Fallout from NYPD decision to dismiss cop involved in Eric Garner death

Former NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo has appealed the decision to fire him made by NYPD Commissioner James P. O'Neill.
4:43 | 08/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fallout from NYPD decision to dismiss cop involved in Eric Garner death
And guys we move to that breaking news yesterday in the air garner case the New York police commissioner James O'Neill. Officially fired Daniel cancel lay on the officer who used a choke hold that's banned by the NYPD. That led to the death of air garner in 2014 in our air and deter ski. Was right there when the decision came down air and AA death captured on cell phone and officer responsible. Fired five years later what do you make of this. Time frame that everyone involved agreed was far too long regardless of what you think of the outcome it was five years. Just seems crazy and and an all sides said it has to be handled. Differently. Should this happen again although the police commissioner said it's a different city the death of Eric garner. Cause the entire police force to be re trained in the use of force and in tech techniques of restraint in so he's confident. That it is a different police force now than it was then. But you could tell. There was some reluctance by the police commissioner he's a street cop at heart was uniformed officer for 34 years. And this decision was clearly wrenching for him even though it seemed like the obvious outcome to many. It was really hard and we've learned that even his top brass. Were kept in the dark. They found out about it the way we both did by tuning in live to O'Neal's remarks and it appears he kept his own counsel. Kept it close to the vest and in really worked through the decision largely alone. Again I think that's why I would what I want to ask you is. Why was it such an emotional decision because you're talking about someone who lost their life and we're just talking about an officer who's losing his job. That's right and you heard it. Eric coroner's mother reflect that sentiment in her remarks and how painful this was. And while O'Neal conceded the death of Eric garner was a tragedy. He also had to tow a line he he doesn't want to lose his rank and file and he wants them to know that he has their back in that was an important message that he tried to send. At the same time. Eric Carter died and didn't have to and you heard the police commissioners say that every time he he watches that video. He wants to tell garnered don't do it don't resist comply. And he wants to tell Daniel and taleo. Don't do it don't keep that choke hold on after the two men. Hit the ground because the way that it was found by the departmental judging by the commissioner. The use of force was justified. Under policy because Eric coroner had resisted. But once they came to the ground and and and pent taleo had control he should've released his grip. On Eric coroner's next and he didn't and that the commissioners said was reckless. So is this is this justice. Well it's justice I suppose if you look at a fair and impartial proceeding which is what the commissioner said he wanted. And and he wasn't really out for justice. I think he he tried to make clear that he didn't want to see a disciplinary process which involved the civil service which at bottom what this was. As a substitute. Four the failing of the federal government to bring civil rights charges the failing of the Staten Island district attorney to bring criminal charges because this didn't seem to be a tailor made case of reckless endangerment and the very least. And it he just didn't want sole much resting on this one decision but this was all there was left for the garner them. There was no other process. And so it became imbued with all of this significance not just here in new York and around the country in the police commissioner. We're told came to understand did the national import of the decision that that he was about two to hand down. And and it's not even the end there are there are still other things and so what happens next. So there are their three fronts that this will work one. The NYPD is considering a departmental charges against the sergeant. Who should have been overseeing this arrest and perhaps could have done things differently to avoid the escalation that was captured on cell phone video. The garner family is pursuing a federal law to prohibit any police force. Anywhere in the country from using a chokehold and then the the officers' union is calling for a vote of no confidence in the mayor. And the police commissioner that that the police force believes that this was a political decision. That left the NYPD rudderless and frozen they they called for all work stoppage or slow down. We're not sure that that's really where the rank and file is but that's in the potential in the office. All right heir to terror ski with the latest.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Former NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo has appealed the decision to fire him made by NYPD Commissioner James P. O'Neill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65078202","title":"Fallout from NYPD decision to dismiss cop involved in Eric Garner death","url":"/US/video/fallout-nypd-decision-dismiss-cop-involved-eric-garner-65078202"}