Explosion Levels House in Connecticut

Stamford homeowner was in his backyard at the time of the blast.
2:35 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Explosion Levels House in Connecticut
Massive explosion that leveled a house in Stamford just a few minutes ago investigators confirmed that the blast was sparked by gas. This is what the scene looked like you can see it here right afterwards -- news -- seven Eyewitness News reporter Marcus -- joining us live now with the breaking details. -- And Diana investigators also -- that the explosion took place inside the home now whether or not that was a faulty line from a propane tank buried outside. Or faulty in applies inside the home. That remains under investigation. But they do you know it started inside the house now we mention that propane tank that is buried next to the house or that. Continues to -- All of a sudden I heard a massive explosion I even -- in -- super felt the blast -- lives two miles away. It happened just before two this afternoon a report of a house explosion and it's clear there is nothing left a two story colonial reduced to rubble. Flames burning near 305 -- hill road in north Stamford the propane tank explosion rocked houses in the exclusive neighborhood. They felt kind of like a mini earthquake and almost night. I'd I'd I'd lived in LA for a couple years that's the only thank you describe it. The 6000 square foot home was built in 1984. Miraculously the owner of the house was not hurt. Even though he was there at the time of the explosion. The reports that -- getting right now and again it's preliminary boards is that he was outside of the building in the real bite his schoolhouse. Yes when -- MS just take Kevin he was conscious and alert. Investigators say the fire was fueled by a 500 gallon propane tank buried in the ground. Many homes in north Stamford use propane to heat their homes and pools since there -- no natural gas lines. Although the fire was contained to the -- house investigators are now checking the structural integrity of two nearby homes. What the concussion did to the Foundation's. To these structural components of the house I know there was some visit visible damage. Windows were broken and some of the other homes but they're being looked at now by the building part. And late word from the mayor is that the houses have been deemed structurally sound even though they were damaged as you heard now back -- -- you see that they are continuing to load up. -- for trucks with -- water being drawn. From nearby lake there -- no hydrants. In the area and that is why they're coming here to the staging area to get some water. The fire continues to burn because authorities or through what's called -- controlled burn they're letting this propane tank which has. 500 pounds of propane pressure in it. -- just -- it simply burn out and they're not sure how long that might take. Well -- Stanford mark so it's channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":20286354,"title":"Explosion Levels House in Connecticut ","duration":"2:35","description":"Stamford homeowner was in his backyard at the time of the blast.","url":"/US/video/explosion-levels-house-connecticut-20286354","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}