FBI Director Discusses Violence in the U.S.

ABC News' Senior Justice Correspondent, Pierre Thomas reports on FBI Director James Comey's statements on the rising murders in the United States.
9:31 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for FBI Director Discusses Violence in the U.S.
Hey everybody welcome ABC news lie on ominous odds in New York. But if a lot going on and looking at the number of cards act that's actually a lot. To get there as it got a pack you our politics and news them on Q yes. Well we well I think first that. And we are absolutely is a little bit and knew they would get you for anyone if it is likely yesterday. You probably thought FBI director James coney give some pretty strong remarks. In burning delivering address there during the rights. Conference and we feel perspective we're gonna bring in. Our colleague Pierre Thomas. Who has been following this story of course he's gonna consulate at about why what called me said. Matters so much appeared thanks so much for being with us at the Buick news. So please give threatened at prevailing amidst his remarks what was it echo me that that's been resonating so loudly with the American public. Well I think it was one of the more nuanced law enforcement speeches that I have ever seen tons of race and policing and some of these issues facing the country. To see giving is a Sicily was talking about for example. He's at the police. Need to look at the perspective of the young African American male who might be on his way home. Late at night from the library who is law abiding and how they would approach that. Young man. And at the same time that the public particularly minority communities here in. Areas hard hit by. Violence that they need to think about perspective that the police have. In dealing with crimes and often violent crimes on a written basis so it was a moment where I think he was trying to get. Both the country and law enforcement to. Look at each other from a perspective. Understandings. And I I think Pierre what what's interesting to me and it's something that I read just yesterday. That there is a report out that indicated that race and when you have a more diverse police force. That leads to less police shootings of young African American men. What what is your take on that. Well that there have been so it's it's suggests that any and you see in many major departments of which for diversity because. The cultural. Differences do matter. The way people were approached. Do matter and many police department have seen that when you have African American. Officers working an African American communities there maybe some things they pick up on that their white counterparts might not that's always that's not always the case but. It's helpful. According to many law enforcement officials. But I think we're at a moment because of Ferguson and some of these other things we've seen. In the last couple years we're law enforcement realizes that the status quo is no longer. Going to work that people have their phones Smartphones at the recording in Iraq's at least. And things that used to happen maybe. In silence or that didn't get much publicity now get. A lot of publicity. And we are being able to see some of the things that have happened to people in the in the minority community where they would say see we told you so. That we weren't making up that we get treated differently so so it's been fascinating to watch and again happy sitting FBI director. Attempt to address some of these issues head on is what made it very interest. At pier one thing that really struck me was he wasn't just calling out. Law enforcement community saying we have to be batter we have to do more we have to do differently. He was calling out the rest of America he used this phrase saying that you know he he sees at peculiar indifference to the uptake in violence in certain communities. It first time that he's done that kind of called out the rest of the country to a human need to care about the violence in these communities here. Well every quarter so he meets with a select number of the reporters that we talk about some of these issues and he's been. Suggesting that he's been quite concerned about the uptick in violence in some major cities for some time. And when he seemed to be saying the other day is ahead. Why are we in different two scores upon scores hundreds of African Americans and Latino people being killed because that's primer early. The hardest hit group demographically. He's saying why is the country sort of in different why is it that we have a debate or discussion about. Violence only when there's a match you. But not when there's shootings that happening daily. In this country and what could you know asked that question is this this country's ever averaged. Fewer than in nine or 101000 homicides and it. And he's just think about what that means on a daily basis. Did he pose any solutions. To this problem there were. It has been so much talk here about body cameras. In various police departments any solutions on the table from from mr. call me. Well even talking great specificity about solicit I think the main thing he was trying to get that. Is the time for dialogue is now yesterday. Not tomorrow but now he's saying that. We have to at least a law enforcement community and many of these communities need to happen dialogue. They start to resolve some of these issues because they are pervasive. There are serious and in terms of if you look at crime levels and some of these major cities that is the number of shootings not just homicides. People are living in really difficult situations. And here you are busy and you've also been following the story that the mysteries surround it with Egypt air flight we keep hearing. Look at that information coming out day after day what's the latest on that story. Well you used the word mystery and and I would say that word is. Apropos here in the sense that until you can yet. Really hard Evans. From the plane. I need a black boxes or more. The plane in tackle bigger pieces of the plane until the analysis can be done on the luggage. And body parts. And other things that they are finding. It's hard to come away with any clear crisis and last week obviously law enforcement. Could not ignore the possibility that he could be a bomb or something else that marked on the plane because. As my sources that they couldn't afford to waste time if it was that was ample you have to look at the flight manifests immediately. You have to look at what to confront them about the pilot you need to see if there was something that jump out. But so far they haven't found at least to our knowledge in anything that raised a red flag about terrorism in terms of the people on board to play. Some so far they have fine found anything. Specific or tangible and it's definitely suggest it was a we have on our air one this week over the weekend. Congress who was in the what is known as recently. Having these satellite. Imagery that suggested that was we don't haven't signals intelligence and that. Means we're intercepting communications phones computers and what have you with someone claimed responsibility was bragging about it to what he left with. Left where the fact that the plane is nowhere. And we need answers. Good care especially as we head into this busy summer travel season I think a lot of people and looking at that. And Ted of the lack of information that we have the lack of facts about what exactly happened with a little bit of concern. To think that's about. Exactly mean one of the things his eye you know that law enforcement and intelligence officials. As of right now and one. Homeland security and TSA haven't markedly changed anything since that plane disappears. If they had specific information about what happened. They could adjust and do something. But because they don't personally haven't seen some animal acts in Europe already hi how level of vigilance. But I can tell you that if it was something specifically if we knew that it was an airport insider that. Put a bomb on the plane if we knew that the pilot. You did something to play well we knew it was mechanical you would see the government being able to respond but they're not because they'll have enough information go. An end is it isn't it true though that no one has no group has claimed responsibility. For downing the aircraft it is adventure. Exactly and typically according to law enforcement officials and sources that we talk to according to the congressional leaders that typically what is what happens. Ices that al-Qaeda and these groups they want you to know. That they did what they did. They want to evoke fear they want to they want to people to think that they can do this. When they want to do it and they want to claim credit cards so there's not like that they would raise our indicated that they did it now. It could be that for whatever reason security reasons if they were involved that they wanted to keep this on the down low and silent for a while. Perhaps that's the case but again we just don't have the kind of specifics are definitively when I was in one direction or via. All right two very important story we're gonna continue to follow here thank you so much to Pierre Thomas for joining us. Like I've let me thank you.

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{"duration":"9:31","description":"ABC News' Senior Justice Correspondent, Pierre Thomas reports on FBI Director James Comey's statements on the rising murders in the United States. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39405828","title":"FBI Director Discusses Violence in the U.S.","url":"/US/video/fbi-director-discusses-violence-us-39405828"}