonies. Yes some sort of drove these Jeter from the LAPD is testimony was cut short yesterday looking at some poor performers know that Putin is the media lawyers sought the other jurors were kind of nodding off so I would expect that they're going to readjust there taxi. Maybe try to minimize. Some of the more technical testimony from these officers are also expected Lindsey more officers more moral duty investigation of this case remember we're just seeing experts talking about what you supports not necessarily what they found in the investigation. And of course as you all been talking about the medical report in the medical Examiner's going to be taking the stand sometime soon to talk about. That a valuation are reportedly made. And Brian you're talking about you know a lot of the technical parts and jurors nodding off I mean even as. As someone who's analyzing every second of this case it is sometimes hard to continue to pay attention when they go through every technical details. Of every one of putting on the stand. Why do they go through all of that if they're trying to hold the jury's attention. It's it's a stylistic. Question. It's not mine preparers. You've got to captivate people in order for them to really pay attention and listen. But things are special prosecutors their job is it just should call the box and so what they're doing is saying OK I need to get this fact and this fact in this fact and this fact and it may be boring to Ghana news analogy to collect all the pain in the paint brushes and all the material that you need to subpoena beautiful picture the prosecution is hoping that didn't quite dollar material information they can paint a beautiful picture that leads them to the birthday want. Being guilty. And we have been hearing from our border Kenneth mountain on the scene who's getting in fro from the pool reporters inside a quorum that. At certain times jury does seem Reno not to be paying as close attention but you hear when those chemo opens sat moments happen. The jury kind of perks up and they start listening and they start taking note so the prosecution does seem to be getting the point across where they want to but they're certainly. Backing into those at several points in this case Fred brucker are always great to have you thanks your analysis. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Public defender Brian Buckmire discusses why the prosecution is bringing in an outside expert from the Los Angeles Police Department and how that may be effective to help prove their case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76923226","title":"Derek Chauvin trial enters day 8","url":"/US/video/derek-chauvin-trial-enters-day-76923226"}