Firefighters rescue dog possibly thrown from roof in Hollywood

Initial reports indicated the dog was thrown but investigations are still ongoing.
2:05 | 12/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Firefighters rescue dog possibly thrown from roof in Hollywood
Rooftop rescues a relatively common for firefighters. Rooftop rescues have dogs are now left but that's exactly what we witnessed Monday night in Hollywood. Alex I got there the adult named Milo was rushed to an animal hospital his back. Broken emergency surgery needed to save his life. This is about the most severe that we can see intends a back injury but Milo wasn't finished it. The two and a half year old Sharpe a Beagle mix still hanging. It's funny when you realize he was most likely thrown from this four story apartment building. Next to the roof he was found a. They don't jump offers like that especially this high and the distance it was. The detective was saying it's not really possible so he believes that there is a malicious act behind all this. Sullivan Lee and his girlfriend Stacy have owned Milo since he was up poppy they had signed up with a pat watching company rover to watch Milo for a few days. But when Lee came to pick up my low Monday afternoon. The dog sitter said he would run off. We are looking for him for hours and we finally found him on the top of the two story roof. A spokesman for rover says the company is paying for all the medical bills and that the dog Zachary is no longer with the company which it started its own investigation. What we are focused on joining my close family and hoping for a swift recovery and supporting them in any way possible the company tells us. This type of incident is extremely rare on our platform and we take it very seriously. Meanwhile LE PDs animal cruelty task force has launched investigation as well. Focusing on residents on the upper floors of that four story building. Sadly my lowest life has changed forever. The broken back with this type of severe it's you most likely permanently paralyzed his back. Legs though the surgeon says my lowest front leg should work just fine. Solomon and Stacy looking to outfit their front with one diabetes a doggy wheelchair essentially a set of Wii is for news real legs and the enjoy a full life even with those.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Initial reports indicated the dog was thrown but investigations are still ongoing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59653063","title":"Firefighters rescue dog possibly thrown from roof in Hollywood","url":"/US/video/firefighters-rescue-dog-possibly-thrown-roof-hollywood-59653063"}