Early risers await the super blue blood moon in Los Angeles

ABC News' Olivia Smith chats with astronomy fans at Griffith Observatory.
9:26 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Early risers await the super blue blood moon in Los Angeles
And ethnic group here in this super light means watching eclipse takes place right now. It is the creek observatory in Los Angeles there are doesn't that people around right now. And over here TU in the Los Angeles astronomical society is Padgett. And his. Can you can see just around crowds art gathered. Watching this happen right now. It. Hybrids. We're live here with ABC it. Let them eat that much in advance for speaking I loved doing good how about. The deep part of the Earth's shadow is starting to cover up the mood. It's very very distinctive. Read the you do. You can actually start to see that just a little with low magnification like binoculars you look towards what's called the dark limb. And you'll see just like Britney all rated. And of course that that Redmond once gross total you'll get that read across empowerment bill Beatrice machine how deep that redness. Often it's pretty bright. But it. Because we're the so called Superman and remove news slightly closer bureau of an average courage we call it. Pump removes movie premiere show them so that written might not quite as tonight but remains to be seen and that's that's a whole thing here is looking city. Like me and that's everything happening at the time he. You have to run for a customer and Europe it upheld. Every. Look at this is an. Ops plus. Scope. Design was invented Isaac Newton is use them Ernst edible and a wider scope much cheaper which. The subject. The dobbs on him or John Dobson monkeys live in Berkeley figure Natalie she telescope. Anybody could make anybody supported. Us so we took what had been a rich man. An expert. For. This is the most good. Would you go to a story that requires us from clippers coach but the most important thing. Just doesn't open the bigger the opening. The more the other. Industry. This ways to give their opening as a mere instantly in fact modern telescopes. Use lenses oh. Telescopes use lenses. For doctors to give beautiful views they haven't been used for search him. Decades. Thinking how much group and here we have another everywhere and gather. DD probably your parent an election the area. Most of them society and I you have your. It's a very few. Who was perfect. It's you can see we see the eyes on. This is something that cheered him and we're gonna have an interest in thing in the morning because actually believe this is he like this sitting there. Clips and the same time here will be able to see this on its. And that's very rare because there isn't being. Anything yeah. It's my site may. Monitors. Its theories as well we'll. Handling it out yeah. I think. Think if you want I can't think for katic ABC. Okay I'll give you all of you here Roberts being. Very dark early airport when he began the eighth time. And this is. The moon right now we go in our view evidently. Even back out. The harshly lit. They does look like a dark shadow is. Calling over the indefinitely. And so many people out here. Asked observatory. And it's. And it didn't. Here in Los Angeles. The and they began it deeper with blood. London and in your that you had an elliptical orbit around here that's exactly what their record right now. And at its peak lock up closer to the observatory. That's where the yeah. In the crowd as people are gathered here on. On the lawn outside. Every time. They keep referring to chabot eighty PE. Your dad I figured out here that I thank you butt naked eye to come out. Does the news negatively yeah. In the big. Early lead in the you closed its. Check. And yet has been in each team that he thing and apparently that mattered much. Think that there where he has traveled around we came. Santa Monica and hiking. Carson and Palm Beach it was a historic days you know why not just once in a lifetime. Experience of friends. Help a little bit about what we're seeing right now there are no quite definitively how plea. They halfway didn't and house ways. Selig. Partially. Parcel. This and it's. What he got up looked him. As you gotta two that we'll meet him legacy. Yeah they're just waiting for events like. If ever there's. Early luckily it to him. And it's hard. It is diverted quickly. A lot of heat on airline. He does have to go to work later today. Against. Your olive gloves yeah do you guys think of them right now when I thing I think is people like me and explain why it. They didn't. I think that free cash they are you. Did he get here I've got good observatory. Instantly. On the line if you're seeing an adult lite get out but because I do not only that camera right now. But it's pretty Xbox Dell announcement letting it eat the noon at its brightest right here. And again this blue mint is hitting nominate him. An extremely rare leader plans. Again the first bloom and Leonard didn't eat rule sixty X. And that happens when the sun earth and in line up industry giant. Walker and agencies who or. He territory of hear me. So they're seeing that this event is best to enjoy aided by people who are out in the last. That's where you'll look at the past. You have it. And again it's of rare celestial phenomenon. When receiver noon oblivion and it total lunar eclipse we'll take place at the theme time. Okay again we hear that her conservatory. Watching his bid Clinton thinks so much for cheating and quality.

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{"duration":"9:26","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith chats with astronomy fans at Griffith Observatory.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52739013","title":"Early risers await the super blue blood moon in Los Angeles","url":"/US/video/early-risers-await-super-blue-blood-moon-los-52739013"}