Some doctors and nurses contract COVID-19 as they race to help others

Hospitals are running low on supplies and health care professionals are not getting the protective equipment they need.
5:17 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for Some doctors and nurses contract COVID-19 as they race to help others
To the threat to those we need most right now our medical care providers were getting. New reports of doctors and nurses contracting -- nineteen as they race to help others many say they're still not getting the protective equipment that they need. As more hospitals run low on supplies and an update from one of her own and ABC news reporter tonight now recovering from her own battle. With covad nineteen are Matt Gutman has more. Tonight emergency room doctors and nurses warning that critical protective gear is running low and putting them in danger. They're big thing that we need on the front lines right out. Is personal protective gear for my colleagues and myself. You know I've got my man asked for today you're right here. And I darting it with my life because it could be my. Stephen Anderson is an ER doctor an Auburn Washington he says and about 48 hours he's hospital will run out of protective gear and masks other hospitals instituting severe rationing. Now I'm getting a mask. And local laws that masks for the entirety of the week. And across the country doctors and nurses are getting sick Emory University confirming they have workers who tested positive. Separate Cisco doctor Ross me Daniel isolating himself after being infected he attended a conference with hundreds of ER physicians. Near time square health care workers with underlying conditions feeling especially vulnerable. I have asthma when I intend to get. Even the common Cold War when the flu time sometimes. Compromise. The US has a stockpile of thirteen million and 95 respirator masks but the federal government has said up to a billion might be needed over the next six months. At poppy health system in Georgia they ran through six months a protective gear in seven days. So volunteers are now suing covers for masks using surgical sheets. We've got an army of seamstress made it. In these forests in the meaning volunteers people. But some critical supplies present a bigger challenge than to leaders are already in short supply nationwide there are roughly a 170000. But some estimates expected demand. Both nearly a million. We new battle later down later this morning but. Hospital street from meat is out of ventilator is a moment. Kyle abernathy is recovering from an infection is now watching his wife fight for her life. And needing a ventilator she. At one point aren't a hundred and oxygen. Added at a later. Nasty down. While many are struggling to overcome the virus others have been able to recover in a matter of days. ABC's KV heartened contracted -- nineteenth while reporting from hard hit Washington State but she got home she started feeling symptoms. Including a low grade fever. I had a headache just right between eyes as congested. I had body ace in places and it was -- having him in feeling. So much better did this virus is something that really knocked me off my seat straight day. She looks like she's just about back to 100% we're joined now by Matt governing you've been reporting all week. About medical supply shortages but should we also be concerned that many doctors and nurses won't be able to come to work as more people self quarantine. And we're actually starting to see that Lindsay already and a twenty to 30% spike. In demands for temporary doctors and nurses. And also doctors are just like us has our nurses right they have kids for not in school they've got to be taking care of they're gonna be put in quarantine as well. And they are going to get sick as well so this is a huge concern in the middle cook community. What happens when. All of these doctors start to get get taken off line. In addition to that. A whole generation of doctors is over sixty plus right and these are some the most vulnerable groups the irony is that was the groups that don't have to deal with child care. But they're going to be offline so this is a huge concern for the health care system Lindsay. And a court are their plans in place to make sure that hospitals have the personnel and supplies that they need as the corona virus continues to spread. There are plans in place but nobody knows if they're actually good to be able to be a situated right because. Think about where we were a week ago Miller would have any idea that we would be where we are today so there are plans or something called the national strategic. Stockpile which has a tremendous amount of medical stockpiles and 95 masks gowns. But we're told it's not nearly enough and so what we're starting to see Lindsay are. Hospitals. My guy to bring Matt. Tasks and any tools that they need. That group in Georgia stitching together those masks they hope to make 200000. Of them relatively quickly may be that. Wool help with the shortfall but basically a lot of these hospitals feel like they're on their own right now. And the guy wearing masks that doesn't necessarily mean that those are protected and safe masks I'd imagined tale. No a they think they're protected a mean you heard. Doctor daring Sutton talking about being told to use the same masks for a week. That's not quite sanitary but they don't have a choice right now so nice doctors are making do with what they can. All right desperate times thank you so much back up and.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Hospitals are running low on supplies and health care professionals are not getting the protective equipment they need.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69677964","title":"Some doctors and nurses contract COVID-19 as they race to help others","url":"/US/video/doctors-nurses-contract-covid-19-race-69677964"}