Doctor testifies on significance of George Floyd's respiratory rates

Dr. Martin Tobin said fentanyl did not cause the depression of Floyd's respiration.
9:03 | 04/08/21

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Transcript for Doctor testifies on significance of George Floyd's respiratory rates
One. Two. Three. Former. Five. Saves. Session. Eight. So that was around the 172 clip right. Can you count the summary ignorance between seven and named him. And did you use sister calculator rate respiration years. There's a median single once you have nineteen seconds union contest and number breasts you have here. And DP and say he can't seven breads that we've come out as a risk for free rate of 22. He is that number. The respiratory rate to 22 significant in this case it's extremely significant. Why is that because one of these things in this case is the question nothing to them and finish the move is having an effect in this cause seeing. Depression off the receiver who sensors to sensors that control breathing. That's going to resulting in pay increase in the wrist for pre race and it's shown that weekend and you expect to four. In there is sort of create rates so we tend to know he's whisper to raise should be down around ten insisted that can strike in the mid Norma. At 22 the. So he didn't see it pressed rate of respiration or breathing rate in this two Florie no just normal. And so what does it tell you bottom line with respect to. Festival has released mr. exact. It wouldn't be in terms of Pennington. Them to me you're one of the major changes he's seen tension isn't slowing confederates were pretty great so. And they can happen. We wouldn't be expecting a for. In the reserve pre race pretend. The normal risk for free rate he's seventeen press permit. Plus or minus five. So that we need a normally reserved for you rate of between. Two and 22 that's the normal range of priests for recruiting rates. And so it if it was quick fast you'd be expecting the risks were created rate ten instead that you content here yourself. And you concede any content yourself that there is for credit ratings 22. So basically because of their patents and there is intentional harmful. And that is affecting he's risked reserve pre sentence it's not having an effect. Countries for consent. Submissive voice. Respiratory rate. Was normally a 22 just before he lost consciousness career. So that your jury may hurt some other information in the case. About being the fentanyl. Related to an elevated carbon dioxide levels and disappointed by the in the emergency room was that significant to you. Yes that's very significant as well. How so. Because he's really important to have a PC YouTube sorry I take it back. He's important to have faith carbon dioxide level in that our period blood in the emergency room of the eighteen that's a very high. Level of carbon dioxide. And so you have to take into account potter and the factors that might have led to that. And there is particularly important factors in mr. Floyd to explain. Why he's carbon dioxide was found as an 89 in the emergency room. So doctor would you first tell us what would normal have been for carbon dioxide levels to normal and carbon dioxide cleverly you were me is 35 to four. Many consumer. Personal. You don't need the mini mes is a murder free stuff but. There are units that are given in the hostages chart. So you senator were significant factors in the case of mr. Floyd. Would you help the jury understand what goes work yes the important factors are that we know. That he made he's only last spontaneous. Effort to breed. 20/20 five succeed. After that. You can look at the videos and you see he makes no effort we there's he makes no breath the last breath he took. Was it 20/20. 560. Then we know lasted that he's stayed on the street for another three minutes or so then he's. Place in two B ambulance and we know that in the ambulance. He attempted to put in an airway and night she and you concede that on the officer means body count you can see all of that happening. And then you concede the time that we each day actually successfully. Inserted. He airway and when they gave him the first threat. And that he's a gap of nine minutes and fifty seconds from when he last took a breath. And west that's in Africa. That's very significant because we can confidently pocket is the rate of increase. In the carbon dioxide in somebody who doesn't breed. If somebody doesn't take a breath. Carbon dioxide increases active creepy to tolerate. And dad create his 24 point nine million new consumer can be permitted deputy priests. And so he has not taken their breath for nine minutes and fifty seconds so. You would expect just on that basis. That he's. Carbon dioxide level winkle. Fourteen. So you add. 49 into the normal values. Turkey five. 2425. And then you add that you're going to get him values. Peace between. An 89. And the adults and soot comes out pigs virtually identical to that that they've found. In the emergency room Hokies united. Social doctor what's the punch line with the Specter that what does it tell us. The significance of all of that it is this is set increase and why you know fed to is not have causing the depression. While his respiration. What you're seeing is that the increase. He he's. Carbon dioxide that is found in the emergency room is so we explained. By what you expect to happen in somebody who doesn't have any ventilation given to him for nine minutes and fifty seconds. It's completely explain but that so. When a person then is not breathing in carbon dioxide would naturally continue to build up in the body yes. Again and nest that's what matches what was seen in the core performance reports. Precisely. He said that there were other things that were severely damage that were related to the rate respiration and we talked about. Brian was or anything else. Guess. The other thing is there's two other things that are very important to the reserve predict could use our cultural night is exactly he is in this sort of crude. And it first thing is that if you have somebody who is on the line car. Seats and there are diseases so sincere and that is being. Says it's causing shortness of breath. That is cause he indeed because he would bring the if somebody is heart disease that's causing shortness of breath. Virtually all of those patients are going to have very high and we sort of pretty rates. They're going to averaged burglary rates of Turkey our people were hurt you even know perform peak when you have heart disease that can you be shortness of breath. Instead of that we find that he's restore reiterate his normally 22. The second thing that's important. The re sort of reiterated 22. Is. If you have somebody. Where the primary problem in the Bobby is scare win narrowing where you have somebody. Where there is that the Airways are being compressed there's narrow lead in the name current there's narrow leads I can somebody in the chest. Quite the response to physiological. Response to we're win narrowly. He is and normally reserved prearranged. And that has plenty hats so the C expect but there restore prearranged that you see that's normal. Is the expected physiological response. He's somebody who has. Fairway and Ireland.

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{"duration":"9:03","description":"Dr. Martin Tobin said fentanyl did not cause the depression of Floyd's respiration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76951216","title":"Doctor testifies on significance of George Floyd's respiratory rates","url":"/US/video/doctor-testifies-significance-george-floyds-respiratory-rates-76951216"}