Fires continue to scorch thousands of acres out West

A look at the wildfires erupting over the weekend and a look at how the forecast will impact the battle against these fires.
2:16 | 10/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fires continue to scorch thousands of acres out West
To the west now where dozens of wildfires are burning threatening more than a thousand homes chief meteorologist ginger Xie joins me live with the latest. Ginger what do we know about these new fires that broke out over the weekend. And while we know that the conditions have been horrific Diane that is for sure relative humidity wind down in the teens over the weekend the wind gusts over thirty miles per hour. And I actually getting fires like the cal would fire they see hear from Boulder County. It's 8700. Acres burned already only 15%. Contained there have been mandatory evacuations and watch the hills there go flame in this time last. 26 homes destroyed so far and say so far. Because between that and the Cameron peak fire which is just to the northwest that's closer to Fort Collins. This one to remember is the largest wildfire in Colorado's state history and has now burned more than 203000. Acres. It's at 62%. Contained. But either way you go back to you tell us and you had new fires so wasn't just the state of Colorado's seeing all these blow up over the weekend. Now with pills mandatory evacuations in place we have a concentration. Of these fires and unfortunately a rough couple of days to come Diane and ginger I know dangerous winds are making it hard to fight these fires what is the latest forecast and is their sense of one fire crews may be able to get these under control. Well that's the thing they knowingly look at these types of things you always hear California and sometimes you hear about heat being a part of it here that is not the case this is all about the wind and boy do we have it today reckon regency and gusts up to forty miles per hour the boulder. A National Weather Service just put this red flag warning all the way up here. Air quality alert we don't want to forget either are in place because it has been says smokey not only in northern Colorado closer to that Cameron people posted Denver even if your far. Hundreds of miles from a fire. Yeah and up with really bad smoke in the air and so they're gonna have at least a couple more days of those rough winds and then go Overton Alaska to California. And this is where you end up with a fire weather watch that starts 1098 angle as to the end of the week so not looking good especially for the northern. They area mountains up through the Sierra. This air quality alert Diane has been in place for months it has not budged and so they're sticking with it through this week. Unbelievable gender Z thank you.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"A look at the wildfires erupting over the weekend and a look at how the forecast will impact the battle against these fires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73695812","title":"Fires continue to scorch thousands of acres out West","url":"/US/video/fires-continue-scorch-thousands-acres-west-73695812"}