Extreme Spring Weather Across US

Record heat wave and flash flood warnings move through the country.
5:33 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Extreme Spring Weather Across US
This is a special room. The nation's extreme weather drenching rains and the flooded streets like these in Houston that storm moving east. As the heat wave -- -- and California has so many trying to stay cool today. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York that heat advisory in California even includes the usually cool and foggy San Francisco. -- -- -- Gonzales joining us now for more on this extreme weather Marcy. And -- yesterday here in new York and other parts of the northeast we had the highest temperatures of the season. But elsewhere so many have been dealing with much more extreme -- Parts of the nation's midsection still under water people they are now bracing. Even more -- Eight states from Pennsylvania to Texas under flash flood watches and warnings first responders ready for another day of -- In parts of Ohio yesterday water trapped people in their homes. Really an ugly out there. And outside of Chicago a similar kind of mess. I looked outside -- start to come down came down real bed next thing I know a businessmen. In Texas yesterday the problem not just from -- but right. And several fire. The risk of fires today extreme in Los Angeles with winds up to eighty miles an hour paired with temperatures in the triple digits. Some Californians though are -- most of this record breaking heat. Flashing in the southwest while in the Colorado Rockies they're seeking help from as much as three feet of snow. And a different kind of cleanup today. In parts of the heartland. After nearly a dozen plus take -- tornado guys touched down yesterday. And at least one person was hurt in one of those tornadoes that touched down in Nebraska Michelle thanks Marcy. We want to bring in now AccuWeather is Jennifer -- for the latest Jennifer let's start out west in California where it's not only going to be seriously hot. But there are also concerns about those dry winds give us an idea. Yes we're definitely concerned about the dry winds because that is -- raising the risk extreme fire danger so. Through Wednesday that -- will have the highest risk of fire danger all across to the west and she thinks that we basically have a strong -- over much of the western US high pressure in control. Then further to the east we're still dealing with that cold front from Texas to the Great Lakes that's heading further to the east with heavy -- but. And lets -- keep the focus first on the southwest because the -- -- temperatures are expected tomorrow. And again Thursday -- temperatures will be soaring as that high pressure remains strong over much of California's it's a heat wave that will continue for Wednesday and Thursday and speaking of those gusty winds the winds will. Generally be coming in -- from the north east. And the winds that will be the highest it will be around the mount -- and north of Los Angeles. We're talking about wind gusts between 45 to fifty miles per hour but we could even see higher than not. And by the way today in Los Angeles could see wind gusts up to twenty miles per hour and today's -- in Los Angeles 98 degrees. Just a little bit further to the north Fresno -- 97 degrees but. By tomorrow we're breaking records all across much of California. Los Angeles tomorrow breaking the record of 96 degrees because tomorrow Los Angeles will be reaching high of 99 degrees. And so as as we continue wit they heat. But Wednesday and Thursday there's definitely the concern for the fire danger and also any activities outdoors you want to keep yourself. Hydrated and drink plenty of water. The good news is we could see temperatures moderating back into the weekend Jennifer see that map behind you a big patch of rain moving toward the East Coast. What are we going to be looking out -- on this side of the country for the next few days. Yes on the east side alone we're going to be dealing with lots of rainfall especially across the northeast now this is a slow moving storm -- the cold front that has brought in that heavy rain and in south Texas last night and this morning. Well that seeing front bringing in that thunderstorms across Ohio valley as well. But as he gets closer into the northeast and Pittsburgh by Thursday it's gonna bring in some heavy downpours we could still have some thunderstorms around the area. But the main threat will be constant rain Thursday they'll continue to progress eastward by Friday New York City Philadelphia Washington DC. Dealing with heavy rainfall all -- We're talking about 24 inches of rain from Thursday through Saturday all across -- area so flash flood potential. From Pittsburgh to New York City that's going to cause travel delays and poor -- abilities also of course flooding. On the roadways so we want to keep our eyes out for the sky have them Burrell as the raincoats -- -- the next couple days and take it slow out there. On the roadways Michelle back to you thanks Jennifer here we go again. This has been an ABC news live coverage of whether. You can of course. Follow the weather. On the news -- just marked the story. For updates on the go for now -- Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Record heat wave and flash flood warnings move through the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23700841","title":"Extreme Spring Weather Across US","url":"/US/video/extreme-spring-weather-us-23700841"}