England prepares for Prince Philip’s final farewell

ABC News’ royal contributor Victoria Murphy previews what to expect from the funeral of Prince Philip, who will be laid to rest on Saturday.
5:43 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for England prepares for Prince Philip’s final farewell
Tomorrow Queen Elizabeth we'll say farewell to her husband of more than seventy years prince fill up. Of course due to covad restrictions the service is expected to much smaller than the ones we've seen in the past. ABC's James long man has the latest details on the funeral from London. A nation and the queen prepares to say good bye tonight the palace releasing this never before seen picture of Queen Elizabeth and her prince the duke of Edinburgh. And we're learning more about tomorrow's funeral. The queen will polls in her call for a moment of reflection she poses the coffin of a beloved husband. Prince Charles prince's son and grandsons will follow the calls get in procession. It's an image short to evoke memories of princess Diana's funeral when Phillips supported princes William and Harry through that grief. But the Brothers will not walk together. Between them a cousin Peter Phillips the queen will sit alone in some George's chapel. The thirty in attendance including a majesty. The web mosques and using the old royals will be in civilian dressed. Perhaps to include Prince Harry who stepped down from rules duties and was stripped of his ministry titles but the ceremony and music. Will celebrate the next. Devotion to the military queen and country. And joining us now is ABC news well contributor Victoria and more feed Victoria thanks for joining us. Asked what we know that because of the pandemic there are strict limits on the number of people who can attends the funeral. And the royal family is very much adhering to those rules which means only 38 mortars will be attending the funeral and worldly BC that. That's right adding to our family have been closed late teens at stake T the cave it guidelines everyone else is currently being Austin fun I say. We've been told the queen has had some pretty difficult decisions to make she's had to do the final sign off on all of this and they have chasing bad -- family members and anyone non fattening and the independence and the right place friend had asthma Obama and everyone else in the family crazed family member says immediate family and I'm on the fast fast as significantly as clouds they said they made for three au prince the next Raddatz at Stevens got the genocide without reached its full assistance married into the jet and an aristocracy and could be that was a that was very important to him that they have been represented. England in just the small number of people. And I would get a cease they should distancing him right simply gains to see people pitching in less they are in the same households. And to me to the pot inside the chapel and cools wearing face masks while. That's interesting. I had read that they had not been the Germans out of the semi had not been present at his wedding. So many years ago we know that there's going to be a ceremonial procession behind prince Philip's casket on the route to the chapel for the service. Com as well as a short walk back afterwards now prince William and Prince Harry are notably. Not near each other in any of these plans is that surprising to you. Well I think it's very interesting and it was great parents me when they make that nine net gonna attract a lot of attention because of this evening about the huge disagreements about happy and that without a lot of anticipation that these Brothers would be working side by side but when they announced the I'm actually Barry's one lineup of three and that cousin pizza fitness is getting in between. You kind of look at it and say it makes sense that had to be an item at least some Latin missed three grandsons will kings that makes sense for them to get to get when it rings that China and they get entities. And Harry Litman walking side by side that doesn't way to explain it but it's really hard not seek. And the ratings as a sign that they spring fifteen it is very significant and thanks again to see them Barry on the day another X some of that significant disputes that we negative expects. It's absolutely serves as metaphor and away just a few hours ago to Buckingham Palace released the order of actual funeral service. On paper it seems rather short what can you tell us about the service and and why is it being done this way. Yeah that's it that's XP and its photograph depicting an ex Aaron and they have released the or that it's a Barry Adams street bullets I would say that's Nate you'd AG is it's right religious fabric the package but expect this very important to pinch it and the people speaking RV I wish it. Parents Barry and Medina wins army is quiet out of full people who look and be singing but never in the combination can thing because that's obviously in nine would pay the growth. It isn't Barry credit and straight forwards orbit but. A couple of pats nose catches and one of them is that he is. It's possible the haven't royal Marines that the Eagles have several Marines to play some legal actions stations. Somehow Clinton Savvis which was and some because I didn't royal navy which would be he sat in the Ronay. I asked. People tapes have may have cooled the solid thanks. And in a desperate and effective at the years it's that this that he put in the 98. And finally deter it we know that her majesty the queen and other senior royals have carried out some engagements this week during the official mourning period. For prince fill up that might seem a bit unusual it seems especially for the queen who's just lost her husband. I know but I think it does in exemplified if that's yet they have which is. As things instead it would want them to get only the job and they aren't at TV morning carried and we would help that they would carry engagements are appropriate. Say we have seen them pull. From a pending sentencing but they haven't pitting public T. But the salads and the queen has had an orgy and slid a member of stopped say they didn't something's considered Craig and I guess it falls in that area else. She sees that as fast death service after a lifetime of service thank you so much Victoria Murphy for your insights and for your time. Thank you thank mats.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"ABC News’ royal contributor Victoria Murphy previews what to expect from the funeral of Prince Philip, who will be laid to rest on Saturday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77128696","title":"England prepares for Prince Philip’s final farewell","url":"/US/video/england-prepares-prince-philips-final-farewell-77128696"}