Some families separated at the border reunite as House immigration bill flops

More on the immigration debate plus protests over police killing an unarmed black man and the latest on E.U. retaliatory tariffs.
20:49 | 06/22/18

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Transcript for Some families separated at the border reunite as House immigration bill flops
Good morning I'm exactly case thank you for joining us here on ABC news live got to want to stuff to get to today force were teasing this video right here this is protest. In east Pittsburgh after a young. On on the black team was gunned down by police the investigation is still ongoing obviously people. Clearly upset there and then this video from London time one of our correspondents is out there she's going to be talking about these new erupts in how it might impact. What you drink and how much it cost of force that's back up with a bit and talk about this week. In how it's been dominated. By this news at the border of the trump administration just a couple months ago implemented a zero tolerance policy effectively sept rating. Families and their children for illegal border crossing the attorney general Jeff Sessions. Has called it is possible be turned put it effectively separated more than 2300. Families at this point in time now. Trump just this week said it couldn't be fixed by him alone that the Democrats have to step up to the table. Shortly after that we heard that. People inside trumps inner circle. And his wife in his daughter namely suggesting that he had to do something about it and Wednesday it happened. He signed in executive order that effectively. Ended this we still have a lot of questions in. A lot of those questions are linked to how will bees. Children find their fan Marcus Moore. Is in Mack Allen Texas he's outside of the protests which is scheduled to start. Right about now I see some action out there Marcus. Markets I'm curious how do these changes to zero tolerance policy affect. What's happening on the ground today. Exactly good morning to you that is a very good question and that is the question that. Nobody knows. Specifically at this point right now there's a news conference happening B. The Texas civil rights project is holding a news conference right now just outside the federal courthouse that's why I'm speaking. Softly because that'll disrupt. The news conference that the reporters trying to get that latest information but. Were right now hearing from the director of the racial justice part of that organization. Who sang the right now they don't know. Specifically. How the children are going to be reunited. This organization. Zachary has worked where. At least 300 families that have been separated. From from their children so they are very much involved in the process. Trying to get these damage reunited. And answer the questions of exactly how that's going to going to be done so they are here. Want to show you give you lay of the land here where we are. I just to kind of paint the picture this building to my right this is the federal courthouse this is where the hearings take place. And families or detainees are brought in through this this back entrance here we see that shares van. Obvious places right downtown here and you can say it's a typical downtown. Community here is in McAllen that is been. In the middle. The worlds. Trying to figure out exactly how the drug administration's zero tolerance policy is affecting not only the DC people who've been separated from their families. But also Zachary the people who call this place home the ranchers the residence here in McAllen. And along the US Mexico border. You know. Marcus I got to ask you you know one of the things I understand that they're working on today is trying to provide some perspective front by some clarity to the for the challenges that are happening down there. How much of the confusion about this particular issue is rooted in the way the president himself has handled this. Well this. That does add to the confusion because nobody knows. How this is going to play out and in fact. You know early on the president said that he did not he couldn't signed an executive order to achieve this policy and then as we saw that's indeed what happened. But then the question. Becomes okay are there with have already been separated. Will they be reunified. Immediately. Com or are they as is it just people who have will be apprehended from this point on who will be allowed to stay together so. Those questions are still out there and of course the mixed signals coming in from. Be the trump administration. Certainly not adding any clarity to the process and that greed that. There's some talk that perhaps there's more to establish a reunification. Center of centralize reunification. Center but where that stands right now we don't know that information is coming from a spokesperson within the government who asked to speak. Anonymously. Quarter to be Associated Press so are we hope to learn more about that and certainly any messages that come out of the White House. The hope is that perhaps they'll provide some clarity but so far. That has not been the case. Marcus referring to the port Isabel detention center just north of the border there in in Texas Marcus obviously there's a political. Politics at play here my concern as well as many others. Are these children. We're learning. From an official that hundreds of children have already been reunited with their family since this. All went down in May what are you hearing on that front. Yet that that is what we understand that that since may ads as many as 500 families have been. A reunited. Bulls are really the only details we have at this point where that read reunification has happened. We don't know but it all Zachary as you're aware amusement if 2300 kids have been separated from their families so. In some sense 500 families be reunified as is just a drop in the bucket. When we talk about the sheer numbers of children who have been who have been separated. An early on there was some indication that. The accounting of the an exact number reunification I was unknown. So that number that we him have now from that beneficial. Within the organization the government organization. All of that is very helpful and it does help provide some bit of understanding. About what's been happening behind the scenes and whether or not these founders are being brought back together. Marcus Moore was incredible reporting fourth at the border all week long Vickie so much markets have the we're gonna pivot now when go to GO Benitez he's been at the border all week long providing insight and perspective yesterday hit a really interesting interview with a psychologist who talked about. The long term. Mental health benefits. That com. With being separated from your parents these are the implications that are play they come to front not only in the weeks and days