Derek Chauvin’s defense team files motion for new trial

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd discusses the motion for a new trial submitted by Derek Chauvin’s defense team, alleging jury misconduct.
4:57 | 05/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Derek Chauvin’s defense team files motion for new trial
Lawyers for the former Minneapolis homes or Derek Schuman are asking for a new trial on several grounds including jury misconduct. Alex Perez has the latest. Tonight Brandon Mitchell one of twelve jurors who convicted former cop Derek showman of killing George Floyd is defending his impartiality as a juror after this picture of him last August to resurface come mind. At the march on Washington commemorating doctor Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech. In the event where George Floyd's family members were among the speakers Mitchell wearing a shirt with a picture of doctor king and the words engage your knee off our necks and be a lamb. After as a guilty verdict to Mitchell telling our Robin Roberts that video children's neon Floyd's neck was key. What's in this scene move the multiple angles over from the body channels from the other the other cell phones. Home. It was Tom believe the most emporium. Piece of evidence. Mitchell during jury selection answered no when asked if he participated in demonstrations about police use of force. Mitchell told the Minneapolis star Tribune his attendance in DC was 100% not a march for George Floyd. And directly related to animal case march in the sixties. Tonight show opens defense attorney Eric Nelson filing this motion for a new trial citing a number of reasons including jury misconduct. Certainly gives him some ammunition in terms in terms of human. Asking the court to conduct a hearing to determine whether or not this juror should have been on the H the jury or not. But thanks to Alan Savannah and for legal analysis we're bringing Sean Malloy in a civil rights attorney with the conquering for a who's been following this case what that's closely. Thanks so much for your time tonight miss Lloyd let's start off with venture of questionnaires to defend science does it Sally Brandon Mitchell. Was it all and truthful when he said that he had not participated in a demonstration about police use of force. It seems likely saying is that he was out Alomar who sixteen. You and wish it wasn't what it does intention of the intense and so just to see riots at the level that they would be looking for that they would need for support Germany's I asked if he was simply sending them are searching day parade and it's like Stanley and who spoke that's not enough to right so let all germs. So Sally you're not really. Concern about ad like to just take another look at that picture merger Brendan Mitchell from the August 20 Tony social media pose a shirt says clearly. Get your knees off our necks a message that seems to relate directly to this case. Do you think that gives a defense saying grounds for a new trial or or is at least. Problematic. Didn't show how that he sounds formula bias crime which is the is expected to use his decision and his eyes for she so it's not just that he was president toward backing my shirt ought. What we are going to be looking sport what they're gonna prove is that there was bias that affected their decision he made. Deliberations. And you sought all likely in the Derek showman will get a new trial after that landmark guilty verdict. You know when you look at these appeals is a pretty standard to meet it Matheson is there is our verdicts there's also going to be more heels after sentencing. Its standards where these types of convictions to get rises to the local that this is gonna get a mistrial. I don't think it's likely that I put things that he cited in particular. He'll are such as publicity things as the jury was sequestered there were many states you can have gone would anyone was expected by this it's a story or heard something about actions I don't see where those browns are gonna rise to the local staff and cost for a new trial. And Maxine Waters as well all the comments that she had made he had suggested that that might be numero grounds for an appeal. You agree disagree. I disagree less juror actually had sought enough about her see how we impact your decision. Dinner scene in another themselves are not in Knox now it's a juror was let's say. I felt intimidated. Sums this verdict that's very different but that's not jurors are seeing here. And stepping back a video Derek Shelvin with Disney on George Floyd's neck was certainly seen widely across the country around the world really before this trial even started so how impartial was this Minneapolis jury really expected to be at the time that each juror was chosen. Absolutely acting at this video was around the world I don't know that you didn't sound jurors network points to the anymore arsenal because so many people I've already seen a stadium and had some thought about it or you didn't want Salim was because he thought it was shoes but in our industry and six is saying that he would have found another jury somewhere else I think he's just realists. China Lloyd as always we thank you so much for your time. Think yeah.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd discusses the motion for a new trial submitted by Derek Chauvin’s defense team, alleging jury misconduct.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77496253","title":"Derek Chauvin’s defense team files motion for new trial","url":"/US/video/derek-chauvins-defense-team-files-motion-trial-77496253"}