Erik Menendez Wrote Screenplay About Son Who Kills Parents

The younger Menendez brother wrote a script with a high school classmate about a young man who kills his parents for his inheritance.
6:25 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Erik Menendez Wrote Screenplay About Son Who Kills Parents
We wrote a screen play, we wrote several screenplays. We were ambitious young writers with a lot of ideas. And we said, well, let's write murder mysteries. Erik wrote a script about a boy that kills his parents to collect the insurance. And he brought that by for me to read and give him my opinion. A gloved hand is seen gripping the doorknob and turning it gently. Good evening, mother, good evening father. His voice is of attempted compassion but the hatred overwhelms it. All light is extinguished and the camera slides down the stairs as screams are heard behind. We needed the characters to get money somehow and thought, "Well, here's an interesting way to do it." And it showed the darwinistic tendencies of the child toward the parents. Remove them and then I'm free and I can do what I want. But as time went by, Erik took that screenplay and reworded the first four or five pages to exactly what happened at the scene of the crime. And so, people thought, "Well, maybe this is the precursor to what actually happened." He's already got the idea and he's already beginning to execute it in his mind, the crime that he will eventually commit, murdering his parents, for money, for the insurance money. It was powerful evidence that he'd been not just thinking about it, but playing with the idea, scoping it out, writing it down. I thought that it was probably pretty unreal, a bit of nonsense. I didn't contemplate that he was really planning to do such a thing. Not on any day did I think that. If you looked at the Menendez brothers as teenagers, you saw spoiled rich kid spinning out of control. They were -- they were literally criminals. They were stealing, they were robbing, but the viciousness that Lyle and Erik Menendez eventually demonstrated, I think that has its seeds in their relationship with their father. Any way you cut it, Jose Menendez was the kind of person that people cowered from. Everybody described Jose Menendez as someone you should be afraid of, someone who was always expecting perfection and never got it. When we went to their house, there was a ferret, always. And the ferret died one day, and kitty and Joe assumed that one of their dogs had killed it. And one of their dogs was a black, very aggressive dog. They had aggressive dogs. The children opened the refrigerator one day and found the dog's head inside. On the Tuesday before the murders, Lyle Menendez and his mother, kitty, were having an argument. She got so upset that she began striking the older brother and she even ripped off his toupee. And Erik was actually in the hallway and he saw this happen and he didn't even know that his brother was wearing a toupee, which his father had forced him to wear, because he started having thinning hair. And the brothers had a very emotional conversation, in which they agreed that there were so many secrets in family. And at the point, Erik broke down and he started crying. And his brother said, "What's wrong with you? What are you crying about?" And Erik said, "Dad has been doing things to me." When Lyle told me about the abuse, he was 8 years old at the time. One night, I was in my room changing the sheets on my bed, and Lyle came in, saying that he was afraid to sleep in his own bed, because his father and him had been teaching each other down there. I went upstairs and got kitty. By her demeanor, I could tell that she was not believing any of this. There was certainly no indication of any kind that there was ever any abuse. He had sexually molested me before I was a teenager and it was a different -- much different experience than Erik's. Because you were little? Because I was little, I guess. But it was difficult to be close to my father and yet have so much conflict in the home. I mean, it just didn't happen. It just didn't happen. I think the motive was strictly money. My impression was that their father had cut them off. I think, somewhere, starting with Lyle, there was a decision that this was just not going to be okay. It was not going to be okay to live in Beverly hills and be paupers, or to have less than they had. They got cut off, and that wasn't cool. The source of the hatred wasn't that they wanted money, it was the sexual abuse. The source of the homicide, how dare he take away the money. In other words, the two theories of this case aren't necessarily contradictory. I was with kitty in her Beverly hills house, and she was using her computer, and I said, "What are you doing with the computer?" And he said, "I'm changing my will." And as I looked down the aisle of the house, I said to kitty, "Lyle's hearing you. He's going to know that you're changing your will right now, and she said, I don't care. They know I'm not going to give them any money." And that must have been when they decided to take care of them and murder them. No, no, that's not how that occurred. There was a -- a confrontation. It's very difficult to understand the emotion and the fear and the conflict that is building over the years, to something like this. And it can't just -- it's difficult to just say, well, this is why this happened. There was going to be a violent confrontation at some point. And I thought, in the end, I would probably be killed. When it first was revealed that I had told Lyle that I was sexually molested by my father, my dad said to Lyle, "You're going to tell everyone and I'm not going to let that happen."

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"The younger Menendez brother wrote a script with a high school classmate about a young man who kills his parents for his inheritance. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44586922","title":"Erik Menendez Wrote Screenplay About Son Who Kills Parents","url":"/US/video/erik-menendez-writes-screenplay-son-kills-parents-part-44586922"}