Extended heat wave begins Friday in Northeast

Temperatures will be over 90 across much of the eastern and central U.S.
1:00 | 06/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extended heat wave begins Friday in Northeast
Along overnight for many people living in Alabama more than a 150000. Power outages reported. Following this powerful storm watch that trampoline there south of Huntsville Alabama. Tossed around like a toy and more severe weather is in store for the south to make this into look at your Friday forecast. Good morning to heat from the southwest and the Rockies starts to work its way east and it reaches. Then mid west says we going to Friday and even into Saturday here pushes into the northeast by Sunday. And some places it'll feel like the triple digits beaming like a 105210. Saint Louis as we go through your Friday even Minneapolis. It's an actual temperature of 98. As we work our way and into Saturday the midwest here lighting up and dark red and northeast by the time we head into Sunday. I'm meteorologist moss the kinds dancer with your AccuWeather forecast.

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{"id":56256903,"title":"Extended heat wave begins Friday in Northeast","duration":"1:00","description":"Temperatures will be over 90 across much of the eastern and central U.S.","url":"/US/video/extended-heat-wave-begins-friday-northeast-56256903","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}