FDA authorizes 1st COVID-19 test for at-home use

A breakdown of Lucira's at-home COVID-19 test as well as guidance on other available testing options.
6:09 | 11/18/20

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Transcript for FDA authorizes 1st COVID-19 test for at-home use
That new rapid at home testing kit I'm joined now by an epidemiologist ABC news medical ensure leader. Doctor brown John Brownstein doctor Brownstein thanks for being here what do we know. About this zero attest right now the one that gives you the results of home to. Well thanks you know this along. Censor news other colleagues this great coach FDA approved emergency use authorization or this is your taxes she is only one chance at La personal testing and also gives you all at home so other home tests that we heard and you are all over again. The result. This one is often in its search and get those results directly answered uses sloppiness for those years of age and older are ultimately you know meeting this is essentially a teenage years she has the is for well over 90%. To a lawsuit against. Others are more traditional method is easier just mention this is aren't she fifty dollars. So what's our New Year's cursor. Weekly testing individuals. Probably better for Serbia and Terry Anderson hall doesn't lead to get this information quickly but you know this is obviously it is sort of broader vision he'd say he's so how we get one. Great question to be short supply clearly want to get their hands when these biases and its prescription is he just can't buy her position is prescribed to you it's. He kicks and how. The reality is leaders is preaching wheels for the F. Teenagers are more responsive there's a lot of technology out there and so hopefully. I think that's why comedians most people be able. I'm but likely most people won't get them insult beginning of next year. And I know this is all still news and information is still coming out but could this be one of those things where once you have the whole kit then you'll only need. Kind of one piece to retest just a slob kind of a thing or do you have to buy a whole and at every turn it on a test. This one and unfortunately it is always. In case because it requires machine just want to tarnish due to testing the site claiming to identify them are Chenault the reality is there are other key interest rates are much cheaper to use or sort of more current testing those are all right now being weeding do you beat pounded by the yet if those loser with the dollars a couple of dollars. And those can you sure you want so that's the whole will be able to see those tenants hasn't. And so how effective is this compared to the kind of antigen chest rapid test you my dad. At a at a clinic or another health facility. Vs Ben also the PCR tests that take. A little bit longer but I using more accurate. Pretenses that she's you're clearly is the gold standard which if you are at higher risk or you're connected to individuals that are Harris deputy why are considered a huge yard when I love these contest is usually at home you've had an excellent or if you're few incentives. Now know each community in exposing yourself others uses to get that information easily and will help produce transmission initiated so ultimately the test even if needed to hit or accuracy have tremendous public health. And you think this is still act reduce did you say 90%. It's asking 4% yes. She didn't really imperative PCR English again we'll have to see this year all you know ultimately it does seem like a really relevant tasks truly easy things what how false positives. There's a lot of enthusiasm around this kind of technology and so what does situations is that rapid a hat at home test helpful and when should people still. Go to their doctor but of their own clinic and get PCR test. I mean listen it's always seem to get that allegation is sure there's more traditional tasks aren't again I think that if your health care worker you're gonna wanna be still getting news is validated. And this is obligated tests that are new theological center this message is concerned about false negatives and false positive and you are living with those are parents again you're gonna wanna eat sleep and be sure you're a negative or positive for this are. And when you do get those yard PCR tests which at least for now is the more traditional way to do it. Sometimes it can take days to get results so at what point is a retest necessary thing maybe I didn't have it. Then but now a few days later I think I have it now yeah this is. The real struggle Ranariddh these test results and take a long time reduced to tell you I mean clearly it's her defeats the purpose of getting a task we have to remember that is not a substitute for doing the quarantine writes if you catch in exposures was urgent for fourteen days. It's not a get you didn't so we should be your turn for Howard you know testing inch yes. If you are someone you meet testing because your job or because that your child orange yes you have to do reach. At the same time you know getting younger and testing is just one where multilayered approach to dealing with this pandemic and so he overly focused on social and. And can you just dig into that a little bit more in terms of quarantine and testing can I knew I got a question on a section just in the days and rode on Twitter their son tested positive the rest of the family tested negative in this person didn't understand why they should still have to quarantine even though. They tested negative can you explain that I get. Get this question literally every day from friends and family in what way do well if you haven't known exposure. Really you are now in the moment that you have to quarantine report news that is the reality where we are it is and dash if you or someone console it tested positive you have a strong likelihood of being expected to test results. Doesn't necessarily mean anything definitive and so essentially. You've -- exposure to and you were essentially in reports it is this is something that we didn't those in the White House. Something we expected the general population it's just. News harsh reality but that's the only way to work to reduce transmission and -- is everyone served at NY always quarantine concepts and yes it is cancel orders. Eight it is but war that cannot continue this Braddock ours.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"A breakdown of Lucira's at-home COVID-19 test as well as guidance on other available testing options.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74281261","title":"FDA authorizes 1st COVID-19 test for at-home use","url":"/US/video/fda-authorizes-1st-covid-19-test-home-74281261"}