Eric Garner's mom talks firing of officer involved in son's chokehold death

Gwen Carr discusses the long journey for justice since her son's death five years ago, saying "these stories are our lives," and comparing his death to other cases involving police brutality.
4:55 | 08/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eric Garner's mom talks firing of officer involved in son's chokehold death
And of course there's no doubt. Impacts the family the most so we actually have going Carr who has air garner his mother on the phone with us right now. Quinn is so happy that you created. Join us today the first thing I won askew is. How have you been coping and how is your family holding up through all of this. Well it's been long five years. And thank you for having me on on its dental long it's been tedious we've been running into brick walls and trying to us. Side step hurdles. But at that ended that day. We have we are still holding up pretty good I mean I have been haven't. A few great down because in our heads you know Chad CDs along to wage and. It is stiff and Houghton suburb family. Yeah I wanna I wanted to say you know sorry about to your your husband when we learned of that news that was. Pretty sad as well so very sorry to hear that. I wanted ASCII you know what do you think of yesterday's decision when they decided to you. Fire officer canceling out. You know what that collect lease some sort of closure that you know I've that this is a step in the right direction. But Arafat looked could you know I had no boy him no. What seemed inflammation in Seoul and I'm listening to commission are all meal. Ongoing one in explaining how he made his decision. On actors kept it makes building them and saying oh he. She's not gonna vital offices in the NFC clock at oh yes it is 100 no he isn't a mean gosh it was guessed right. Mohawk look like jumping out of my actions. I'd say it's still active set beard in all its chips. Listening. I hit some in my family members with me and at the end when he says yes. That the officer would be buying it. I was just you know I just broke down and cry yes definitely canceled lacquered do is breakdown in crack. You know mocked him he might be a human being which housing element but it was Klein. Yes. Prudent because that is that is your son. You know one of the things that we we heard you say yesterday you continued to say. He lost his job but your son. Lost his life what do you think people. Don't understand about how these tragedies impact your family. Won't. C the only seat beasts stretch duties as a new story. These tragedies are not yet some new stories this is how well. We deal with this one and daily things. And that's acted yesterday actually a bullet this job. He has all the opportunities. My son will never happen not good to see the it is don't just this but yeah. He is a PP merited he birdied them so they have no more opportunities put him. And people need to understand to state and the PP eight big treat this like old B offered no matter what they do they want to uphold them. In peace along he's wrong I mean I understand is standing by don't want to. But this should be online tool lunch if you couldn't teach at least see that this officer does not belong on the bullets. He had had disciplined there reach. Action before that the plot it has paid out total up to. And get up started one pending at this time mark hunt them so how big decorate all but subtle acting. Yes well Glenn. We send our condolences and we're sending lots of love to your family because of course on the pain continues even though. This decision came down yesterday I just want to thank you again for being with us today appreciate your words. I don't think you so much for having me yes of course. So guys we move on Aaron you're still with us you heard that I'm pretty emotional to hear how. The mother feels about the situation because again this is this is just her son this is her life as she said yes. And living with us for for far too long for five years now and then it all came down to an ordinary disciplinary process for a cop. It seems like along the way they're. Maybe should have been something. Else achieved because if if if we were waiting and we heard this reflected in some of her the words of her associates yesterday. If all we're doing is waiting for the cop to get fired at me that seems like. A a long wait for four maybe unsatisfying result. Yes thank you for being with us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Gwen Carr discusses the long journey for justice since her son's death five years ago, saying \"these stories are our lives,\" and comparing his death to other cases involving police brutality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65078201","title":"Eric Garner's mom talks firing of officer involved in son's chokehold death","url":"/US/video/eric-garners-mom-talks-firing-officer-involved-sons-65078201"}