New details in Sumatran tiger attack at Topeka Zoo

Zookeeper Kristyn Hayden-Ortega is recovering from the attack at a local hospital.
5:12 | 04/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New details in Sumatran tiger attack at Topeka Zoo
My name is Brendan wiley on the record here that we can see it in conservation thinner. And I think we need your aware that this. Past Saturday we had and unfortunate incident occurred here. We had they the keeper. That. Wound up in and exhibit what they smock and tiger and sustain some injuries. She continues to recover at a local hospital. Her name. Is Kristen patent Ortega. I ask you worked here since 2001. And what they truly. Remarkable. Rumors that part she is a truly remarkable member of our team about 915. There was a do volunteer. Stationed in front of the tiger exhibit here that's because the that notice. Something very wrong. In and this story may be a little bit different than what you heard a couple days ago just because I've learned. Some updates and spent. So it was they do bone here in front of the viewing glass that noticed something very wrong about 9:15 Saturday morning. And that was. Griffin. Being and they outdoor tiger that it. And mark and tiger. Approaching person in that inspects. She knew it was wrong. And did what she could do actually turned around there was its staff person. Cleaning. A couple pool nearby. She got that staff person's attention. Do then. Got the attention. One of our. Open keepers. Who made that initial. Call over our radio system that there's an emergency. We. Think. Somewhere. We think this Brett somewhere between six and ten minutes. From that initial call and I don't know that what ever be able to get more specific than that. Our radio system is not the same flight today. Police dispatcher that time stamps went. So within that six to ten minutes. Window. It would have been a pipe which is in there with this month and tiger. Animal care staff responded. And were able to. Miraculously. Secured a tiger in an insight holding area at the same time. Do is being closed and evacuated. At the same time. -- well I think they were being prepared and their response was being made by our firearms. At the same time. 8911 call had been placed emergency personnel had responded were on the scene. And eight to ten minutes. After. This was identified. Emergency personnel war. Able to start creating Kristen for the injuries that she had received. There should only be a zoo keeper in that space. When that tiger is secured. In an insider. They should never ever have access to the we've seen. We understand the sequence of events. We need her to confirm that. We were 100%. Confident in the infrastructure of that facility when we put tigers back in later that same. I would imagine. That the tiger recognized. Crippling. In this space. But at the same time that's very different in his wild animals whose airport. And even when you today female tigers. Are solitary animals we've been a female and a male together it's not normal. Unless. The female at five point just right. And de Niro or roughly with each other when you try to introduce. But they're big powerful. Animals. And it doesn't take much to injure or hurt when you're tiger. You know it it's miraculous that for the most part what Kristen is dealing with the soft tissue injuries. You know and and maybe just maybe the relationship. That she has built with the tiger. Made this happen not so bad. Speculators.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Zookeeper Kristyn Hayden-Ortega is recovering from the attack at a local hospital. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62575309","title":"New details in Sumatran tiger attack at Topeka Zoo","url":"/US/video/details-sumatran-tiger-attack-topeka-zoo-62575309"}