but also years after the fact. Deal but need to is at the border with the separation latest. Hey there Zachary we are here on the US Mexico border but now we've learned. That so many of these children or even by the border anymore they've actually been sent out to shelters all across this country twelve different states. But now we're told that the government. Has actually reunited about 500 families now we don't know if those are the families that were separated as part of this zero tolerance policy. But we know that those families were separated. As early as may and and that's. They have reunited these families. Since mates of 500 families so far but again we were talking about 2300. Kids that were in this system now still separated. From their parents you know we actually caught up. With the odds of one of those little girl's we we've seen. The video we've heard that audio from pro public of that six year old little girl from El Salvador they were separated her and her mother were separated about a week ago. Ed she was begging on that audio to call her wrought well now pro public has since caught up with that on. Take a look at some of this because we the cameras were actually there as that little rural holds her ought on the phone watch this. It. Or. Yeah. I felt like I think we'll dog but I can't go back. Won't they are. Expected to let the Loma. Are and so what's very unique about this particular case is that humane this little girl. Was actually able to track down her family on her own but that's not necessarily the case. For so many of these kids because we're talking about kids that are so young that they can't speak they certainly can't remember a phone number at the way. That he may not dead and so she was able to find her family. But but clearly so many these kids can't and experts and advocates here are really concerned about this. Because they worry that if the paperwork is not complete if the paperwork is not clear. That some of these children. May never see their families again. Zachary. It's troubling deeply deeply troubling human it is force there at the border thank you so much no. That trumps. The president's. Executive order considered by some to be a band aid to just issued its of the long term fixed. The house rejected a conservative. Immigration bill Thursday and delayed a vote on effective measure in Tel. Next week I'm joined now by armored signs at the White House first off it sounds like Republicans need to. Need to make some tweaks here is that considered it's set back for them. Well house Republican leaders might have had decided to push that about opt until next week they still needs her wrangle together the 218 to get anything past. And the house they're considering making some changes. Two that in the immigration compromise package but the press complicated matters a little bit with a tweet this morning. What he basically said maybe you shouldn't waste your time until after the mid term elections he tweeted. Republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after we elect more senators congressman women in November. Dams are just playing games have no intention of doing anything to solve this decades old problem we can pass great legislation after the red wave. It that's certainly likely to cost of frustration among Republicans who have really been scrambling over the past week trying to find some type of resolution. To this crisis and the families separated at the border and a fly in the face of what the president has been saying over and over I think we have another tweet. From just a few days ago when he said house I'd change the laws now was the best opportunity ever for congress to change their ridiculous. An obsolete laws on immigration get it done. This is repeatedly over and over the president has sent congress needs to act he went ahead and acted on his own a few days ago but now saying maybe you need to hold up. Until we have some more Republicans up on on Capitol Hill but it's unclear how many more Republicans Republicans all actually got in his mid term elections. Our let understand that there might be some changes related to the whether folks are allowed to work you're legally are you hearing anything on that front. That might be one aspects as they can tweak to the bill to try to win over some additional votes you saw yesterday. That that more conservative measure in the house went down they decide to go ahead and delay those votes to see what they. What more they could corral together and changes like that regarding. 51. Republicans over there he needs sixty it's about anything for. Our let you know I hate to go here because this is all about the children but the First Lady was obvious the down at the border yesterday in each year. Pulled out her fashion sense there or lack thereof I'm not exact picture entirely how to process this what's the word in DC to date about. What she decided to Wear watched he went down there to visit these young. Well as that First Lady certainly wanted the focus to be on but the kids. But that message on the back about jacket I really don't care do you has sparked so much hunt conversation. In controversy. People wondering was there a message that she was trying to send without jacket who was she trying to send a message to the first lady's office. Had told us that there was no hidden message. At a jacket is just a jacket for the last night president trump he decided to go ahead and Tweety and say it the First Lady was directing that at what he calls the fake news. I'm not sure we'll ever fully get an answer. On whether the First Lady fully intended to send a message with that jacket are not so you might be wondering by. The certainly the focus was this to be on the kids yesterday and this kind of stole a lot of the times. Audits on fourth in Washington DC EO you want but we can it's all right. I thought what Antoine ropes remember that name police use of force. It's an issue in this country in there's a legacy of inequality that exists here that. We have been trying to battle through this week in Pittsburgh this young team was gunned down. At a traffic stop running away from police and protesters have been. Out in the streets you could see some these images right here the community coming face to face. With the police this particular parkway have been shut down for a period of time for protests. It is now open our own Kenneth Moulton is there with the latest Kenneth when he got. Zachary protests have taken over this area after the police shooting death a seven TO Antoine roads near the senior protesters gathered overnight. And they marched for miles demanding justice now they were in the streets they were major roadways. They really cripple this area in and around east Pittsburgh and interstate was shut down. Snarling traffic demonstrators. Marching determined. To bring attention to the fatal police shooting of Antoine rose. Investigators say