Former FBI agent: President gives ‘sustenance’ to white supremacists

Former FBI agent Mike German, who has gone undercover to infiltrate hate groups, says President Donald Trump's response on white supremacist groups in Tuesday’s debate was “loud and clear.”
8:57 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for Former FBI agent: President gives ‘sustenance’ to white supremacists
For the last year our investigative team has been tracking hate inspired violence in the growth of domestic terrorism in its connections to the modern day white supremacy white power movement. Here's a sneak peek of our series homegrown hate. The white power movement on the hearts yeah. I realized I learned a monster that went into hibernation and this was evidenced the monsters come out. The displays of racism and violence that we're seeing in the US are certainly not. It's a cancer. The fabric of this country. Part of this long legacy of people organizing our first. We can't wait harm. The Oklahoma City bombing stands. As the culmination. Decades of organizing committee McVeigh has been found guilty on all over me Mountain View is trying to. Called people's hearts and to provoke a graceful. Clearly murder theory it's next to each team battle strike. That's insight for you wonder if the clues that where there had been on earth over whether things might be different. We were not sufficiently prepared to act of domestic terrorists and carried out by a movement that we have. Classic play printed or understood all the right way. Bone tools planting the seeds for future chemistry and experience to do the kinds of things we solved in Oklahoma City. They're going to be worth it that was we have problems. For the country it's getting some argue well tonight to condemn wipes a promise us and militia world. We just need to start talking about three states known shortcut around. And joining us now to set the record straight is what the voices that you just heard from their former FBI agent Michael German infiltrated white nationalist groups and spent years undercover he's now. A fellow with the Brennan center for justice is liberty and national security program Michael. Thanks so much for joining us tonight. Yeah I. See you know all too well the threat that far right extremists pose something that the president last sight again refused to denounce or even except as a reality he quickly made. A comparison to and teeth are biting arguing that it's a false equivalency. Greater risks do far right extremists pose an and are we doing enough about an in this country. We are not doing enough about you white supremacist silences and persistent problem the United States. Since there has been a united cities. And that problem uncle. News. Meantime tonight we're these cases ninety's. Today it's been a constant presence. I I'm. We'll do what we have different it is day and age. President who's Willie news less you give. Rhetorical. Sustenance to these groups and maybe that's extremely dangerous because he gets these groups that it. The idea that what they're doing is in this criminal rap all there are big government and our worst failure long courses. Dresses silence as a priority is part of the problem. The what would your reaction at the debate last night when he was told to denounce white supremacist groups and then he basically gave this call of action saying to stand down and standby. It is troubling because happy sent tie. Under Kurdish groups they're they're uses are listening sue. Dog whistles from that government officials say this agent and her career away. That this they see this did lose this message is pretty loud and clear it's and particularly. Suited sue. What the president likes to call their primary enemy anti it's creates crop. City news centralizing. Its focus. These groups silence basically saves. The enemy these. Fascist groups is the enemy and president of the United States and air war. Are likely dead violence. We'll be undertaken particularly when her car if something is still buying at and T. Which is sure anti fascism. And it didn't that didn't change can basically be applied to any. Seed and a need a president or. These are right militant groups choose. Guess some have called last place statement a dog whistle into a bull horn but. Yesterday was a hearing by the house oversight committee about white supremacists in full trading law enforcement. Democratic chairman Jamie raskin said the bloody trail of violent white supremacy is now splattered across America adding the virus of white supremacy is spreading. How much of an issue is this among local police and while many communities debate police reform what should be done to try and reverse course. So it is it is a persistent problem this is something that the FBI has warned about from the time that I was working undercover. Dan didn't really products announces that weakness TE. Solidity it says the problem is serious enough for the FBI warned its own agents the creation white supremacist and a law works. Come the EU I don't think it is a small part of the problem needed there are other types militant acts. Activist group. Law courts students. Appears to have an affinity or some numbers were sincere and particularly well we see the priorities Asians are investigating likes us this violence. ABC news. I'll consider. And we can see the difference in the way it please show. To a black slacks matter protests or the standing rock water actors protest where they can't studio tracks here are very aggressively using its tear gas and less lethal munitions vs. It's fairly light touch debris to. While white supremacist. Rally around one of these RA militant groups that off the ball. I guess people and yet you were very rarely see aggressive follow suit to prosecutor keeps those. You can even see it in the the language choice of calling some militia. Verses of moms. Put that being said what role do you think it's social media plays in all this mean the president said that he sees. Most of the violence coming from the left just last night fox news's Chris Wells incorrectly stated that most of the protests end up in riots when. In fact 93% of the recent protests in this country have been peaceful. How social media play a role in spreading division and hate especially among extremists. I'm concerned that the role of social media can you are away beer obviously all of us use social media more than we did when. The 1990s the grisly didn't. Media. But you have to understand that it did these groups. Are often these over groups or are we early adopters of new technology. NR sometimes more enhanced the and then long worsened this. Her eating chaos ways when I was under scrutiny of Nazi skinheads and early nineties. So. What while it plays a role I think it's just his word and understand how mainstream media plays brawl in the coloring the public perception. D.s protests and then. You did not really acknowledging. What law enforcement knew in the 1990s. Urgent need and he did this is evil tactics aren't you militant groups use to go to areas where they know they have political opposition. To engage in public rallies have it taken brought her political. Pac bell. And law enforcement back then it was very good about making sure they are separate from anyone that might. British arms do but that intelligence he's been lost in these recent protests are not quite troubling case. Michael German from the Brennan center for justice we thank you so much for your insight and your time. Yeah I. And be sure want our special hour long documentary homegrown hate the war among us next Tuesday at 8 eastern and Pacific right here on ABC news line.

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{"duration":"8:57","description":"Former FBI agent Mike German, who has gone undercover to infiltrate hate groups, says President Donald Trump's response on white supremacist groups in Tuesday’s debate was “loud and clear.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73354553","title":"Former FBI agent: President gives ‘sustenance’ to white supremacists","url":"/US/video/fbi-agent-president-sustenance-white-supremacists-73354553"}