Female welder trains others in male-dominated trade

Lauren Svedman is a former full-time welder who is now teaching other women the traditionally male trade.
3:24 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Female welder trains others in male-dominated trade
It's very confident also Varian medical. Battle with the top and and to thank. Concentrate focus all of your energy and it kind of keep you away from. I'm everything else. I am an evolving answer. Prior to working here as a welding instructor and I will is working in manufacturing as a welder. Massa did some artistic fabrication and I've been in the industry it. For about six years. Since how many bound getting into Wheldon who are you doing before I had a really it meandering path and in that you Todd and I worked as a wilderness therapy instructor that's where I met my daughter's father. And out when I became pregnant and back my hand and when he missed my family. If only he now. How are you blocked and there are men to. Were really great. He and there are other people that felt intimidated. Which was interesting a lot of things that I didn't expect like less. Still ahead the wheels take enough hair. There's just weeks somebody's wheels audience here's the message thanks here with me yet. And I. What is Lauren do as a welder. Welding is the process of connecting materials together through nothing to form a strong joint third two types of welding. Pressure that's when used a combination of pressure and heat and fusion. When you only use heat the most common type of welding as electric arc welding which falls under the fusion category that's a kind of welding we most commonly think. When an electric Arctic melts base and filler medals together. From Chicago women. You have two programs we have a technical opportunities program to help women get into different trade unions and we also have. And welding programs help women get jobs in lonely since. Typically leave alternates between classroom time and chop and so we'll spend some time being masked. Blueprint reading than that and we'll be on the court for the hands on. I think in a million years you would know how to weld I don't know but I've always wanted to do and that's why I'm so beyond ecstatic that. Programming that because I took something I've wondered if my entire life and now I can't do everything. Where can male dominated profession that. Is often. We want to change that for Huntley. You know our goal. We want to. Told king that culture we want home inspired people. To think about things differently. We're laden. Women and that's where things come from. About him mediating the camaraderie creating. But Booker that this and building from the and and it.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Lauren Svedman is a former full-time welder who is now teaching other women the traditionally male trade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67467637","title":"Female welder trains others in male-dominated trade","url":"/US/video/female-welder-trains-male-dominated-trade-67467637"}