'Fight for 15' Group Rallies Near GOP Debate Hall

ABC News' Brad Mielke reports from Coral Gables, FL.
15:17 | 03/10/16

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Transcript for 'Fight for 15' Group Rallies Near GOP Debate Hall
Himself. I didn't know over to don't. Just on the street that way and Martin amendment Arnold. State marching from the outside bent though right now bring you live pictures from. I hope so many demonstrators. No. You know. And I. Are you a lot and it. I'm I don't know what you out here. Minimalist. Employee. Abbott and execute on our job. We'll be handing them security there. Next you'll want that. You can talk so much. Yeah. He loved me. Yeah. Hold on my. It's. From the University of Miami. And ninth the GOP. Democrats talked a lot about income inequality. Same thing it's GOP can't. Grasp that night and the issue and look I'm mr. lives yeah. Yeah. So ugly he's young black showing you what's going on right now as people keep. In a way. I. Absolutely the flat out. The numbers are right. The boulevard. You know and clearly three. And now. Unless the court that part. When you lord of the minimum wage. Does what when he. Why is that we're but president Obama's about twelve don't. People who say yeah you know don't have a job we'll get him on his. I like I'm but what about are want to. What you've seen it is. At least. It to happen. There are. That would. Like the Spanish and it out. I upgrade. To any. Not that pick a bottom yet but we haven't worked. I don't outweigh what. And it didn't. Network on line that they can bill that would. Cover about the most that we know we aren't quite up about it. Let's come and equipment equipment help everybody that's right right and what its government and evidently it last question. This story and recently the personal and others in the Smollins. Wrote in a court I don't. Want art I'll want ours and you look at what on the money yet. My one mark. We'll continue showing you what's coming here from the proudest now. What I'm here at a McDonald's in the early innings. I'm bringing whatever sort of boy yeah. And yelling you. But I do know what do you mean yeah. IMAX film you. Favor more not. How are they looking for things that aren't so we're just eight dollars now and that's when I was talking highly. They don't mind. Gina London. Still Democrats. We're way. We're gonna have. I don't know what. One plastic one. It needs what would have been how did tell me how did you I mean how they did not. That much time they get back to eight CF. On the ground this McDonald's. Some diners and hear perhaps a little confused as well. What we're not expecting us. Can you show you what's going. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Non paying. Very happy and. And get out of the drive away from the windows 2000 protesters targeted looked. When this thing and I'm join us. I still marching around limit Don. Rounding up that they had to wait Tanya. Tonight they're not here. In the GOP debate is slated to be held. That's at 8:30 PM local time here on Florida. We're going to be out marching making noise saying that this incident has been and not just Democrats are talking about. Now looking for the nomination narrow asking all of them to make this a big part of their platform. That we will have more of this review board at the debates of course ahead. Campaign season marches and he's been key parts I'll tell next time I ABC.

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{"duration":"15:17","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke reports from Coral Gables, FL.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"37558473","title":"'Fight for 15' Group Rallies Near GOP Debate Hall","url":"/US/video/fight-15-group-rallies-gop-debate-hall-37558473"}