Finding lesbian love and community on TikTok

TikTok influencers Avery Blanchard and Sophia Mosca talk about the immense spirit of the lesbian community on the social media platform.
9:51 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for Finding lesbian love and community on TikTok
Back now online our ABC news like pride special those are two uptick tops. Top influencers debris Blanchard and self Bosco who found love on social media on that social media app during the pandemic. They're just two of the millions of young lesbian women. Who are using tick tock as a matchmaking at finding love and creating contents for LG BTQ plus folks. All over the world it's an article we first on the New York Times and joining us now our Avery and self welcome thanks for being with us. I think. The sense of community that grooms like there's so many communities within ten top and it. So easy to get in there and I'm Tunisian you're comfortable. That means if it's amazing how they're doing math. So want to ask how was quarantined for you was a couple would have been the biggest positives in the biggest challenges. So are. Honestly it was ray we got to spend much more time together than we otherwise would have and each inning it really the only hot each other and so e.'s bachelor again agent just I was there and should use that time. Artistic leap for our contents you entered on ten. And just overall well of course I don't want to go back here he hit that. Again I think they're movie not permit but I'm not happy end and wouldn't change a thing I think it really durable glass together and people. So for most people tick tock did you find the dance videos the choreography be you know it's it's funny. You two met on this out. It's an app that isn't necessarily used for dating but somehow now team called the new tender. Tell me about that how did you connect using tip top. Oh we got very lucky. Legal but added that you will acres chat solar. Eight convention called clearest lives. Which lets these February 20 trying to show that's angered not go in my the group to that convention inch. And that Hariri he met. But because of quarantine and because of doom we are able your wrists ankles contacts throughout the whole orange gene and ash is getting closer and closer grassroots and hang out again in and knew we learned. Student. That's wonderful what is it about tick tock that's created in your opinion such a good mobile. Community for LG PTQ plus people. I think. Algorithm has really big. Heart to do it around in that sense of community yeah. Dinner with the melting BGG blessed community mean to within the first couple days of joining tank top. Com my creeping into his own but just all of us really awesome LDP GG bus traders bet. I am honored to be friends and now I think if it does the job. Here's an example of how your con tent is more than just fun dance videos Avery. You made this one to help people come out to their loved ones but see. Yeah. I still have. Anything to do. What kind of reaction did you get to that. I'm really great positive reaction usually with the forty page act as you know egregious LGB teach you class audience and a couple people reached out to me and the comment section industry all based. Stories about how they show about telling the brother sister parent and it's over bombing. Responds well they got botched really heartwarming. How has some of your content changed as you've got more comfortable. You know with your identity. So my name definitely has should still lot of that in a way that maybe you wouldn't ink so. When I first started and I was getting her come earlier myself and I content is burying each. Centered around the idea Kenya on TV EU community. And I I grew more and asset humor Cumberland and I Al arched its shifting away from that being this'll terrorism my videos so it was as an approach. Making those videos that where super centered around young to be you must mean eating meat meat. More comfortable just being Mena and I watched it here I'm always perceived every one or it's nothing at all and helps me learn that I'm still Meehan and on the community even if I'm making an idiot you know I'm trying written in English matter what any enrollees in the meaning he and I think that's really a lesson to be. Sometimes when you're trying to be used there are people who feel that you're not being gay enough especially on a social media platform. Dick either review ever sort of experience that idea that you're not. Queer enough for tick tock. Definitely I think I am as someone who presents rather than and then I get a lie and a lot of Eminem do you just. It's not other creative theories it's. The random commentaries that people using. Take time in the Siena beat Marty here video and rushed airline there's no we can be Indians and the community you look so feminine care she looks so strain at every day and I mean there's no. Expect a what you what you should present at. Anybody Letterman it not let matter who they are Indian community and I first shared experience 83 has given its very common sense media. And people don't really realize how much acts that person. Because we are people oh yeah. Sometimes you have to remind folks of that rainbow flag right. Yeah. It is a rainbow it doesn't just have one cup and so for those who are struggling to come out. You also made a video to help people get through it. I am struck. By the fact that these videos are social work. But they still have this big impact in how you would think that the video would be longer to get the kind of reaction that that the two have you been seeing but. Sometimes I guess short and sweet is the key right. Yes absolutely that's what it and people don't have you another's time you know Greece hey Jane here. Digging her on these video that you just rolled and not in violent videos that are supporting and encouraging change and that's the magic and to unravel it and let if you aren't even urging Barak. You have 152 video let's start right in your face like well I guess I didn't need that. I don't I didn't want that but like I not yet gotten. It down a space like this is never existed before of course what do you think it means for empowering. This young generation of lesbians in particular and future generations of LG BTQ plus people. I think talking is doing something that has not really been done before it's like. Giving every one and wiped so much comfort and it's making ever not feel so alone because I know I was. Young I mean I'm pregnant anyway literally. Is that I didn't have anything like that I am in new Ellen DeGeneres and I can pretty much at it but. No one ever talked about it is never out there whenever I heard jailers let Booth when you dating back kind of shocks. Act like I mean deep down I knew that I was and I think internalized homophobia and everything meet you like that. Once you're surrounded by and it's not how do you and your more comfortable I think that. I am and that could tick talk is doing is making a remember come by can get dot cellmate in Shawnee. People let judge does he want for example. Kids like 12 o'clock at night to give a girlfriend or boyfriend my English not a mom just so much as I've never seen him. More yeah. Well thank you very much both of you for joining us for being a real selves. For reaching out for representing. And four are trying to change lives really appreciate you joining us. You think yeah. You're more than welcome and up next right here when we come back. The groundbreaking series pose taking its final bow juju Chang very personal conversation. With a man at the center of at all Billy Porter giving it everything he's got. Stay with us. The leading these people in Jordan IND Boehner of this book called. Column color me to start off by saying happy Friday. I spent the all of your. Photographed being critical holds up. He taught me so much about. Insane if I didn't really honored to objects you share this moment has. Absolutely. I've gotten the book. You know you. I'll support. What needs to stay and who had a happy price book is really important for us and blow ourselves.

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{"duration":"9:51","description":"TikTok influencers Avery Blanchard and Sophia Mosca talk about the immense spirit of the lesbian community on the social media platform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78365954","title":"Finding lesbian love and community on TikTok","url":"/US/video/finding-lesbian-love-community-tiktok-78365954"}