officer Michael Ross though opened fire during a traffic stop this week if Antawn. And a second passenger ran away on but as incidents what's captured on cell phone video at once family attorneys told us. He was hit. Three times at least once in the back investigators have accorded what was then with under suspicion possibly connected. To a nearby shooting but ABC news has learned the driver who was questioned and released after at what was shot. With the driver for hire it's called it to these service me taxi if your unfamiliar with the term account to police investigators. Won't confirm. What. Antoine was doing and that party with a customer or even knew the driver. They've released a Littleton no details about the driver or the other passenger who got away now police there tell us they found two guns inside that vehicle. War protest over this entire investigation in the shooting. Will be coming. In the next few days but I want to share something that happened at a massive protest in downtown Pittsburgh yesterday. And it was mother released a porn she says he wrote. Two years ago. Those were to read aloud by demonstrators. At that rally. Antoine writing quote I see mothers buried their sons I want my mom never you'll back pain. Now at once family and those who knew him in this community say he with a good person and they feel they have to say that the cause of the current climate. They say during the traffic stop he was not a threat he was ready away from east Pittsburgh police officer Michael Ross fell. Who also spoke for the first time to our local ABC affiliate WT Yee he's told them. That yes he was sworn in the night of the shooting but he's been on the job for three weeks at the part time officer. He's also been in law enforcement for several years he wouldn't talk about the shooting but Zachary WTA says he told them. He's just trying to deal with what happened. Zachary back to you. Trying to deal with what happened I think we all are there are some deeply disturbing news from Pittsburgh we appreciate that report to pivot now and talk about. Something that's happening overseas as days today every action as a reaction to trump administration. Imposing tariffs for steel and aluminum. Aluminum excuse me on the European Union in today there are firing back Molly hunter is there a a pretty good assignment today my understand your ad read you gotta Barton in London town WYU. Aryan how this impacts those with you missed it. Agri take acting that's right we only. Economic stories now from arts inlet in on Friday afternoon but yet publicly migrant expire. But today the eat carrots that they are of course in retaliation that scares the US and European debt have come into that back now they're doing. Terrorists there in Paris on 3.2 billion dollars worth of American goods coming in here and it's not just any American that. A lot of our symbolic iconic. American brands like. Levi's Jeans in Kentucky Bergen which is why we're in this bar and partly even fit which is why I'm wearing this cool leather jacket because we might Eileen Davidson earlier today. But I'm actually at my little bit. And shows you where we are I'm. We're and that's whiskey bar I'm not of course speaking with but I want to bring in Matt from China has not Oxford are convert. Tell me about what team. Yes this is the retaliation. By the European Union on these steel and aluminum tariffs that Donald Trump announced back in March that went into effect earlier this. This month this was designed to try and politically enforce. And politically engaged in US lawmakers are trying to convince Donald Trump to. Back off on the tariffs that he's implemented. Philip text physically got a grant so Kentucky bird and Harvey. They Harley-Davidson motorcycles identity. It's not a coincidence that these represents. Kentucky where of them the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell hails from and the so Harley-Davidson the increase in Wisconsin where Paul Ryan speaker of the house is this is very much trying to put political leverage on Republicans in congress to. Acts against our Donald Trump in implementing steel and aluminum tariffs so how much of an affect look at pat on producers or consumers. Generally producers arm of domestic goods such as Scotch whisky producers in the UK it will benefit from this but in the end people who consume. These products in the UK will be hurts our consumers of American whiskey Harley-Davidson's. Etc. but then also produce consumers of steel producers of steel and aluminum in the UK have already been hurt by pumps terrorists and it's very much of tit for tat. Response where everybody in the US and the UK. Who produce or consume these goods and be worse off. And an agreement are consumers and actually distributors that story it's that says you're the under Miller writes this it seem out. News talk to me you were also wearing Levi's and you happen to an elegant as you're like that that's a lot marks. Yet it's over remain unfortunately with me all whiskey selection if the American was it's a false discarding souls section gonna show as when the biggest growing markets have been whiskey in the UK. Your present should be launched America ma and ma emerging market for American whiskey I mean you can't loan pools dungeons which will mean pound lost it. Fastest and you can't line. And forced him with the twenty flips and tariff is gonna make it's slowly and obtainable. Facilities we ski troops coming in I mean American which still suffered pop culture. And his thoughts are growing as weapon charts almost ready so the standards the courts are coming up America's Betsy recently is kind of sort of giving scorch run for its money. Are you gonna keep bringing an American escape I mean we won't trust your best we can but unfortunately it's gonna hit the consumer straits away it will puts its. On Paul we've since coaches that's come out too expensive. So people will mean we are funded some whiskey in this country and Olivia we have promotes cheese from war to end up happening is people who just off. Meeting away from American whiskey and then meet back into Scopes Japanese European which actually become the united parents Cecil county capital that's progress. That he'll ever hearing here is actually admit that the choices that brands that are being hit hard it. Have plenty of alternatives in Europe so they really are symbolic Catholic. Lot to it as he mentioned to protect and I feel like that's the that's the world we live in these days as his brother's have a drink have one formula Molly. I. Take your have a great weekend. That's they do it for the show today obviously taking follow what's on You can also join us on the app really keep you updated and all these issues certainly. Is immigration issue with the border and all the youngsters involved exactly Keyes thank you for joining us at 14 weekend.

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