Dylann Roof Appears in Court; Gag Order Extended

Dylann Roof, the alleged Charleston church shooter, appeared in court for the first time in nearly a month.
9:08 | 07/16/15

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Transcript for Dylann Roof Appears in Court; Gag Order Extended
Charleston church shooting suspect Dylan roof peering inside a South Carolina courtroom today the first look in nearly a month at the man charged with gunning down nine people inside a historic black church. The judge responding to a challenge from the media about access to key documents. Hello everyone I'm Elizabeth her in new York and now we take you to South Carolina inside the courtroom. Citizens an. Back. He had 41. Free. And I are. I. See you again. The I. I'll. Angered turn green yeah. Are better than others. He EA headquarters in my case fit sort of a sad. And 08. Aren't. Yes we have. People. Community. You all. Other movies are. You know. Mariner. You may. Also. If you. Forty or. These. New York. Paul. No reward. As. It's. Playing. Right. Yeah OK more this. He. Or. Bob. Just this time. The record. Don't fire call. And there's big. We do not see. Yes where. Broad we'll. Warrant. He's no longer. Paul. Live. Okay. Well far. We. Great. We know we're the Smart cars and we're or that he. We'll. Yeah the only news here at all. Here. Yeah. Where are. Yeah. You. I believe our positions. Here. Where. It's. Are you are. Program. We willow garage. Who knows where a as. Are apple it is. This is murder and other. Here. Other clients news. And Sharon is is that its. Jurisdiction in the I believe justice hears horror. Are being. For more on today's developments let's head out to south. Carolina in Charleston where ABC's Phil met is standing by following this story for us Philip will be didn't Wear it. What was challenged in court today. So there's a temporary a gag order in place and the judge extended. That gag order until next Wednesday and at that time bids. Anytime between now and next Wednesday at 5 PM victims of law enforcement and even the defended they have until then. To file a motion. If they do not then they attempt it's temporary gag order will be lifted. And the media will have access to everything but so there are two limitations any graphic pictures. Hum of the deceased victims at the crime scene or their voices on any possible 911 tapes the may be out there but besides that. From everything else should be released and available to the media. And Philip why did the judge issued this gag order in the first place. What he wanted to give an opportunity. For all the parties involved. Media. Law enforcement victims and that the defendant doing Ruth himself it any chance to to present themselves. Before that they wanted more information before. Before he would at lifting the gag order so now that that's in place come again he's giving one last opportunity for anyone to come forward and giving you reason why those. Items should not usually. And though this is. The first time we've seen Galen Rupp in court and about a month company wolf what was his demeanor like. He who walked in see softened that he walked in with grey striped. Jail issued jumpsuit he sat there motionless and did not utter a word for the entirety of the proceedings which lasted about twenty minutes. And do we know where we go from here do we learn when this case could possibly go to trial. Well the judge did sit a trial date of July. Eleventh 2016. So about a year from from now. Prosecutors said that they may seek the death penalty that it defense. Who was saying that they need more. There was an exchange that the defense. They had said they might need more time in and the judge said you have until July 11 to figure this out he is going to consider any unforeseen circumstances however. The pursuit of the death penalty will not be something on that delays the trial be on July 11 of next year. Once again ABC fill up Jimenez following this story for us in Charleston, South Carolina thank you. Well you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and storing this story for exclusive update on the go I'm Elizabeth her in New York.

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{"duration":"9:08","description":"Dylann Roof, the alleged Charleston church shooter, appeared in court for the first time in nearly a month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"32493967","title":"Dylann Roof Appears in Court; Gag Order Extended","url":"/US/video/dylann-roof-appears-court-gag-order-extended-32493967"}