Ferguson Grand Jury to Reconvene on Monday

Citizens eagerly await an indictment decision for Officer Darren Wilson.
3:27 | 11/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ferguson Grand Jury to Reconvene on Monday
And good afternoon everyone I'm Paula airs at ABC news headquarters here in New York with a digital report and we want to bring you the developing stories that we are tracking. And we begin in Ferguson Missouri where we have just learned. That the grand jury deciding whether officer Darren Wilson will be indicted in the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. It's not meeting this weekend they are set to reconvene on Monday let's go right to ABC's Alex Perez who's in Fergus and where they are preparing. For that verdict Alex. Hey there Apollo many people here waiting with bated breath and of course the big concern here is that the protest could once again become. Violent to many business owners have already started boarding up their windows and some nearby school districts have already decided to cancel classes on Monday and Tuesday now overnight authorities here and Ferguson arrested three people who they say were blocking the roadway here near the police station. And refuse to move we've also learned federal authorities have arrested two people who they say. Were allegedly trying to illegally purchase guns and disrupt demonstrations here. Not all this as that calls for peace continue to come men including from Michael Brown's. Father himself who spent part of the day today participating in community service. Delivering Thanksgiving turkeys now at this point we don't know when exactly that grand jury decision will come down but it is expected soon. We know earlier today at the Saint Louis county justice center where the grand jury has been meeting authorities did put up barricades there around that justice center. And prosecutors have already said that once there is an announcement to be made they will hold a televised news conference. Paula Alex Brandon Ferguson for us today Alex thank you and we turn next to the weather where there are new worries around Buffalo, New York already. They were hit with upwards of seven feet of snow this week and now that snow has turned to rain more than thirty groups of collapse in that rooftop snow with only getting heavier. Plus temperatures are on the rise it could hit sixty degrees by Monday. And that is triggering fears up significant flooding. Also part of those rising temperatures. Freezing rain falling and several other states today in Ohio cars look at this we're sliding off of roads ahead quickly turn to ice. Plenty of accidents on highways as well and the other big concern tonight is to the south warm moist air coming off the goal firing up storms and southern Texas. Houston especially in that bulls I would damaging winds large hail and a look out for Tony tornadoes that threat moving eastward tomorrow causing trouble for. New Orleans to Charleston and down to the Florida Panhandle up to three inches of rain could fall causing. Some flash flooding as well and we give up one follow up to the travel and buffalo the city's beleaguered football team. Forced to move their game to Detroit because of that monster storm and how did they get there it's mobiles of course had to pick up a few players from their homes and then it was on to the airport the team arrived in Detroit last night. Sons shovels they are late New York Jets. I'm Monday night and we are monitoring these stories of Fergus and as well as the weather developments around the clock for any updates just started them on the ABC news phone apps. I don't see you tomorrow morning on Good Morning America Britain early. I'm Paula fares to New York had a great Saturday.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Citizens eagerly await an indictment decision for Officer Darren Wilson. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27106392","title":"Ferguson Grand Jury to Reconvene on Monday","url":"/US/video/ferguson-grand-jury-reconvene-monday-27106392"}