Eyewitnesses Describe New York Building Explosion

Onlookers say the face of the East Village building blew off after a possible gas explosion.
1:14 | 03/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eyewitnesses Describe New York Building Explosion
The explosion and fire rocked New York's east village but the thick clouds of smoke could be seen for my deal. The blast got it a ground floor restaurant and collapsed ceiling. The face of the building blew off. From their restaurant allowing Utley to jump to an adjacent building and five floors were quickly engulf. Just heard a boom and I came out and I've seen. The fire escape have come off the building and the whole bottom of the building came out of all to the sidewalk idiot reporter and expert it was right there when one building came down every site you've been. See behind me. Now the building has collapsed. Live that's why they back everyone out of here. Then the second hundred year old structures began to crumble under the force of the fire hoses and water it is a portion of the Mossad that is now coming down. At least twelve persons were reported injured several critically. The smoke so heavy people on the street were wearing pastor briefed. Well search dogs on scenes look for survivors. City officials evacuated the area at the fire went to seven alarms. The impact was so intense one neighbor told me it felt like a Mack truck and rammed into her building in New York's east village on exact ABC news.

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{"id":29937673,"title":"Eyewitnesses Describe New York Building Explosion","duration":"1:14","description":"Onlookers say the face of the East Village building blew off after a possible gas explosion.","url":"/US/video/eyewitnesses-describe-york-building-explosion-29937673","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}